Top Liberal Jerks of 2014- Part 6

We are now up to the top 10.  And coming in at #10 is a “journalist” I used to somewhat respect.  His articles and editorials for the Washington Post used to be well-reasoned and punctuated with facts.  However, apparently the liberal intelligentsia- an oxymoron by any other name- must have gotten to him.  I am talking about Eugene Robinson.  Perhaps it was his calm demeanor on television, but I was hoodwinked.  Although not a firebrand like Micahel Eric Dyson or the aptly named Charles Blow(hard), perhaps it is the subtlety of his approach to the liberal agenda that most disturbs me.  He comes off as a reasoned voice when in reality he is just another Lefty cloaked in nice language.

Robinson is nothing more than an Obama booster sometimes, but an Obama apologist more of the time.  And he is not a particularly good political prognosticator, much like any average Democrat with their head buried in the sand.  In September, he dismissed the possibility of Republican gains in the House, Senate or Governor’s mansions.  After the voters had spoken, the GOP did not have a mandate according to Robinson.  This was merely a regurgitation of the Obama assessment of the election results.  But even if there was a mandate (he doubts it), the GOP has “no vision,” despite the fact the well-worn Leftist/Democratic themes and vision were roundly defeated.  And when these musings are dismissed, then he resorts to the next best thing: blame Bush (yawn!).

On practically every subject one is hard-pressed to find an issue where Robinson disagrees with Obama.  He is a big booster of the climate change hype and actually thinks China will reduce carbon emissions.  He compared the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision to racial segregation.  And God forbid a black thug gets shot by a white cop.  One is left with the unmistaken impression that Robinson is nothing but yet another shill for Obama..

wendy davis sadComing in at #9 is someone that some people consider the worst politician in America.  No- I am not talking about Martha Coakley of Massachusetts, but about Wendy Davis of Texas.  By the way, Coakley is the worst politician.  Wendy Davis makes the list this year because her ill-fated run for Governor exposed her for what she was-  a nobody with nothing to her credit except a filibuster that had the Left drooling.

The problem for Davis is that she tried to parlay her 15 minutes of fame into higher office.  Unfortunately, most of her support came from outside Texas with “Run, Wendy, run!” chants coming from California, Illinois, New York and Connecticut.  The liberal money soon followed.  But, if you are going to be a one-trick pony, you better make sure you are riding the right pony in the right race.  Its a known fact that Davis is not even particularly liked or popular in her state senate district.

It was amusing to watch her gubernatorial campaign implode.  Whether it was the abortion revelation or the wheelchair advertisement or other gaffes along the way, her opponent basically had little to do.  And if you are going to tout your life story in a political campaign, you should get your story right.  We learned along the way that this rag-to-political-riches story of the poor struggling single mother was not quite what it was portrayed to be by her cheerleaders.

So what’s the future for Wendy Davis now that she got her butt handed to her on Election Day?  The next best thing- become a political commentator on MSNBC.