The Left Hand's Idea of the Right Hand

Steven Rosenfeld is a journalist for my favorite Leftist moonbat website, Alternet- where Lefties usually end up when they think DailyKos is too conservative.  Recently, he penned an article regarding “eight nightmare scenarios” that may come true if America elects a Republican President in 2016.  One must be reminded that this is in the great Leftist tradition of creating the crisis and declaring that the world will fall apart if we- gasp!- elect a Republican.  Apparently all sorts of calamities will befall this country…indeed, the world.

First up, the big conservative bogeyman currently creeping behind every tree- religion.  Claiming that the GOP would “pervert the First Amendment’s dictate of freedom of- and from- religion,” he’s got the equation half right.  Leftists do not care about freedom of religion.  To them, “freedom of religion” is subordinate to “freedom from religion.”  To him, we would become the “United States of Christian America” which might not be such a bad thing.  At least Christians don’t behead people.  Religious freedom laws are portrayed as outright licenses for bigotry, discrimination and hatred towards gays.  If all these ills are predicated upon a flower bouquet or wedding cake denied, then we are truly at a low point.

His next bogeyman- “Give me liberty and nothing else.”  That pretty much sums up the Leftist mindset because the government providing that “something else” usually means the individual surrendering some modicum of liberty.  He cites comments by Paul about special interests and what this usually translates into is the Left’s continuous crying about Citizens United.  The Left has adapted quite well to that decision.  After all, Queen Hillary is supposed to spend about $2.5 billion to claim the mantle of “champion of the people.”  To Rosenfeld and others, their belief is “the capitalist versus we the people” ignorant of the fact that capitalism helps all of “we the people.”  And when the Left decries corporate monopolies, rest assure they decry only those corporations that do not support a Leftist agenda.  Are they really calling for the cessation of the government’s support for green energy?  Do they really believe the government should not fund Planned Parenthood?

Number three on their hit list is “cut taxes and demonize needs.”  They cite a recent proposal by Chris Christie to reform Social Security which they portray as America’s most solvent program, but then note that it needs expansion to meet the needs of coming retirees.  Social Security’s very creator said it was a work in progress, and much of it is predicated upon the demographics of the past.  I wonder if anyone on the Left would be amenable to a quid pro quo such as lifting the $118,000 cap on social security taxes (something they favor) in exchange for partial privatization of social security.

Number 4- the repeal of regulations and they cite Rubio’s speech and then make the quantum leap in logic that Rubio and others favor child labor, sweatshops, etc.  Their view of conservative opposition to regulations is equivalent to returning the United States to 19th century America.  Conservatives are calling for elimination of the onerous, silly, knee-jerk regulations that cost American businesses billions of dollars annually.  They insult the intelligence of everyone by suggesting that conservatives want to turn the United States into Bangladesh.

Their fifth assertion is funny- “Drill, baby, drill.”  Most Leftist sites these days harp on two things when it comes to energy: fracking and climate change.  Besides lying about fracking causing earthquakes in Oklahoma and flammable water in Pennsylvania, this process- largely developed through the private sector with minimal government help- is helping make the United States energy-independent.  They are upset about the fact that not one of the GOP hopefuls has thus far even mentioned climate change. There is a reason for that: despite their attempts, climate change is not high on the list of concerns of the American people, or in their parlance, “we the people.”  If the Right 100% conceded climate change, there would still be disagreement about how to proceed.  This is only an issue to the Bill Nye wing of the Left.

I like #6 which is shredding safety nets.  Unfortunately, safety nets are not “nets” any more.  Instead, they have become gross entitlements that keep its recipients subservient to the government check.

They contend that the GOP hopefuls are waging a culture war by proposing private educational opportunity, opposition to Common Core, support of gun rights, opposition to teacher unions (Scott Walker) and immigration reform.  Their opposition to school vouchers and such is actually a racist policy since it ensures that minorities remain trapped in failing public schools.  Why not give them the same opportunity that rich white kids take for granted?  Common Core, quite bluntly, is opposed by the Left and Right (albeit for different reasons).  Um…gun rights are in the Constitution (a little inconvenience to the Left) while teacher unions are not a “cultural issue.”  Neither is immigration reform, although the Left portrays it as such by making the GOP appear heartless and an enemy of Hispanics.  Immigration reform should not be a humanitarian exercise, but one based upon sound economics and national security.

Finally, they are upset that the GOP hopefuls wish to “expand the American empire.”  Notice the word “empire” which dredges up horrible pictures of American corporations and soldiers raping the land and taking over countries.  What annoys the Left is the belief in the exceptional nature of America.  To them, we are merely just another country- no better or worse than Cuba or Iran or Chad.  Who are we to call out radical Muslims for their daily atrocities?  If we only hadn’t gone into Iraq, there would be no ISIS.  If we only hadn’t troops in Saudi Arabia, there would have been no 9/11.  This is blind ignorance on a grand scale since the Left places the blame on the United States for every ill in the world.  Yet these same people cannot bring themselves to mention the word “terrorism” in conjunction with the word “Islamic.”  In fact, they excuse away terrorism in some language of cultural relativism.  Their view mirrors “the chickens have come home to roost” view of a Jeremiah Wright.

Near the end of the article, they got the message partially correct.  Rosenfeld states: “The bottom line is ripping up the domestic safety nets created by Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society initiatives and Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal.”  Despite Johnson’s Great Society, black unemployment is worse now than before while minority students are worse than before.  Poverty still exists.  Yes- conservatives are looking beyond policies rooted in the 1930s and the 1960s which, quite frankly, makes conservatives more progressive than the so-called “progressives.”