The Truth Hurts and Jindal Hit a Nerve

A recent article in Politico magazine illustrates the utter stupidity of the Left.  Entitled “Bobby Jindal’s Muslim Problem,” the article is basically a politically correct screed that attempts to paint Jindal as a cheap politician pandering to the evangelical base of the Republican Party by perpetuating the now-familiar warnings against Islamaphobia.  At issue is Jindal’s recent remarks in Great Britain describing so-called “no go zones” in Europe.  The article states that Fox News had to apologize for a similar accusation and smear on not only Islam but also Europe.

First, let’s clear up what Fox apologized for before we jump to any conclusions.  Steve Emerson, a noted terrorism expert, stated on a Fox News program that Birmingham, England was 100% Muslim and a no go zone.  Had Emerson said “parts of Birmingham, a city that is (insert some number less than 100%) Muslim is a no go zone” there would be no need for an apology because you should never apologize for telling the truth.  Likewise, Jindal should not apologize for anything he said.  Other outlets on the Left have been hard at work spinning the story that these no-go zones are nothing but the latest urban myth created by the sinister minds of non-Muslims.  Of course, if you happen to be Christian, its worse than an urban myth; its just plain ignorant prejudice against a poor misunderstood religious faith.  To the Left, you are trying to start the Seventh Crusade.

Second, we have to look at these no go zones and what they allegedly are.  They are not some walled or gated off areas separate from the rest of their surroundings.  They are neighborhoods within existing major urban areas or their suburbs where Muslim immigrants have settled and remain.  They are noted for the closeness of the community to the exclusion of outsiders (or non-Muslims), often seemingly unlawful where a community order is established by the imposition of sharia law.  They are also breeding grounds of radicalization.  In short, they are like any other immigrant community with one very important exception- there is absolutely no aspiration towards assimilation into their adoptive nation’s society.

This has happened before with other immigrant communities here in the US.  Neighborhoods like Little Havana in Miami or Little Italy in New York City, or Boston’s South side and their Irish are examples.  My mother’s hometown was noted for the large number of European immigrants.  Two things are noticeable about this small suburb of Scranton- the number of churches and number of bars.  Each nationality had their own- the Hungarians, the Poles, the Russians, the Slovaks and the Germans.  And like what is happening in Europe, they all shared a religion- Christianity, mainly Catholic.  Unlike Europe, they all went to the same schools, called the same police, voted for the same mayor.  They assimilated into American society.

Today, the Islamic apologists are not only trying to bully many through false accusations of prejudice and ignorance, they are actually denying the existence of these Muslim dominated no-go zones.  This is interesting in light of many, many facts to the contrary.  A 2,200 page report authored by noted French political scientist Gilles Kepel documented the existence of at least 150 such areas throughout France in major urban centers and their suburbs.  Le Figaro has documented it at least three times as has the French periodicals France Soir, Le Parisien, LePoint, L’Obs and Valeure Actuelles.  Television stations Europe1, France’s TV1 and TV3 have also documented them along with documentaries produced in Russia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.  Scholar Fabrice Balanche, writer Eric Zemmour, politician Franck Guiot and the socialist mayor of Amiens, Gilles Demuilly have all documented their existence.  In April 2002the New York Times reported the following: “Arab gangs regularly vandalize synagogues here, the North African suburbs have become no go zones at night, and the French continue to shrug their shoulders.”  Another article in 2007 in the New York Times followed up with this very same observation.  If Bobby Jindal is wrong, then so are all these other publications, national commissions, scholars, authors and European politicians.

The problem is not unique to France.  Nor is the response which borders on self-inflicted guilt over not doing a better job of assisting these Muslim communities assimilating into the greater society when these very communities have no aspirations of assimilation.  The French and other governments call these areas the politically correct term, “exclusion areas or zones.”  This story is typical of the general European government response.  In southern Aubervilliers there is a substantial and vibrant Chinese community that borders on a large Muslim area.  The Chinese have been threatened by Muslim gangs.  When the Chinese complained to the mayor, he suggested that they hire more Arabs and Muslims which, for various reasons, the Chinese refused.  The Chinese then threatened to seek help from the Chinese mafia.  The Muslims then petitioned the mayor to have the Chinese expelled from the area.  Sweden has documented 55 of these exclusion zones.  Things are so bad that the police do not patrol the areas and the ambulance union has recently asked the government to have the Swedish military escort them on calls into these areas.

Having established their existence, the next obvious question is why they exist.  There are many reasons, but their religion is at the core of the problem.  When they move into a country whose cultural, social and political values differ dramatically from those of Islam, there is almost a reflexive entrenchment towards their ways and beliefs.  That explains why leading Islamic clerics based in places like Switzerland, France and Germany refuse to condemn the stoning of women or cutting off a thief’s hand.  It is explained away as “cultural relativism.”

In 2004, the FBI uncovered a Muslim Brotherhood memo action plan for what they called “Civilization jihad.”  This memo applied to Islam in North America and at the top of the list was this tidbit: “Expanding the Muslim presence by birth rate, immigration and a refusal to assimilate.”  Other points on the memo stated that Muslims would employ “lawfare” and claim victimization to force accommodation.  A similar action memo was found in a raid in Switzerland by Swiss authorities at least a decade previous to the American memo.  Domestically, it is groups like CAIR that wittingly or unwittingly carry on this agenda by throwing out claims of victimization and shaming people through Islamaphobia charges.

Likewise, it is the Muslim immigrants to Europe who are wittingly or unwittingly carrying out this action plan.  By self-segregating themselves into their own areas, they are free to institute their bizarre sharia law that is in serious opposition to Western legal values.

The saddest part of the entire story is the West’s acceptance and furtherance of it.  Hiding behind such Western values like civil liberties and some European multiculturalism programs, it only encourages this self-inflicted apartheid on the immigrant Muslim community.  In 2012, Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez was asked whether the administration could guarantee that the Justice Department would not criminalize speech directed against any religion.  On four different occasions, Perez refused to answer the question.  In 2011, at a meeting attended by Perez, CAIR lobbied the administration to have criticism of Islam declared a form of racial discrimination.  Obama has directed that any mention of jihad be deleted from counterterrorism manuals.  And for anyone who doubts that America is immune from  what is happening in Europe, two words: Dearborn, Michigan.

What is happening in Europe is an eating away of Western values from within… and the Western world welcomes it (Sweden is increasing immigration quotas from the Middle East region), ignores it (England’s multiculturalism), explains it away (many politicians), or self-flagellates (France wringing its hand on where they went wrong with the Muslim population).

Fox News owed an apology only insofar as the percentage cited with respect to Birmingham.  Bobby Jindal owes no one an apology for speaking the truth.  Condemnations of violence by Islamic scholars is few and far between, not forceful enough, and too nuanced.  Always be wary of what follows the “but” in these condemnations.  If Islam was truly a peaceful religion wishing to practice their beliefs alongside other religions in a religiously pluralistic society, then they would assimilate fully and afford Western values and culture the same respect the West affords them.

So the French and British can assign politically correct names to these areas but the fact remains that they are Muslim dominated areas where non-Muslims are not particularly welcomed unless adhering to Muslim principles.  That means no public drinking and definitely no homosexuals or holding hands.  And God forbid you wear a shirt with anything remotely “Christian” on it.  When liberal outlets like The New York Times, Newsweek and The New Republic run articles on no go zones, its a tad hypocritical for them now to criticize Jindal or anyone else for stating what they said as early as 2002.

As for the truly peaceful Muslim who wishes to peacefully practice their religion, an old word of advice rings true: “When in Rome, do as the Romans.”  That does not mean you covert or have to even subscribe to Western beliefs altogether.  But that does mean you cannot work, wittingly or unwittingly, to subvert the values of your adopted country.  Immigrants are guests, not subversive agents.  The sooner the West wakes up to what is going on and throws off the cloak of political correctness, the safer the Western world will be.