Harry's Knickers In a Twist

Last Thursday, the Senate confirmed Eric Holder…er, I mean Loretta Lynch to be the 54th Attorney General of the United States.  That morning, Senate Minority Leader [mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000146′ ] took to the floor to take exception to a Wall Street Journal editorial titled “The GOP Uses Its Advice and Consent to Beat [mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000146′ ].”  Looking at Reid’s face, one can see how he would take exception to the word “beat,” but that is another story.

He was referring to the GOP’s refusal to put the Lynch nomination up for a vote after a very important bill regarding human trafficking and sex slavery was passed.  What held up the passage of that bill was a Democratic filibuster over language which prevented any funds in that bill from being used for abortion services.  This is generally standard language in most bills that spend money and has been for years.  Its called the Hyde Amendment.  The Democrats, bowing at the feet of their feminist base, took umbrage with the provision and had all sorts of hissy fits.

To show how ridiculous their arguments were, the Hyde Amendment allows for exceptions in the case of rape, incest and threat to maternal life.  By definition, sex slavery is a form of rape.  Therefore, the exception was present in its original form despite what anyone in the Democratic Party wants the public to believe.  Instead, it was the Democratic minority who filibustered a bipartisan, no-brainer bill over a single clause in the legislation.  I believe the Senate had at least three cloture votes on that bill and three times the Democrats refused to advance the bill for a vote.

Further underscoring the stupidity of the Democrats, a compromise was reached where health services for the victims of human trafficking and sex slavery are directed to another program of the Federal government.  That program, incidentally, falls under the dictates of the Hyde Amendment.  So, the Democrats stamped their feet and kicked their asses in a temper tantrum, had some words removed from a bill and the bottom line effect was the same as if the language was left in the bill.  The kicker in the whole scenario was that the bill eventually passed 99-0.  Hence, the Democrats- not the Republicans- filibustered not only the bill, but the nomination of Loretta Lynch.  Not being a fan of McConnell as a leader, he does deserve some credit for sticking to his guns and not allowing a vote on Lynch until the bill was passed.  This was not GOP capitulation; the practical effect was/is the same as if the provision was not removed from the bill.

What motivated Reid to have his temper tantrum was the fact that he obviously does not like to have the tables turned on him.  This is a man that as Majority Leader refused bills to even come to the floor for a vote.  More amendments have been offered and voted upon in four months of this Congress under McConnell than in any full session presided over by Reid.  Harry does not like being the mini-dictator of the Senate.  Memo to Reid: Your side lost in 2014; face reality and get over it!

Reid stated that it was the GOP who beat themselves up, but did they?  A very important bill was passed and the GOP essentially got what they wanted.  Does Reid believe that the Nation was waiting in anticipation for a vote on Loretta Lynch’s nomination?  I doubt few Americans even know who Lynch is, let alone her views on vital issues of justice.  Reid claimed the whole episode shed a bad light on the Senate and that what the GOP did was unprecedented.  Really?  Reid forgets some recent history where his Democratic majority regularly held up GOP appointments and refused to allow a vote on bills passed by the Republican-led House even when he had the votes to defeat those House-passed bills.

Its quite obvious that whatever happened to Reid, he has suffered some brain damage and selective loss of memory.  Whereas Eric Holder will go down as the most controversial Attorney General in history, Reid will go down as the most brain-damaged Minority Leader in the history of the Senate.

Now, as to his mysterious injuries, I have a few theories.  The first is that what he claims happened actually happened.  One can suppose that he attached his exercise bands to the door of his shower in his bathroom in Henderson, Nevada, they snapped, he fell and suffered his injuries.  That is theory one.

Theory Two is that Reid became involved in a land deal that went south for someone he promised some favor.  Unfortunately for Reid, that “someone” has some unsavory friends who paid Reid a visit to send a message.  Theory Three is that Reid promised some union crony some favor upon which he could not deliver because of those obstructionist Republicans and some union thugs paid him a visit to send a message.

However, I think Theory Four is the most likely.  Zombies living in the desert of Nevada who are the progeny of witnesses to 1940s-era atomic tests attacked Reid on his way home from dinner outside his new Henderson, Nevada house.  Reid has been covering up their existence for years since they consistently vote for him over and over again…sometimes in the same election.  Some are even card-carrying members of ACORN.

The year 2016 cannot come soon enough so that this despicable, corrupt and deranged man can retire and live off his investments accumulated over his years in the Senate.  Good riddance, Reid!