Top Liberal Jerks of 2014- Part 8

In a sense, its difficult to fathom the fact that there are 4 people above these next two entries on the list, but there are.  Personally, I do not know which one is more obnoxious.  I guess they are equally obnoxious, but for different reasons.  You can easily interchange them on this list.  It was a difficult call, but at #6 is feminist extraordinaire, Amanda Marcotte.

Marcotte epitomizes everything that is wrong with feminism these days.  She also epitomizes everything that is wrong with humanity.  This year she has come up with some unbelievable causes in the name of feminism.  There was this raging debate in American politics- the pay gap between males and females in a child’s allowance!  Apparently asking a girl to the prom these days is a sexist act.  So is the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.  And we should not forget, according to Amanda Marcotte, that our government is sexist since laboratories funded by the NIH tend to use male rats more than female rats.   Somehow I believe the female lab rats have no problem with this.

These are some of her sillier causes. More seriously, she believes that children engaging in sexual text messages (sexting) are learning how to avoid sexual harassment and rape.  She has railed against women who are ruining the cause of feminism because they happen to disagree with Marcotte’s vision of women.  This leads to her belief that babies are “time-sucking monsters” (her words) and she has even attacked “the tyranny of the home cooked meal” (again, her words).  Yes, babies and home cooked meals have certainly enslaved the modern woman.  All women should be rising up and tossing their aprons and baking pans.

And what feminist rant would be complete without frequent references to “reproductive rights-” also known as abortion on demand.  Marcotte is a proponent of infanticide; what better way to deal with those time sucking monsters that you may be forced to cook a tyrannical meal for in the future? She actually compared abortion to the removal of a cavity from one’s mouth.

In the area of religion, she claims that us Christians are coming to indocrinate your children and that we are all hypocrites because we deny Satanists their rights.  All this stems from the mistaken belief that the Christian religion had no role in our country’s past (I would refer her to things like the Pilgrims, Puritans, rights derived from God, established religions in the colonies, the abolitionist movement, the progressive movement, etc.).

Surprisingly absent from her rants on numerous Leftist websites and in publications is the treatment of women in Islamic cultures.  One believes that Hirsi Ali was referring to people like Marcotte when she told American feminists to stop talking about “trivial bullshit.”  Because, in the end, this sad existence known as Amanda Marcotte epitomizes “trivial bullshit.”

Every list should have that wonkish nerdy dude and at #5 is Ezra Klein.  What gets him here is his past and his latest role in world of the Left.  A former political blogger for the Washington Post, Klein left that publication to take over at Vox.  They describe themselves as an outlet for “explanatory journalism-” an effort to explain the facts behind the news and the issues confronting America in a neutral fashion thereby allowing the reader to come to their own conclusions. He says this as if “explanatory journalism” is something new.  Unfortunately, the founder of JournoList- a who’s who collection of liberal journalists which once mused about the death of Rush Limbaugh and the government shutting down Fox News- is nothing but a mouthpiece for St. Obama and his agenda.

This nerd of a human, for example, passes off as journalism his powers of investigation to prove that Officer Darren Wilson of Ferguson, Missouri fame is a liar in his rendition of events.  Fortunately, 9 other more important citizens thought otherwise.  But Klein can come to these Inspector Clouseau type conclusions because of the liberal bubble in which he lives.

You want to know how bad Ezra Klein really is? Even Chris Matthews has criticized and dissed him and characterized Vox as a group of children.