Hillary, Please Keep Talking

In what has got to be the weirdest roll out of any campaign in recent memory, Hillary Clinton announced the inevitable and is now an official candidate for President in 2016.  The videotaped announcement was clearly designed to shield her from the press amid recent allegations about the Clinton Foundation.  Perhaps the video announcement was designed to make her look technologically cutting edge which would be ironic given the controversy over her e-mail account while Secretary of State.  Even there, her attempt at damage control actually caused more damage and opened up new concerns that demanded answers.  Followed by the video announcement, we were treated to a media train wreck as reporters scrambled to follow the “Scooby van” which actually looked more like a vehicle some rich serial killer would use to lure unsuspecting children and prostitutes into.  Along the way, we learned that she likes Chipotle beef burritos (how “common person” of her) although she remained incognito behind large sunglasses.  One should notice how she did her best for “income inequality” by not tipping anyone at Chipotle.  This writer is hardly in the 1%, unlike Clinton, but even in some take out places, I often offer a tip of some kind.

The Scooby Van (for the record, it was called the Mystery Machine but that would be too easy a target for Clinton’s detractors) pulled into Iowa where in a brief encounter with the press she outlined her four reasons for wanting to be President.  Among those reasons was NOT (1) “because I’ve been campaigning for the job for 25 years, stupid,” or (2) “that black dude beat me last time out.”

Instead, we found out that she wants to be the champion of the people- whatever that means- which is why she is engaging in staged events with friendly audiences.  Second, she wants to fight for an economy and jobs of the future (more on this in a minute).  Third, she wants to “fix” the political system by getting money out of politics…after she spends $2.5 billion to win the ultimate political position.  And finally, she wants to address the current real and emerging international threats although she did that for four years as Secretary of State with a smashing lack of success (see: Libya, Syria, ISIS, North Korea, Iran, Egypt, Russia, Israel, etc.).  And in one comment that surely led to some snarls and cursing at the White House, she said “we have to get this country back on track.” OUCH!

Some on the Left are aglow over the the fact that she is sounding a populist tone, a la their hero- [mc_name name=’Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’W000817′ ].  In an April 13th appearance, she noted the gap in pay between corporate CEOs and “regular people.”  This is interesting in light of the fact of recent allegations over the Clinton Foundation (essentially she is a CEO) and the fact that they are now re-filing five years of tax returns.  One supposes that the Foundation’s accountants and lawyers are also part of the vast Right wing conspiracy after her.

While in Iowa at a staged appearance at Kirkwood Community College, she was asked about Common Core by a high school teacher.  After singing its praises and lamenting the politicization of it, she made some strange comments about the Iowa Test (she took it elementary school which shows her deep ties to the people of Iowa) and she came out in favor of it.  That is not the worst of it though since she then referred to education as the “largest non-family enterprise.”  That is a very loaded phrase.  I work in a public school and I know teachers and there are two things actual teachers believe: Common Core needs to go and parental involvement is the biggest factor in academic achievement (or home life).  To the best of my knowledge, a “parent” or a “home life” is part of a “family.”  Does Clinton believe, as her comment indicates, that the family should not be a part of the education of their children being that it is a “non-family enterprise?”

Then we have this doozy of a comment:

Rights have to exist in practice, not just on paper… And deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed. [Emphasis added]

This comment was made amid implications that too many women are being denied access to abortion.  So in order to increase access, I guess we have to sweep aside things like cultural norms, morals, and religious beliefs.  Of course, this has further implications beyond the abortion debate.  Which probably explains why the day of the gay marriage case before the Supreme Court, that bizarre direction to the nearest hospital Hillary campaign logo was changed to a rainbow in obvious solidarity with the LGBT community and gay rights.  As Erick Erickson has pointed out on these pages, sweeping aside religious beliefs is the ultimate “end game” of the Left and LGBT community; Clinton said as much.  Strange how things have changed from Bill Clinton’s “safe but rare” abortion mantra to Hillary’s “too many women are being denied abortions” mantra.  She’s come a long way, baby… to paraphrase an old Virginia Slims cigarette commercial.

And finally at an event in New York, she addressed the recent racial violence in Baltimore indirectly by basically indicting all police departments.  So Hillary is the vehicle by which the racial divide in this country will be narrowed and a new era of goodwill-something the first black President could not achieve- will be ushered in.  Her specific policy solution is for police to wear body cameras.  One is surprised she did not drop the rainbow colors in her campaign logo in favor of just plain black.  The logo can be like a chameleon and change colors to show her solidarity with any group.  Address the Akron, Ohio Rotary Club?  Change your logo to blue and gold.  That would work the same if you were addressing the SEIU convention.  At least body cameras is more specific than CEOs making too much money and what test she took in elementary school.

As we enter May, she has appearances scheduled in South Carolina, Nevada and California.  While other potential Democratic hopefuls will be attending an event in South Carolina, Clinton will appear via (wait for it)…a video recorded address.  She then heads for Nevada followed by fundraisers in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.  Incidentally, her campaign recently stated that she will need at least $100 million for the primaries.  If she needs $100 million to beat the likes of Bernie Sanders, Lincoln Chaffee, Martin O’Malley and Jim Webb then she has bigger problems than facing a Republican in 2016 and they should rethink that general campaign budget.  And they also have her official first campaign rally scheduled for sometime and somewhere in May.  Can’t wait to see what she says this month.  Hillary Clinton- the gift that just keeps giving.