True Leadership

When Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasabeh was brutally executed by burning at the hands of ISIS, Jordan unleashed a barrage of attacks against the terrorist organization.  Although figures are hard to come by, Jordanian claims of over 7,000 ISIS fighters killed seemed exaggerated.  If one remembers, prior to this attack the Jordanian government had been engaged in negotiations to free that pilot in exchange for a suicide bomber Jordan had imprisoned and sentenced to death.  After the video of the pilot being burnt alive was released, it was determined that Jordan had been negotiating for the release of a dead man since the horrific act had taken place about a month previous to release of the video.  It should also be remembered that Jordan had participated in the airstrikes against ISIS from the beginning.  Nary a word was said on the international front about the Jordanian reaction.

When several Egyptian Christians were beheaded on the shores of Libya at the hands of ISIS, Egypt’s response was quick and exacting.  They immediately unleashed their air force in attacks on ISIS targets throughout Libya.  If one remembers, prior to these attacks Egyptian president el-Sisi had made a speech about the problem within Islam and the radical nature of some adherents.  He had the temerity to tell the truth- there was a problem within Islam.  Although some figures criticized el-Sisi for his remarks, nary a word was said about the Egyptian military’s action against terrorists in Libya killing Egyptian citizens.

When three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and killed by Palestinian terrorists in the West Bank, the world was initially shocked for about three days before the inevitable comments emerged about Israeli teenagers walking home from school in the occupied West Bank, as if suddenly their kidnapping and murder was justified.  In response, Isreal was urged by the international community, including the United States, to show constraint.  When Israel showed constraint, Hamas- a terrorist organization supported by Iran- used this as an excuse to unleash a barrage of rockets against Israel and engage in tunnel warfare.  Again, Israel was urged to show restraint.  When Benjamin Netanyahu used the might of his military to root out Hamas terrorists in Gaza, he was pulled before the court of world opinion and chastised for his actions.  To the world, the deaths at the hands of Hamas terrorists of three Israeli students on their way home from school was bad, but the Israeli response was “disproportionate.”

What these three accounts illustrate is three true leaders in the world.  Each lives in a world where terrorism is a daily fact of life.  Its easy for the rest of the world to sit back in relative security and safety and make great moral proclamations against the “disproportionate use of force.”  These three countries- Egypt, Jordan and Israel- live in the cauldron of Islamic terrorism.

Compare their reactions with that of the United States.  We sit here and wring our hands because of “collateral damage” and often pass up targets of opportunity because of it.  Do the Jordanians, Egyptians and Israelis show any concern for “collateral damage?”  Being more intimate with terrorism on a daily basis, their response is swift, exacting and with minor concern for collateral damage.  Their response: “you hide among the civilian population, that population runs the risks.”  Its a plain and simple policy, unlike the nuanced one in the United States.  We do not see any meeting of the minds in Tel Aviv, Amman or Cairo about what to do about radical Islamic terrorists unlike here in the United States.

Their policies are rooted in reality.  The Obama administration’s policies are rooted in some Utopian view where if we all sit around a table and air our differences, peace will ensue.  Jordan, Israel and Egypt know there is no talking to terrorists.  The only thing a terrorist understands is a bullet to the head.  This is reality, not the fantasy perception of the Obama administration.

Which brings me to Netanyahu’s speech before Congress and the now infamous Cotton letter signed by 47 members of the Senate.  Regarding that speech, leaving aside the politics, Netanyahu laid out before Congress the threat faced by not only Israel, but the entire region, should Iran develop a nuclear weapon.  From all reports, Iran will basically ratchet-down uranium enrichment for the next ten years.  After that, all bets are off.  The “hope” is that Iran will see the light of day, cease pursuing nuclear weapons, and join Obama in a new chorus of “Kum-bay-a.”

A true leader sees the world for what it is with no shades of gray because seeing the world any other way means the difference between life and death.  A false leader sees the world through Utopian rose-colored glasses where rhetoric and appeasement will bring about security.  The deal being worked out with Iran right now is simply appeasement.  It will not result in security.  The infamous letter let it be known to the Iranian religious dictatorship that at least 47 members of Congress know this black-and-white fact.

If we really want to win the war against terrorism, perhaps we should look to the real leaders- Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, King Abdullah II, and Benjamin Netanyahu.  These are the three leaders who have shown the most realistic response to Islamic terrorism because they live with it front and center each day.  Unfortunately, with Obama in the White House and [mc_name name=’Sen. John Kerry (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’K000148′ ] at the State Department, they have engaged in policies that isolate and denigrate these true leaders.  The administration’s embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Morsi government in Egypt should be Exhibit A that this administration cannot be trusted in the area of foreign affairs.  The fact that American-Israeli relations are at an all-time low is Exhibit B.  Our documented refusal to logistically help Egypt or Jordan attack ISIS targets is Exhibit C.  Repeatedly, this administration has proven that they cannot be trusted with ensuring America’s security or that of our allies.  And the reason is simple: America does not have a true leader.