Call It What It Is

A lot has been written and mentioned lately about Obama’s reluctance to refer to recent terrorist acts as “Islamic terrorism.”  Valerie Jarrett (the real president) said on television- in a classic case of not answering a question with an answer- that Obama’s number one priority is keeping all Americans safe from all acts of terrorism.  In the mind of a Leftist, however, a peaceful demonstration outside an abortion is an act of terrorism.

The facts are simple: Islam was born of the sword and spread out of current-day Saudi Arabia through violent military conquests.  They have held a grudge since 1683 when their territorial and religious designs on Europe were thwarted at Vienna.  Further, the Ottoman Empire’s defeat in World War I is another real thorn in the tiger’s paw.  But, that is what happens when you decide to side with what turns out to be the losing side in a conflict.  Instead, the Muslim world now claims that Jewish Zionism and the movement of Jews to Palestine after World War I is at the root of their “cause.”  If this is so and we subscribe to this Islamic and Leftist belief that the birth of Israel is the root cause of Islamic terrorism, then what explains the military aspirations of Islam up until the time they were stopped in 1683?

We can go back even further and ask where the great Zionist conspiracy was as Islam was spilling beyond the borders of Arabia?  It is a convenient excuse to blame Israel for Islamic terrorist acts if one remains ignorant of history. The break up of the Ottoman Empire after World War I was, in many respects, a clumsy effort at politically reordering the Muslim world.  But, it was what it was.  In Turkey, Ataturk tried to transform that country from the center of the former religious empire into less a religious state by appealing to Turkish nationality.  And although he is almost deified in Turkey, a recent Pew Poll found that when citizens of that country were asked to identify themselves, over 60% described themselves as Muslim while only 26% said Turkish.

Today, the Islamic excuse industry is alive and well.  We hear that maybe only 5% of the Muslim world in any way supports radical Islam.  No matter how you cut it, an estimated 75 million “radical” Muslims is a significant number of people.  More disturbing is a Gallup poll from the previous decade which found that more than two-thirds of Egyptians, Pakistanis and Indonesians were supportive of the establishment of a caliphate.  Over 100,000 Indonesians turned out at a rally in support of a caliphate.  Jordanian clerics have asserted that a caliphate will be established in the Sinai and will be used as a base for the eventual capture of Jerusalem under Muslim rule.  In 2009, another leading Muslim cleric stated “We will conquer Rome, like Constantinople was conquered once…”  These are the aspirations of at least 75 million Muslims.

Despite all these facts, the most disturbing aspect is the Western world’s “turning of the cheek” and excusing away these aspirations as if an Islamic caliphate will be some benign Cold War-like alliance.  The reporter who recently was embedded among ISIL fighters (and lived to write about it) said their ultimate goal is the slaughter of Christians after they take care of the apostates and hypocrites within their ranks.

In 2004, Jordanian journalist Fauod Hussein wrote an article on what was described as a 7-step plan.  Step 1 was the “great awakening” which he said was 9/11- an act to mobilize Islam against western influence.  Step 2- “the opening of eyes-” would be the transformation of individual terrorist organizations into an Islamic movement.  Step 3 was “the arising” which would be centered in Syria (the birth of ISIL?) while step 4 would be the collapse of regimes.  Although written in 2004, this seemed to foretell the Arab Spring which led to the collapse of regimes in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya  and the start of the Syrian civil war proper.  This would be followed by the establishment of the caliphate (ISIL again), then total confrontation and finally total victory.  The victory would come about when the rest of the world was beaten down.

And that is the scary, disturbing part of this whole story- the Western world’s “acceptance” of and apologies for radical Islam.  Amid accusations of Islamaphobia, we opt for the politically correct where even this president cannot put the words “Islamic” and “terrorism” together lest it offend Muslims.  But, what can be more offensive than 12 innocent people being slaughtered in Paris in the name of Allah?  European countries like Great Britain adopt a policy of multiculturalism in an effort to respect their Muslim immigrants and are repaid with beheaded journalists.  American universities ban speeches by people like Ayyan Hirsi Ali and Robert Spencer because they speak of the seedier sides of Islam (terrorism, violence, slavery and the treatment of women) while female schoolchildren are kidnapped in Nigeria.  Our response is a photo of a despondent Michelle Obama holding up a sign on Twitter.  That sure scared Boko Haram in Nigeria so much that they recently slaughtered over 2,000 people- in a single day.  But then when your State Department describes that whole scenario as a “land dispute” these types of weak responses are to be expected.  While Muslims attack the West by hiding behind Western ideals like free speech and religious freedom, Saudi Arabia sentences a man to 1,000 lashes for blasphemy against Islam (the first installment of 50 did not heal properly thus sparing him his second installment.  But, hey…after that at least he’ll be 10% of the way through his sentence) and take three swings of the sword to behead a screaming woman.

We have a president and administration hamstrung by political correctness that isn’t even correct.  He espouses a foreign policy that dovetails with the Left’s vision of the evil oppressive, colonial Western world taking advantage of Muslims who are suffering from an identity crisis and cannot assimilate into their adoptive country’s cultures.  The solution there is simple: stay in your Dark Ages fiefdom.  One has to ask Obama two key questions: (1) How is that shining beacon of how to deal with Islamic terrorism- Yemen- looking right about now?, and (2) How did that great apology tour of the Muslim world work out?