Luke 2:14

In the past week, Islamic terrorists were responsible for the following acts in the name of Allah.  It gives new meaning to this season of peace and good will.

  • December 18th- Boko Harem, an Islamic jihad group in Nigeria, kills at least 35 people and kidnaps another 185;
  • December 20th- ISIL releases a video showing a hand being amputated on an accused thief;
  • December 20th- a police officer in Tours, France is stabbed in the face while the attacker yells “Allah Akbar;”
  • December 20th- At least 25 are killed, including 15 children, after a car bomb explodes in Yemen;
  • December 20th- ISIL releases a video showing Santa Claus about to be beheaded;
  • December 20th- Two car bombs explode in an Islamic neighborhood in Malmo, Sweden;
  • December 20th- Boko Harem take responsibility for the massacre of at least 50 elderly people herded into a school;
  • December 21st- a car mows down 12 pedestrians in Dijon, France as the driver shouts Islamic slogans;
  • December 22nd- Eleven Christians are charged with blasphemy in Pakistan;
  • December 22nd- a bomb explodes at a bus station in Nigeria killing at least 20 people as Boko Harem claims responsibility;
  • December 22nd- Boko Harem releases a video of victims being slaughtered and claim that the new tactic is to make the streets run red with blood unless people convert to Islam;
  • December 22nd- Another car attack on pedestrians in Nantes, France injures eight people;
  • December 23rd- A man wielding a knife tears down Christmas decorations in Le Mans, France while chanting Islamic slogans.

That is at least 131 innocent lives killed in the name of Allah.  Of course, that pales in comparison to the average 23,720 innocent lives lost through abortion in the United States just this past week.  While we celebrate this Christmas with family and friends, remember the innocent who were killed or denied a chance at life this recent season of peace of joy.

Luke 2:14 states: “Peace on earth and to all men of good will.”  If only that were true…

Merry Christmas to all!!