Top Liberal Jerks of 2014- Part 7

Senator Kerry Secretary of State Nomination HearingComing in at #8 is our esteemed Secretary of State- [mc_name name=’Sen. John Kerry (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’K000148′ ].  Before launching into a critique of his performance, can someone please answer this burning question: Where are his eyes?  This is a man who actually makes Hillary Clinton, who essentially accomplished nothing as Secretary of State, look good.  Its hard to list all the diplomatic blunders committed by Kerry and company, but probably abandoning a staunch ally like Israel has to be at the top of the list.  That unnamed State Department employee who referred to Benjamin Netanyahu as “Chickens$#@” merely reflected what the bosses at State and the White House really think.  That comment was not made in a vacuum.  If only America had a “chickens$#@” leader like that perhaps Iran would not be playing Kerry like the proverbial fiddle in Vienna.

One has to question where Kerry and company were while ISIL was taking over large chunks of the Middle East.  That’s right- running around warning us of the biggest national threat. No- not a nuclear Iran or North Korea.  Not terrorism or Islamic fundamentalism.  Not an unstable Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq.  Not even an expansionist Russia or China.  The biggest threat to national security according to him is climate change. Yikes! And this guy is Secretary of State- dangerous times indeed.

Paul-Krugman-smile1-800x416At #7 is a repeater from last year.  Although he can keep his Nobel Prize, he lost the moniker of Professor of Economics at Princeton University.  Yep- its the pied-piper of Keynesian economics- Paul Krugman.

This is a man who rails against income inequality while demanding exorbitant sums of money from a college in NYC to speak there four times a year.  But, hey–its a capitalist a society and the market should pay what the market demands, a thought that works well for Krugman but not for an American economic system.  Instead, in the mind of Krugman and his ilk, a redistributionist economy is the desired one.  His populist rantings are everything we’ve heard before including the “blame George W. Bush” crap.

Paul Krugman has been fact-checked before and has failed miserably.  At least Princeton had the commonsense to cut their losses, but one doubts that the New York Times will follow suit.  Instead he will continue to have a platform to spew his nonsense wrapped in warped statistics to further a socialist agenda because he is, after all, a Nobel Prize laureate.  Then again, Obama has one of those medals.  They both should take a cue from Kerry and toss their medals in the Hudson and Potomac respectively.