Why the DNC Soul-Searching Will Not Work

In a few words, the reason is: its BS.  Making proclamations that they have to have greater outreach to Southern whites makes little sense since they characterize Southern whites as a band of racists beholden to a racist political party.  One need look at one simple internal inconsistency in their analysis.

Soon after coming to the realization that they have to do better with the Southern white vote, they then endorse a constitutional amendment declaring an absolute right to vote- despite anything.  Such a move could possibly wipe out any state law designed to ensure the integrity of the entire political process, namely voter ID laws.  It would, in practice, negate state level election laws and federalize the process cutting states out of the loop.  This is proposed despite ample evidence that voter ID laws do not suppress minority registration or turnout.  All one has to do is look at their criticisms of voter ID laws.  They are a collection of “coulds” and “a potential (insert large number here)” of voters disenfranchised.  These objections totally ignore the stark statistical reality that after states like Georgia and Indiana enacted voter ID laws, minority participation in the electoral process actually increased.  It isn’t minorities voting which people are opposed to; its the federal government encroaching on state’s rights, although to a Democratic liberal, this is but another dog whistle statement for “racism.”  This underlies the Democratic belief that the GOP is a racist party and Southern whites are racist.

This a major difference between the Democrats and Republicans:  the latter deal in reality, the former in their vision of Utopia.  It is not only voter ID, but a plethora of policy positions.  Let’s examine just two: immigration reform and climate change.  With immigration, both parties agree on only one thing- the current system is broken, or unenforced.  The difference is in how to fix it.  The GOP wants (or should want) border security first; the Democrats want some form of amnesty first.  Most sane Republicans believe that we cannot deport a vast number of people since it is economically and logistically impossible.  But, the GOP policy is based in reality, the Democrats in Utopia.

The last immigration “fix” occurred in 1986 and was supposed to deter illegal immigration.  Instead, it encouraged it.  In effect, it did precious little about border security and created the problem that exists today.  That is the reality that the GOP bases their policy position upon.  The Utopian answer is based upon the belief that if we just accept their solution, then the issue of illegal immigration at the southern border will simply vanish.   Failing that, they then go for the heartstrings.   It didn’t happen before  (otherwise we would not be talking about this in 2015) and it won’t happen now.  The reasons for illegally entering this country have not changed- it is primarily economic.  The big difference between now and then is the Democratic policy response which can be dummied down to: “If you enter this country illegally and hide in the shadows for a while, you will eventually be made legal.  Just keep your head down in the meantime.”

With climate change, the policy solutions are stark.  Leaving aside the ad hominem attacks on those who do not adhere to the Democratic/liberal scare-mongering in this area, most conservatives and Republicans believe in the phenomena of climate change.  Conservatives are more accepting of the possibility that the phenomena may be a natural process that we can do very little about.  Conservatives are even more accepting of policy proposals that will not return the United States to some pre-Colombian state of being.  And conservatives certainly are unwilling to risk destroying an economy and standard of living based upon a potential natural phenomena, or one where there are less onerous options to dealing with the problem if it exists.  It is the conservatives (and GOP) who are more realistic realizing that the United States has decreased CO2 emissions dramatically while countries like China and India have increased their emissions.  Again, we have seen their solutions in practice with a cap-and-trade scheme in Europe that collapsed and was eventually rejected as a solution.  Besides being rife with fraud (most of it committed by George Soros, a major Democratic benefactor), CO2 emissions in Europe actually increased.

A good conservative/GOP response would be an embrace of nuclear power which emits zero greenhouse gases.  But this is something that the Left and Democrats would never remotely endorse.  Why?  Because of another reason the Democratic autopsy fails to address: they are beholden to radical special interest groups.  The environmental Left would never allow the Democratic Party to embrace increased natural gas exploration and extraction (they are anti-fracking), let alone nuclear energy (they are anti-nuclear).  They “talk the talk” about an “all of the above” energy strategy, but most people see their walk: opposition to nuclear energy and fossil fuels.  They believe in a Utopian vision of wind and solar power when reality dictates this will never happen on the scale they envision.

Another reason this DNC autopsy is nonsense is it fails to mention another reality of the Democratic Party- they are a collection of special interest groups cobbled together.  In the very week this report was released, EMILY’s List- a Democratic benefactor which supports female, liberal candidates for office- announced that they were initiating a program to target potential Republican presidential candidates given their views on contraception, abortion, equal pay and the minimum wage.  They are perpetuating the “war on women” strategy that many Democrats secretly complained about in 2014.  This strategy cost them some Senate seats, especially one in Colorado, where Udall’s scare mongering backfired royally.

Just look at what they concentrate on.  Women worry most about the economy and the future of their children- not about aborting or preventing children.  The 75 cents on the dollar figure given with the pay disparity between men and women has been proven false time and time again.  Itis more like 94 cents on the dollar.  You want to narrow that gap even more?  Have more female engineers and such!

Which brings me to the primary reason the Democratic Party’s autopsy is not so much a soul-searching as it is a publicity stunt full of fluff.  They- and liberals- do not view this country as “The United States.,”  as if they forgot these words come before “of America.”  They view the country as a collection of different groups- blacks, Hispanics, Southern whites as opposed to Northern Whites, blue collar, women, single women, married women, married women with children, etc.   It is why they derisively refer to large sections of the country as “fly over country” and ponder “what’s the matter with Kansas?” As long as they treat the American people who comprise these United States as groups instead of individuals, they will never reform and no amount of “soul searching” will change anything.  The American people are smarter than the Democratic Party believes which is why they face head winds in 2016 despite the coronation of Hillary Clinton.