Top Liberal Jerks of 2014- Part 5

There is good news, bad news and good news regarding #12 on the countdown- a repeater from last year.  Of course, I am referring to the ever popular Ed Schultz.  The good news is that his head has not spontaneously burst into flames from one of his patented on-air rants.  The bad news is that he is still on the air.  The good news is that he is on MSNBC which nobody watches.

Its difficult to begin to describe this clown’s musings this year, but his flip flops on major issues is a good starting point.  When George W. Bush was beating the war drums over Iraq, Schultz was one of his biggest detractors.  But under Obama, Schultz has transformed into a liberal super hawk regarding ISIL.  Then he went on the air and chided fellow liberals for their opposition to the Keystone pipeline only to change his mind completely one week later. Now, that’s liberal principle for you.

When a fence jumper got to the White House doors, it was those crazy Tea Party Republicans that were responsible because of their hateful speech that was putting the First Family in danger.  Oh- and conservatives and the GOP are “ruthless Muslim haters” because we opposed the Bergdahl prisoner swap.  I guess that is why we are waging a jihad on public education.  Or is it Obamacare?  Schultz has accused conservatives of so many jihads one loses count.

Schultz suffers from an obsession with Glenn Beck having questioned his lack of a college education and calling him “vile.”  This is from the same man who once referred to Laura Ingraham as a “slut.”  Between the jihads on Obamacare and public education, one would think conservatives would not have the time to be hating on the poor and waging a “jihad” against them also, but Schultz doesn’t think so.  For example, opposition to a raise in the minimum wage is akin to the racist rantings of a basketball team owner.

On second thought, maybe his head exploding into flames would be good news.

Obamacare consultant Gruber testifies before a U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform hearing in WashingtonAt #11 is a man who has introduced a whole new lexicon to the English language- Jonathan Gruber.  From now on when the government lies to you, they are Gruberizing and you’ve been Grubrized, or Grubered.  It makes the whole thing Guberiffic!

I believe it was on Townhall where I read the best summary of the whole Jonathan Gruber affair- the five stages of grief.  The first stage- denial- was the funniest to watch unfold.  For someone being sought out by states and HHS to sell Obamacare, it is amazing how many people suddenly forgot who Jonathan Gruber was.  Its like “before the cock crows three times, you will deny me 200 times.”  He must be suffering from such low self-esteem right now.  Then there was the anger phase and push back which lasted only so long as the videos of Obama and Pelosi were not public- those videos of people citing Gruber and extolling his virtues.  This was followed by the bargaining phase and then depression.  And, as Townhall, notes they will never accept the fact that Gruber lied…and lied…and lied…and lied, etc.

Gruber exemplifies the worst of the liberal- their holier-than-thou we-know-better-than-you-because-we-are-smarter attitude.  The whole progressive movement is predicated upon rule by some academic elite.  It is exhibited in statements like “We have to pass it first to see what’s in it,” or accusing Americans of “cowardice” when it comes to race.  It is exemplified by public wishes that gas prices rise to $8 a gallon in order to force Americans to conserve.  It was shown in statements that denigrated the public for “clinging to Bibles and guns” (which should be a badge of honor).

And the deception is justified because us backwoods rubes are just too stupid to realize what is good for us.  We need the bearded bards in ivory towers telling us what is the true path to Nirvana.  Jonathan Gruber has done more for smaller government and the conservative movement than any conservative can ever do because he confirmed the worst tendency of the liberal mind.  Some are calling this Grubergate.  But it goes much deeper than Jonathan Gruber.  He’s just the exposed face of the true liberal.  A more accurate description is Elitist Snobgate.