My Eleven New Year's Wishes...In No Particular Order

These are my ten New Year’s wishes for 2015:

1. An end to the media being an accomplice in Islamic terrorism:  Too often the mainstream media has a difficult time calling a spade a spade.  When terrorists are depicted as “rebels” or “freedom fighters,” the media does a huge disservice to true rebellions and true freedom fighters.  The fact is that Islam is perhaps the least freedom loving of all religions.

Being an apologist for acts of terror does not make you cutting edge; it makes you a dolt.  Christians and Jews do not use decapitation as a means to recruit people.  Christians or Hindus did not fly airplanes into skyscrapers and the Pentagon.  And when anyone calls out the media for kissing the collective butts of Muslims they are labeled an Islamaphobe.  Covering their atrocities is legitimate news, but when you give a voice to their ideology a line has been crossed.  There is evil and they are evil!

2. Supreme Court and Obamacare-  In March, the Supreme Court will hear a case regarding the availability of tax subsidies for purchasing health insurance through the federal exchange.  To me, this case is clear cut.  And although eliminating the subsidy would hurt me personally, I am willing to go that route for the better good.

Should the Supreme Court rule that the clear wording of the ACA dictates the outcome here, the whole financial scheme behind Obamacare collapses.  Congress could fix it, but let’s be realistic: it would be a political minefield.  Instead, the Republicans in Congress must be ready with a viable alternative to Obamacare that addresses costs first before universal coverage.

3. Adherence to principles of federalism- States are the great laboratories of democracy.  Our Founders never intended for a federal government so bloated as that which exists today.  There are so many areas where the federal government could extricate itself from the everyday life of Americans.  We do not need a nanny state federal government run by elitist snobs.

One key area where the federal government can begin this process is by getting out of K-12 education.  They provide an average 9% of any school system’s budget yet exert almost 35% control through mandates and regulations.  And only about 70% of that money actually reaches the classroom.  Unlike some of my conservative brethren, I believe there is a role for a federal Department of Education- just not in K-12 education.  Almost 50 years and billions of dollars later with no gains in academic performance prove my point.

4. A productive Congress- The 2014 midterm elections presented the Republican Party with a unique opportunity.  For the past six years, the GOP was portrayed as the party of “no.”  A lot of the real obstruction in Congress can be laid at the feet of [mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000146′ ].  We saw what Democratic control of the government brought us- economic stagnation, a widening income inequality gap and Obamacare.  Their only achievements of consequence were Obamacare and some appointments- both achieved through legislative sleight of hand or changing the rules.

There are several areas where there can be bipartisan agreement- tax reform without corporate welfare, a coherent and commonsense energy policy, or even updating the Voting Rights Act which does not exclusively target the South (please don’t tell me racism exists only in the South).  Even if Obama vetoes these efforts, if Congress passes laws the American people are behind, he is the loser.  Just putting Democrats on record as being outside the mainstream of the electorate sets up events for 2016.

5. Informed and engaged-  Every conservative should be informed about the major issues facing this country domestically and in international affairs.  We need to aggressively make the point that there are some nefarious bad people out there who hate us and our way of life.  Stop pussy-footing around the issue by dredging up silly culturally relative arguments.

And just because this is 2015 and most people are looking towards 2016, there are still local races, some gubernatorial races, and serious ballot questions to be decided in 2015.  Stay focused and stop looking too far ahead.  The Democratic Party brand is damaged, but not dead.  We must remain vigilant.

6. Commonsense- This is something that is just plain lacking in government today.  Three examples are necessary.  One- school vouchers for underprivileged students trapped in failing public schools.  Throwing more money at the problem has solved nothing.  Why do liberals deny minorities a choice of where to send a child to school by keeping them on the educational plantation, yet are so adamant about “choice” when it comes to abortion and pot smoking?

Two- the Keystone pipeline.  Yes, its dirty oil and yes, the pipeline will provide not that many long term jobs.  But, wouldn’t you want that oil  processed in a state-of-the-art refinery in America with our environmental regulations rather than some out-of-date refinery in Singapore or China?  And isn’t 30 jobs more than zero jobs?

Three- take the minimum wage argument away from Democrats and the liberals by increasing it to $8.25 per hour, but do not tie future increases to inflation.  Very few workers actually work for minimum wage.  And I know many liberals who believe that $15 an hour is a little ridiculous for a hamburger flipper or cashier likely to get your order wrong.

7. Ayyan Hirsi Ali wins the Nobel Peace Prize–  Here is a woman who had to suffer some of the horrors women suffer everyday under Islam now speaking out against those horrors in an honest, forthright way.  Unfortunately, she has created controversy and found herself banned from college campuses and other speaking engagements (see #1 above).  Despite it all, she remains calm and true to her message and speaks with an air of knowledge and intelligence that would be the envy of your average American feminist.  And while she may be critical of all religions, it is her forthright treatment of Islam that is most under attack.

8. Tax reform– This is one area where there could be bipartisan agreement.  Why our tax code has to run thousands of pages is beyond me.  A tax code should raise revenue, be efficient and be easy.  Our tax code violates all three of those principles.

That goes for personal income taxes and corporate taxes.  In the latter area, corporate welfare has no place in a tax code just as social engineering has no role in the personal income tax code.  And keep the lobbyists out of it!

9. Energy policy-  Remember when people laughed at Michelle Bachmann about gas prices?  Remember when Obama said we can’t drill our way to lower gas prices?  America can be a net exporter of energy in a few short years if we play our cards right.  The geopolitical implications alone justify an energy policy with this as our goal.  Already, the economies of Russia and Venezuela are teetering under the yoke of lower oil prices.  We need to keep the pressure on.

Additionally, the key to reducing carbon emissions (if it is a problem to begin with) is through technology, not through strangling the economy with ridiculous regulations at the hands of the autocrats at the EPA.  Hydraulic fracturing was largely developed by private actors.  America is the most inventive country in the world when it comes to technology if only government would get out of the way.

10. Rules for radicals- OK…this is just a little game I sometimes play, but if others did it, it could create some amusement in your life.  You cannot reason with a Leftist, but you sure can have some fun with them.  I like to join liberal/Leftist websites and “educate” them.  Call it trolling or whatever you like, but if they do it to us conservatives, turn around is fair game.

The results are amusing because it illustrates their stupidity and ignorance of the issues.  They are like talking automatons built in some robotics laboratory regurgitating Leftist lies.  Kindergarten kids can come up with better insults against you.  For example, I was called a “f#@!wit” by one of the fine people on DailyKos.  Its also a sad commentary on some of them when they yearn for the demise of Fox News or the death of George W. Bush.  If nothing else, this satisfies a very important maxim: “Know your enemy.”

11. Redstate–  Health and best wishes in the upcoming year for the best conservative community on the Internet.