Rhode Island 2014 GOP Primary "Endorsements"

Lincoln Chafee is stepping aside after one term as Governor of Rhode Island.  His chances of general election victory let alone a primary victory were much in doubt given his very low approval ratings.  On the GOP side, the two candidates are Cranston Mayor Alan Fung, a former Democrat, and Barrington businessman Ken Block.  This is turning into a nasty campaign with the Fung side calling Block supporters “blockheads” at one time.  For his part, Fung has donated in the past to such Democrats as liberal David Cicillene and Harry Reid.  Block ran for governor in 2010 for a third party, twice voted for Obama, has criticized the GOP, supports Obamacare and supports strict gun control.  The choices, quite frankly, are not good here, but that is what has become of the Republican Party in Rhode Island.  I am going to excuse Fung for his past transgressions because I cannot lend support to any supporter of Obamacare and strict gun control.  Therefore- the lesser of two evils and Alan Fung.

The other race of interest will be in the 1st Congressional district where Stan Tran will face Cormick Lynch in the primary.  Like the gubernatorial race, there is not much to choose between the two.  Both seem to embrace Obamacare believing it is the paradigm in need of reform, but neither would repeal it.  However, Tran is very much over the line in other areas- so much over the line he would most likely be more comfortable in the Democratic Party.  This writer likes neither and does not see how the election of either to the House will in any way help the Republican majority.  Therefore, this writer will not hold his nose and support just anyone and is withholding an endorsement in this race.

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