Koch Vs. Kennedy

As the media recently reported, David Koch was recently lauded in New York City for a $65 million donation to the Museum of Modern Art and their recent renovations to their 5th Avenue facade.  For this, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. earlier characterized the Koch brothers as “war criminals” for their alleged damage to the environment.  No matter how one looks at it, the Koch brothers and Koch Industries by far excels  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  For example, they have made over $1.8 billion in charitable contributions to such “controversial” entities as New York Presbyterian Hospital, MIT, the Lincoln Center, Brown University, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Laboratory, and full funding of a performance of “The Nutcracker” by the Ballet Theater Foundation.  They have even made donations to the University of Nevada at Las Vegas right in Harry Reid’s backyard.

Yes, the Koch brothers make donations to political causes with which many on the Left disagree.  But, it would likely be suprising to these boobs that despite their alleged influence on politics, as Harry (a/k/a ding-bat) Reid, alleges or their fouling of the environment, as Robert F. Kennedy alleges, they rank #59 on the list of top political contributors.  Besides their charitable and political contributions, Koch Industries employs 60,000 Americans (over 100,000 worldwide).  They pay out $11.7 billion in compensation and benefits annually.  While the unionized percentage of the private workforce has dropped to about 14%, over 30% of Koch Industry workers are unionized.  Did I mention that Koch Industries have received 917 awards for workplace safety and environmental stewardship?

Meanwhile we have Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. being born into American royalty with a silver spoon in his mouth.  He has employed exactly how many people?  His contributions to American society have been comedic relief.  For example, this is a man who once compared Midwestern hog farmers to Osama Bin Laden because…well, hogs defecate and this is bad for the environnment.  This is a man who recently attacked a reporter because they asked him about his carbon footprint while walking arm-in-arm with Al Gore and other climate change scaremongers in New York City.  Hopefully, he was one of the very few who were environmentally conscious enough to pick up their trash before he jumped in his limo and jetted off to his Malibu mansion which I am sure is as environmentally conscious as its owners.

Prior to his marriage to actress Cheryl Hines, it is reported that he had 37 affairs.  I don’t know how true that is and don’t particularly care either.  If true, it would prove that there are no testosterone problems in the Kennedy clan and would make RFK, Jr. the envy of his late uncle, John F. Kennedy.  To his credit, however, RFK, Jr. has not spoiled the environment by running a car with a “secretary” inside into a local swamp like his other uncle, Ted, did. 

Politically, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. may have more common with Jenny McCarthy than Cheryl Hines.  They can both protest against childhood vaccines when not proposing that business owners be jailed for their alleged environmental transgressions or appearing in B movies or second rate television sitcoms.  McCarthy is even better looking, but if the “37 affair” rumor is correct, then we may still see this come to fruition.  Never mind the fact that the great vaccination conspiracy has been debunked, proven wrong and labeled as dangerous by practically every sane person out there, the younger Kennedy is insistent this is all false and that there is a massive cover-up by the CDC.  After all, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. worked with the Special Olympics as a youngster.  That makes him an “expert” on the vaccination-autism non-link.

Perhaps, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. should stick to ambulance chasing and go into practice with another disgraceful liberal- John Edwards.  Better yet, he should stick to things Kennedys are great at: drinking, extramarital affairs, covering up family scandals involving rape, and driving women off bridges and walking away.  He could even contemplate this on 5th Avenue in New York City in the front of the Koch-funded $65 million renovated facade of the Museum of Modern Art.

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