Some Possible Anti-Hillary Commercials

First commercial:

Opens with person in the street (Jesse Watters?)  asking people who they are voting for and why.  Every person that says “Hillary because she’s a woman” or something to that effect is used in the final cut.  As screen goes black, voice over asks, “Is that all she has?”  Purpose: Defuse the first woman president meme and exposes the Pantsuit Posse and that people should be  smarter than the boobs in the commercial than voting for her just because she is a woman.

Second commercial:

Opens with Clinton giving a speech to adoring people asking them whether America is ready for the first woman President.  Followed by people interviewed on the street saying, “Of course we are…”  As screen goes to black, voice over says: “Of course America is ready for a woman President, but this one?”  Purpose: Follow up to #1 by being anti-Hillary, not anti-woman.

Third commercial:

Opens with Clinton in Iowa saying, “I’m back!” in that shrill voice.  Cue the ominous music as unflattering pictures of Hillary Clinton cross the screen.  As screen goes black, voice over says, “She never went away” as it echoes out.  Purpose: Portrays Hillary as just another politician who has campaigned for the past 25 years for President.

Fourth commercial:

Opens with Hillary testifying before Congress with her infamous “What difference does it make?”  Those words echo throughout as pictures from Benghazi and flag draped coffins are put on the screen.  As screen goes black, voice over says “It makes a difference between life and death.”  Purpose:  Keeps Benghazi viscerally in public spotlight and links her to it.

Fifth commercial:

Opens with a footage of Hillary Clinton hitting the fake Russian reset button with her Russian counterpart as they both smile and laugh.  That scene keeps being interspersed as Russian insurgents move into the Crimea, Georgia and the Ukraine.  As screen goes dark, voice over asks, “Is this the governance we’re ready for?”  Purpose: Undercuts any claims of foreign policy successes.

Sixth commercial:

Opens with people being asked to name an accomplishment of Hillary as Secretary of State and receiving blank looks, or fumbling for answers.  It would be best if some foreign policy experts are in there.  As the fumbling answers are played in the background, run a montage of Hamas rockets hitting Israel, ISIS on the march, debacle in Libya, a smiling Raul Castro, Iranians blowing up ships in war exercises, Russians in the Ukraine, etc.  Purpose: Links Clinton to bad Obama foreign policy while portraying Hillary as a shell.

Seventh commercial:

Show snippets of Hillary giving economic policy speeches and her claim to post-White House poverty followed by pictures of her houses, her speaking fees, her tax returns- anything showing her wealth.  As commercial closes, voice over says, “With a friend of the people like this, who needs enemies?”  Purpose: Defuse and neuter the Leftist populist “income inequality” theme.

Eighth commercial:

Show snippets of Hillary economic proposals with a stamp going across the screen showing the estimated cost to the average family.  Voice says: “Tell us, Hillary.  How exactly does this help the American people?”  Purpose: Show real America what her liberal ideas will cost on a personal level.

Ninth commercial:

Show snippets of Hillary supporting Obama economic policies.  As screen goes black, voice over says “Can we afford another four years of this?”  Purpose: Link Clinton to unpopular Obama policies.

Tenth commercial:

Shows tweet of Clinton criticizing the GOP Senate for “blocking” the Human Trafficking bill juxtaposed against the Senate Judiciary vote showing 100% Republican support, followed by the roll call votes showing 100% Republican support and Democrats voting “No.”  Then cut to Clinton saying that she is bipartisan and reaches across the aisle.  The ad ends with “With bipartisanship like this, who needs gridlock?”  Purpose: Show the hypocrisy of Clinton.

Eleventh commercial:

Show Hillary defending Obamacare and show her tweets to that effect.  Then intersperse snippets of people who lost insurance or who are paying more for premiums.  Commercial ends with “Can we afford another four years of this?”  Purpose: Link Clinton to Obama and hope she backpedals or defends his policies.  Either way, she loses.

Twelfth commercial:

Show snippet of Barbara Bush interview saying, “Are you telling me that in a country of over 300 million, we can only come up with a Bush or Clinton?”  Rewind and show again.  As screen goes blank, picture of GOP candidate appears with the words: “A new face for a new America.”  (NOTE: Does not work if Republicans are stupid enough to nominate Jeb Bush)  Purpose: Portray Clinton as a thing of the past.

And lucky #13:

This one steals a leftist moniker-

Starts with snippets of Hillary at her worst- her e-mail press conference, interview with Diane Sawyer, etc.  As ad ends, voice over says: “We couldn’t say it better” as a facsimile of “moveon” appears on the screen, ” Its time to move on.”  Purpose: Marginalize and minimize Clinton as a thing of the past.

Just brainstorming on a lazy Sunday afternoon.