Top Liberal Spews on 2014- Part 3

Eric Holder Its fitting that these next two appear near one another in the countdown since they share a lot in common.  Both are race baiters extraordinaire and both see a racial bogeyman behind everything.  So coming in at #16 is outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder.  He comes in lower in the countdown only because he is resigning and will be less high-profile now although one can rest assured he will be stirring the racial pot from the private sector as a civil rights lawyer…or something like that.  He’ll leave the Justice Department under a dark cloud (no racial pun intended) having been censured by Congress.  But, this is old news and this is 2014.

What gets him there this year is his “racialization” of basically everything.  Be it prison rates, school expulsion rates, longer prison sentences, school choice, voter ID, political redistricting, mortgage rates, etc., to Holder the racial bogeyman is behind the tree.  In a certain sense, you have to feel sorry for a person who has to go through life thinking this way.  After all, here is an African-American Attorney General appointed by an African-American President arguing that African-Americans are no better than they were in the days of Jim Crow.

web_AlSharpton_Leibovitz (1)_thumb[3]But, Holder will soon be but a footnote in history.  Unfortunately, the entry at #15 just keeps ticking like the Energizer bunny…in an over-sized jacket- Al Sharpton.  Like Holder, race dominates this man’s life.  For Sharpton, however, the motivation is simply money.  Where would Al Sharpton be without Trayvon Martin, or Ferguson, Missouri or manufactured stories like Tawana Brawley?  He’d be just another black minister preaching from the pulpit.

And Sharpton, despite financially benefiting from race, is not satisfied since he has apparently not paid his taxes to the tune of $4.5 million.  Meanwhile, he has become an erstwhile advisor to Obama.  Instead of concerns about a foreign country hacking into a movie studio’s computers and blackmailing them into cancelling a movie’s release, Sharpton focused his energies on private e-mails that seemed to disparage Obama to some degree.  What is a raceturbator to do?  Of course, shake down Sony Studios.  The Mafia should use Sharpton to collect on debts for them.