Top Liberal Jerks of 2014- Part 1

joe biden tiny fingersLike last year, the obvious choice- Obama and his wife- are off limits.  This is my list of some of the most obnoxious yet reflective individuals of the Lefty mindset.

Coming in at #20 is the man a heart beat away from the Oval Office, Joe Biden.  In his long, distinguished career, Joe has made numerous gaffes and this year was no different.  I will, for the sake of brevity, mention only three.  First, there was his reference to the mortgage industry being run by a “bunch of shylocks” which went over real well with the Jewish community.  Second, during a campaign appearance, he asked a wheelchair bound person to stand up and be recognized.  Not to be undone,  Joe managed to offend Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia in a single sentence while Obama was trying to form a coalition against ISIL that would hopefully include… Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

One can only hope that Joe does run for President in 2016.  He’d provide Shrillary with some needed competition.  Should he win the nomination it would almost guarantee a Republican victory on Election Day.  And if he should win the presidency it would be a laugh a minute and it would also be an upgrade over Barack Obama.

There usually has to be some Hollywood type here and this year was no exception.  A few came close, like Gwyneth Paltrow and her “big slobbering love affair” with Obama.  Another name that jumps out since he has jumped the shark is Stephen Colbert who I used think was somewhat funny.  My guess is he started going downhill when his sister lost her political bid in South Carolina and he is just grinding an ax now.  But he also did not make the list.

Instead, coming in at #19, is the extremely minimally talented British “actor/comedian” Russell Brand.  What gets him here is his book and the resulting talk show circuit tour where he spouted his rendition of socialism.  This clown actually lumps a cold-blooded killer like Che Guevara in with Gandhi, Malcolm X and Jesus Christ.  And of course the riots in Ferguson, Missouri were the natural outgrowth of a cold-hearted capitalist society that favors income inequality.

The “news” programs actually gave this jerk an undeserved microphone as if he was the second coming of Karl Marx.  Last year I thought Martin Bashir and Piers Morgan were smarmy British spews, but Brand raises it to new levels…or deeper depths.  Hopefully, Russell Brand will go the way of Morgan and Bashir and just fade away into obscurity.  The man probably made more sense when he was incoherently babbling on a heroin high.


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