Amanda Marcotte is a Big Dumb Jerk

I occasionally like to read some liberal outlets to see what the opposition is thinking and if they have come to their senses.  I know this is a futile exercise, but one can hope.  Any way, one site is Salon which employs a resident moonbat by the name of Amanda Marcotte.  I am not sure whether she writes what she does just for the sake of being “controversial” or “cutting edge,” or if she really is simply that stupid.  No other publishable word describes this sad existence.

Her most recent pearl of wisdom is entitled “No, America is not a Christian Nation.”  In it, she accuses the Right of rewriting American history.  This is pure psychological projection which clearly illustrates that Marcotte suffers from from some psychiatric disorder.  She states that theory goes something like this:

Once upon a time, a bunch of deeply religious Christian men revolted against the king of England and started a new nation with a Constitution based on the Bible.  Being deeply religious fundamentalist Christians, they intended for their new society to reflect Christian values and the idea that rights come from God.  But then a bunch of evil liberals with a secularist agenda decided to deny that our country is a Christian nation…For some reason, the theory always ends with civilization collapse…

Essentially, she bases this alleged theory of those of us on the Right on the assertions of a single person- David Barton- who this conservative (and Christian) never heard of until Amanda Marcotte mentioned him in this article.  Apparently, the musings of a single fundamentalist Christian (I think that is what he is) is indicative of every conservative.  But that is not even the issue here.  Her claim is that conservatives are now insisting that history books are being forced to include references to the religious origins of this country.

As we near Thanksgiving, one is reminded of the Pilgrims and their reason for coming to America- religious freedom.  If a people are seeking a new homeland which eventually becomes the United States and they are doing so for religious freedom purposes AND those people happen to be Christians, then clearly the founding of this country pre-dating the Revolutionary War was for (in some cases)…wait for it…religious reasons.  Specifically, Christian religious reasons.  There were not hordes of Muslims or Jews or atheists or Satan worshippers or anything else flocking to our shores.

The very day I read this article, Realclearhistory reprinted the original Mayflower Compact.  Before one is even past the first paragraph, there are at least three references to God- the Christian God.  Skip ahead a century and Christianity played an integral part in our country’s founding.  Some like to portray our Founders like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison and Benjamin Franklin as non-religious when there is ample evidence to the contrary.  When they asserted that our rights are “God given,” they meant exactly that- deriving from a Higher Being.  They are not the creations of a government created or contemplated.

In fact, it is the Left who is rewriting history by removing all references to religion and God regarding our founding and beyond.  For example, the abolitionist movement largely grew out of religious convictions regarding the equality of all men which they said derived from God, not the government.  Even their own progressive movement evolved out of fundamentalist Christian tenets of social justice.

It illustrates the stupidity of those on the Left to insist on some perverted version of separation of church and state to the point that “church” is eliminated from the equation.  Nowhere in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights is the phrase to be found.  Somewhere along the line, a line from a paragraph in a letter from Thomas Jefferson has become sacrosanct in constitutional law.  Marcotte’s assertion that America is not a Christian nation also belies the fact that even after the passage of the Bill of Rights, some states still had established religions with Connecticut being the last to change that.  The “established churches” in the colonies and even in some states after independence actually served government functions like social welfare, education and record keeping.  These were all Christian entities- not Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist, secular, or Wicca.

America may not be a Christian nation in Marcotte’s formulation which equates that term with a theocracy.  Ironically, one can make that statement because America is a tolerant Christian nation- one whose Christian heritage allows other faiths to co-exist peacefully, or even no faith.  It is these natural rights whether derived from “nature” or from God that allow Amanda Marcotte to write preposterous articles on liberal rags.  She should be thanking her lucky stars we are a Christian nation.

Marcotte seems to think that conservatives and especially religious fundamentalists are attempting to establish a theocracy in America.  She uses the term “theocracy” with impunity as if a council of Christian mullahs are the real power behind conservatives and Republicans.  But this only underscores the paranoid delusional world of a radical, Left wing feminist atheist who sees a religious bogey man behind every tree and a where every man is a rapist.