Top Liberal Spews of 2014- Part 4

120905_tom_steyer_ap_328An election year tends to bring out the Lefty loons and this year did not disappoint.  Of course, there are always the behind-the-scenes actors like those dreaded, evil Koch brothers (who employ over 75,000 Americans) and #14 on this list- Tom Steyer (who employs zero Americans).  This self-made billionaire donated $74 million to NextGen- a PAC dedicated to Democratic candidates who would address climate change.

I have no problem with people making themselves rich.  That is the American dream and Steyer lived it.  But, I do have a problem with hypocrisy and Steyer should be branded on the forehead with a huge “H.”  Climate change in 2014 boiled down to the Keystone pipeline.  Left out of the discussion as concerns Steyer was his huge investment in a company called Kinder Morgan which is seeking to build a competing pipeline to the Keystone XL.  And while he portrays himself as an opponent to fossil fuels, again the media refused or failed to report on his investments in coal fields in Australia.

So what did that $74 million buy?  Well, it got some Senators reelected in Massachusetts and Oregon.  But, that’s like getting a Republican reelected in Alabama.  And while he can claim victories in the Michigan and New Hampshire senatorial races and the gubernatorial race in Pennsylvania, there were likely other factors in play.  Unfortunately for Steyer and fortunately for America, he failed in the Maine and Florida gubernatorial races and in the Colorado and Iowa Senate races.

Which all boils down to a few key points.  First, climate change is not the top of the list of priorities for Americans.  Second, despite being the Left’s answer to the Koch brothers, the latter fared better electorally.  Third, dollar bills do not translate into votes.  And fourth, if a self-made hypocritical billionaire wants to waste $74 million on a losing cause, they should be allowed to waste $74 million on a losing cause.

At #13 is a columnist who is all over the Left’s publications.  He regularly pens commentary for the likes of Salon, Slate, Mother Jones, Huffington Post, The New Republic and Talking Points Memo.  I am, of course, talking about Brian Beutler.  This resume will also get your mug regularly on MSNBC.  Because he is such a prolific writer, there is far greater chance he will stray into the musings of a Left wing loon and Beutler did not disappoint.

Without getting into any of his rants/articles, suffice to say he represents the state of the media today- in the pocket of their hero and savior, Barack Obama.  You can always Google one of his articles, but then I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.