Scott Walker Must Be Doing Something Right

scott_walker_ap_img_0Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been in the news a lot recently.  Soon after delivering a speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit, Walker emerged as a very viable presidential possibility in 2016 for the Republican Party.  It is obvious that the opposition is taking notice and that explains the recent attacks on Walker.  Some of it involves bringing up old, tried-and-failed accusations against Walker.  Some of it is new- the “why did Walker drop out of college?” stories, his alleged cold-heart budget proposals, his stance or non-stance on evolution, and a host of other “gotcha” moments where the Left thinks they have cornered Walker.  This was to be expected.  The character assassination business has started early.

First, those college accusations.  In the overall scheme of things, does it really matter if a nominee lacks a college degree?  Walker attended Marquette University and dropped out 34 credits shy of a degree.  We know he barely passed French.  We know he ran for student council president and lost and that his campaign may have participated in some dirty tricks- they removed limited copies of a college newspaper critical of Walker.  WOW…that’s enough to get someone some jail time, according to the dolts on the Left.  So he left college shy of getting a degree.  He would not be the first college student to fall into this category.  Unlike other college drop outs, he almost immediately sought and obtained meaningful employment with a chapter of the Red Cross raising funds for that organization.  When the best the Left can do is have people like Howard Dean of all people question Walker’s credentials as being “unknowledgeable,” (its not even a word, Howard), then the Left has a long way to go.  When they use people like Al Sharpton- a man who has whole websites dedicated to his mangling of the English language (and he has less of a college education than Walker)- then they have “sum ignent splainin’ to do,” to quote Sharpton.

Second, those evolution non-comments.  As best as I can tell, Walker said “no comment.”  To the Left, his non-answer is the answer.  What evolution has to do with Wisconsin exports of cheese is the real question.  There will be plenty of time for Walker to expound on his views of evolution, although one has to question when evolution theory became a campaign topic.  This was one of those “gotcha” land mines the Left will trot out to make Walker look like an uneducated rube.

Then there is the brewing storm in Wisconsin over the proposed state budget.  Depending on the article you read, the state budget is expected to be somewhere between balanced and $2.2 billion in a hole.  The state predicts that they are facing a $115 million deficit based on a 2% decline in expected tax revenues.   Regardless, what has drawn the ire of the Left- especially in Wisconsin- is his proposed $300 million cut to the University of Wisconsin system’s budget.  It should be noted that Wisconsin budgets on a two-year cycle (like Texas), so that comes out to $150 million per year.  Walker proposes that this shortfall can be overcome through more efficient use of whatever funds do come their way and it allows the various campuses autonomy with respect to how the money is spent.  Hence, they will have to make the choice whether to pay professors more, build a new game room at the student center, or fund Campus LGBT Awareness Week.  It should be noted that his budget also freezes college tuition for another two years.  Please note that Walker is not slashing aid to students, scholarships, grants or the like, nor is he raising tuition.  Why the students of the University of Wisconsin are about to march in the streets (again…yawn) remains a mystery.

In fact, cutting spending to an over-bloated state university system that has had no desire to make cuts on their own makes great sense.  Walker took on and defeated the powerful public worker unions in his first term.  This term, it appears he is about to take on the higher educational complex/monopoly best exemplified by the University of Wisconsin.  They are also angered that he is changing the University’s mission statement.  How dare the duly elected Governor of the state insist that the state university train Wisconsinites for a job?  Although this may be unfortunate for the eventual graduate of African-American Studies, or the graduate student in Transgender Midget Studies, it should be better news for the potential math teacher, engineer, or chemist.

Then there is this somewhat amusing tidbit titled “Scott Walker’s Presidential Bid Self-Destructs On ABC’s ‘This Week'” by Rick Ungar writing in Forbes.  Apparently Walker has been relegated to the dustbin of presidential trivia because he could not answer a reporter’s question about what he would specifically do to thwart the threat of ISIS in Syria.  This was in relation to Walker’s mention that the nation is looking for bigger, bolder ideas.  According to ABC reporter, this meant that Walker would use ground troops in Syria- something Walker said should be on the table.  Ungar goes on to state that Walker offered nothing new- that is, nothing big and bolder- beyond trite criticism of Obama’s policy.  He has time to formulate a foreign policy vision, but being Governor comes first.  At least Walker was not afraid to say the words “Islamic” and “terrorism” in the same sentence.  And how is Walker’s alleged “non-bold and bigger” foreign policy any different from Obama is actually doing?  A Governor can have an opinion; the President must have an actual working policy.  This is hardly the stuff of which a campaign “self destructs” unless you are in the Leftist fishbowl.

There is something about Walker that scares the Democratic Left.  Character assassination season has opened early, but that is to be expected when your top choices are a fake Native American, the equivalent of a drunk uncle you see once a year at Thanksgiving who makes outrageous comments at the dinner table, or a haggard-looking, over-the-hill ex-Secretary of State whose husband can’t keep his junk in his pants.  If they are to attack Walker or anyone else, hopefully they will have their facts straight, unlike the New York Times, which accused Walker of deep education spending cuts before he was elected Governor.  Even their own websites critical of Walker are an indictment of themselves.  They describe Wisconsin’s largest city, Milwaukee, thus: “profound racial inequality, extreme political segregation and a parallel-universe news media.”  If memory serves me correctly, Tom Barrett- a Leftist Democrat- is the mayor of Milwaukee.  With an “endorsement” such as this, the people of Wisconsin should be thankful he lost to Walker in 2010.  Oh…and again in the 2012 recall election.

As we go forward, expect to hear about how Walker considered infiltrating the 2011 protests with agent provacateurs (an accusation based on a prank phone call), how Walker is bought and sold by the Koch brothers, how he misused county funds while an executive, how aids embezzled county funds, how some distant associate was caught up in a child enticement scheme, how Scott Walker ordered the mass arrest of “peaceful” demonstrators (thugs), how he is turning Wisconsin into a lawless state run by gun-toting militias, how women are dying because Planned Parenthood does not receive state funds, how right wing groups bought with Koch money are doing his bidding, how he is raping the land and polluting the state with iron ore mining, etc.  Most of these are old accusations that went nowhere.  The Left has been calling out their own- the media- for failing to report these things.  But these are the same type of people who believe the CIA blew up the Twin Towers in 2001.  Did it ever occur to these numb-nuts that Walker may just be an effective Governor and not the product of the conspiracies floating in their small minds?