Yet Another Commentary on Ferguson, Missouri

Yes- the rhetoric here and elsewhere has reached a fever pitch since the grand jury refused to bring charges against Officer Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown shooting case.  I confess to not knowing the nuances of Missouri grand jury procedures or whether or not Missouri law is slanted towards law enforcement officers- a presumption of innocence + if you will.  But, I do have faith in the grand jury system and the jury system in criminal trials.  Although they sometimes get the decision wrong (innocent people are sometimes wrongfully convicted), they generally get it right a majority of the time.

There were, as I understand it, two courses of action the grand jury could take.  They can rule as they did and refuse to indict the officer for anything.  Or, they could have indicted Wilson for a variety of offenses ranging from manslaughter to murder.  Given the evidence we have seen thus far I believe that had they chosen option #2 (an indictment), the resulting trial would have resulted in a hung jury or a “not guilty” verdict.  There is simply not enough evidence to convict Wilson for any crime beyond a reasonable doubt.  This is not a civil case where a “preponderance of the evidence” could potentially “convict” Wilson although I believe that even under this standard it would be difficult to convict him.

Some people here and elsewhere have gone back to that fateful day in August when Brown was shot.  It is easy for us armchair pundits to sit back and say, “He should have waited for back up” and other such things.  We were not there that day, we were not sitting in that patrol car, we were not even on that street.  It is difficult to place ourselves in the shoes of Officer Wilson.  That being said, I personally find this somewhat difficult that a scuffle ensued over what amounts to a stolen pack of cigarellos or walking in the middle of the street- hardly a crime rising to the level that justifies Wilson’s actions.

And Wilson, as a sworn police officer, is there to serve and protect the community that pays his salary.  Apprehending the great cigarello caper of 2014 offender is hardly something one puts on their resume.  The situation was handled, in my view, incorrectly from the beginning and escalated out of control.  I am not so sure I would want Wilson on my town’s police force just as I would not necessarily want George Zimmerman on my town watch.  But that does not make their actions illegal or even unjustified.

However, that in no way exonerates Michael Brown’s actions or the actions of people after the shooting.  The sad fact is that if Darren Wilson had been indicted, there probably would have been celebratory rioting and looting regardless.  This is not black anger at an allegedly rigged justice system we are witnessing in Ferguson; its early Christmas shopping.  And its disgusting.  We have seen this show before where the ultimate outcome is that businesses move out of the town they served and the people left behind then cry about the lack of jobs and businesses.

And shame on those black alleged “leaders” egging on the violence by justifying it.  These race pimps would not exist if not for the Fergusons and Trayvons of the world.  It is in their best interests- for their egos and their wallets- to fan the flames of racial tension.

Regarding the lack of African-Americans on the police force in a town that is predominantly black, I believe Ferguson is no different than any other city in that they find it difficult to recruit and retain qualified black applicants.  The Mayor of Baltimore- a black woman- explained the difficulty and that the only way around it would be to lower the standards, an option she and others rightfully reject.  That may be a sad commentary on the state of black communities, yet no less the truth.

An unfortunate outgrowth of this incident is the possibility that every thug who happens to be black receives a form of temporary immunity from even being approached by the police out of fear of being branded a “racist.”  That same cadre of black leaders fanning the flames in Missouri are eerily silent about the daily black-on-black crime that occurs on the streets of Chicago or Washington.  Are those deaths somehow less important because a black person did the killing?  And there lies the inherent true racism of those on the Left.  Would there be this outpouring of violence and emotion if Darren Wilson were black?  Would Al Sharpton be in Missouri calling for national protests?  Would Barack Obama be issuing statements on it?  Would Eric Holder be investigating the police department?  Would nerds like Ezra Klein be playing Sherlock Holmes but looking like Inspector Clouseau?

If the Left were truly concerned about the black community, they would join hands with conservatives in certain areas like school choice. To them, its simply easier to throw money at the failing system.  As a result, they deny to black students what white students often take for granted.  Its easier to keep the black kid on the educational plantation and play the victim card.  It gets you your own show on MSNBC and a pass to the White House.  If the Left were truly concerned about the black community, they would help provide the tools for all blacks to better themselves economically rather than simply depositing money on the EBT card.  If the Left were truly concerned, there would be less civil rights attorneys profiting off of misplaced white guilt and African-American indignation.