A True Death Cult

The rise of ISIS has focused attention on a death cult within Islam.  The almost daily reports of the atrocities they commit in the name of Allah, Mohammed, or the Koran are sickening.  If you are brave enough, you brought yourself to watch the 22-minute, slickly-produced video of a captured Jordanian pilot being burnt alive.  I profess that I cannot bring myself to watching these videos, but I did in this instance and it was sickening.  To see that man attempting to shield himself from the flames knowing he had no escape from the cage in his gasoline-drenched orange jumpsuit was horrifying.  The makers of that video showed his anguished face close up now dripping skin like it was a plastic mannequin.

To see the actual horror they commit makes you hate these people even more and makes you want to eradicate these people from the face of the earth.  There are the stories of the infidels being captured and forced to convert to Islam under threat of death unless they have some financial advantage to ISIS, in which case they are assessed a “tax.”  Young women as young as seven are forced into sex slavery and marriages, sometimes passed from one jihadi fighter to the next- a form of round-robin rape of minors.

It makes little difference whether these people represent the true face of Islam or whether they are a minute segment of that religion.  The bottom line is that whether representative of the religion or not, they are Islamic.  It is a perverted vision of conquest where they have not let go of the fact that the Crusades ended centuries ago.  It is a perverted vision of death and apocalypse where a woman caught using a cell phone has her hands cut off, or where murdered non-believers are strung up on street signs in a form of crucifixion to warn other non-believers of their fate.  It is a death cult and one that has drawn people to its cause.

It has nothing to do with disaffected youth who feel alienated in Western culture.  They and their families made a choice to live where they do.  If anything, Western culture has bent over backwards to appease the Muslims living among us.  But there is certainly something in the message and the actions of ISIS that attracts people to their cause.  And pondering that thought led me to another, even more sad subject.

Is there much of a difference between what ISIS does and what an abortionist does here in the United States?  Is not the pro-choice movement nothing but a Western death cult killing innocent life?  Instead of wrapping themselves in the words of the Koran or teachings of Mohammed, they wrap themselves in the words of the United States Constitution and base their beliefs on an interpretation of those words and find justification for their acts, much like ISIS finds justification in the Koran.

While we recoil and turn our heads from the videos released by ISIS showing their atrocities- immolation, beheading, hands being cut off, crucifixions, mass shootings- we likewise turn our heads from the daily slaughter of innocent human life in this country.  According to the CDC, in the United States, we average a little less than 3,000 abortions performed every day.  According to an incomplete United Nations report from 2014, ISIS averaged 112 killings or maiming of individuals per day.  Included in that ISIS death count are soldiers or fighters- people who made a conscious choice knowing the risks that they could fall victim to the atrocities of ISIS.  Conversely, the 3,000 aborted Americans every day in this country had no say in their fate.  They are truly victims of a perverse death cult.

Furthermore, the pro-choice movement views a fetus much the same way ISIS views the non-believer- an expendable life.  To the radical Islamic terrorist, the non-believer is simply not worthy of life unless they serve some purpose- propaganda, a bargaining chip, a source of possible revenue.  To the pro-choice person, the fetus simply is not even human life.  To them, its a blob of cells whose removal is no worse than extracting a tooth.

I personally know of not a single conservative who does not believe that abortion should be an available option in the case of rape, incest, or threat to maternal life.  But, when you look at the statistics, precious few abortions in America are performed for these reasons.  The primary purpose is that pregnancy is simply an inconvenience.  It interferes with a life plan, its not the right time to bear a child, they do not have the financial resources to care for a child, etc.  Just as the non-believer is an inconvenience worthy of slaughter at the hands of ISIS, that developing human life is an inconvenience worthy of slaughter to the pro-choice movement.

For me, I see no difference between ISIS and the radical pro-choice people except one- abortion kills more people in one day than ISIS kills in a month.  While we wring our hands and worry about ISIS in a far off land, we have lost sight of a truly larger and more insidious death cult here in the United States.  And that is a true tragedy.

This is my 1,000th diary entry on Redstate.  I thought it fitting that this be the subject of such a momentous occasion.  By far, this is the best conservative website on the Internet and I am proud to be part of it.