The Religion of Peace

The following is a summary of Islamic terrorism through the first four months of 2015.  It has been a bloody four months.  While the world was transfixed on events in France over the attack on the offices of the satirical cartoon publication Charlie Hebdo, Boko Haram terrorists were busily slaughtering over 2,000 Christian villagers.  Incidentally, that same day a mass grave was unearthed in Mosul, Iraq with 320 dead bodies executed at the hand of ISIS.  While every news outlet covered events in France, at least 2,320 other terrorist deaths went uncovered.  There was no sad-sack-looking Michelle Obama with a Twitter hashtag message.  As bad as the attacks were in France, the innocents slaughtered in Nigeria likewise did nothing offensive other than be Christian.

At least six homosexuals were forced off the heights of buildings at the hands of the ISIS caliphate.  In one instance, the accused survived the fall only to be beaten to death by the assembled mob as they shouted “Allah akbar.”  Yet, we here in the United States were too busy labeling the state of Indiana bigoted and homophobic.  While homosexuals are being executed by the religion of peace, we worry about some gay couple’s wedding cake and bouquet of flowers.

Of course, the fine Muslim folks of Boko Haram, having had the thunder stolen from them by the attacks in France followed up their massacre of 2,000 innocent villagers in Nigeria with an attack in Cameron that killed over 100 and injured 500.  Yes- that pales in comparison to 2,000, but again the news media was largely silent.

One of the biggest stories put out there is that Islamic terrorists kill mainly other Muslims.  To date there have been 9,341 deaths at the hands of Islamic terrorists.  However, the “by and large” theory is not so correct as 2,648 deaths have been those of non-Muslims.  That is almost 30% non-Muslims killed this year by the religion of peace.  Yet our “president” would rather relive the Crusades and the Inquisition.

So what is the deadliest country?  You would think that with that JV terrorist team of ISIS the leader would be either Iraq or Syria, but you would be incorrect.  The deadliest country for Islamic terrorism is Nigeria.  While ISIS accounts for over 22% of all terrorist attacks (the Taliban come in a distant second), it is Boko Haram coming in at third place who are the deadliest.  These are people not to be messed with.  In that attack that killed 2,000 villagers, they were rounded up and hacked to death by machete.  The lucky ones were shot to death fleeing into the nearby jungle.  Like good huntsman, they started with the weak- the children, women and elderly.

Either roadside bombs are becoming passe (they account for only 2.76% of all attacks) or people are getting better at avoiding them.  Instead, gunfire is the weapon of choice in terrorist attacks.  Perhaps some of our gun control advocates can be exported to these trouble spots to  convince terrorists of the dangers of guns.  Michael Bloomberg, where are you when we need you the most?  Of course, terrorist attacks involving guns are 27% of the story.  Over 33% of attacks involve bombs- planted bombs, car bombs and suicide bombers.  So let’s assume Michael Bloomberg talks some sense into these folks, they would still have the bombs…and machetes…and knives…and rockets and mortars.

Countries in the “300 dead at the hands of Islamic terrorists” are, in alphabetical order: Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and Syria.  However in April, that hallmark and model country of Obama’s non-war on terrorism, Yemen, joined the list.  Another fine Obama/Clinton foreign policy decision- Libya- is fast approaching this elite club.

About that non-Islamic war on Christians, thus far 2,648 non-Muslims- mainly Christian- have been killed.  If it continues at this rate, it will result in over 7,900 Christian deaths at the hands of Islamic terrorists.  That would shatter the record set in 2014 of 4,344 Christian deaths which broke the previous record set in 2013.  Add to this the number of injured and women and children captured and raped or sold into slavery and it is worse than the numbers suggest.  Additionally, there are countless reports of churches and shrines being desecrated and destroyed.  When you target for genocide a people whose language is that spoken by Jesus Christ, one can safely say there is a war on Christians.

And after the great Arab Spring that is descending into an Arab Nightmare what happened in Egypt?  While Obama and Clinton were embracing the regime of Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood cohorts, Coptic Christians were brutalized and their churches destroyed.  No doubt, Obama turned a blind eye because this was, after all, the first democratically elected government in Egypt in a long time. More likely, it was because Obama and the State Department appear to take advice from CAIR when it comes to Islamic terrorism.  These Christians in the affected areas- Egypt, Syria, Iraq- are some of the oldest Christian groups and a stunning symbol of the faith.  To wipe them out would be a public relations coup for the terrorists.

And- ah yes!  CAIR- the group that shouts bigotry and Islamophobia if you dare look the wrong way at the neighborhood mosque.  The group that just cannot categorically renounce the actions of terrorists without qualification.  That is because they were founded as the public relations arm of another terrorist group- Hamas.  Ironically while Obama rubs elbows with CAIR officials, the UAE has declared CAIR a terrorist organization.  If I were the President, I think my ears would perk up if a Muslim country declared a Muslim organization operating in my country as a terrorist organization.

So my next report on the religion of peace will be in September.  Rest assured there will be atrocities to recount and rest assured the terrorists will have more blood on their hands while Jesus Christ will be welcoming more martyrs to Paradise.

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