Delaware 2014 GOP Primary "Endorsements"

The only primary race in Delaware this year involves the Senatorial race for the seat held by Chris Coons.  Some operatives believe Delaware could be put into play.  These same operatives claim that when an incumbent’s approval ratings drop below 50%, they are in trouble.  Coons stands at 47%.

Additionally, many Democratic liberals are not exactly in love with Coons with some describing him as a “neoconservative.”  Thus, if there was someone to take advantage of these weaknesses in Coons, the seat may be put in play or at least force the Democrats to spread out their resources by opening up another front in the battle for the Senate.

What gives some Republicans hope is the entrance of Kevin Wade into the race.  His opponent will be Carl Smink.  No one is getting ahead of themselves here.  Winning this seat will be difficult given the recent electoral past of Delaware.  It has developed into a reliably blue state.  Democratic registration far outpaces Republican Party affiliation.  It should be mentioned, however, that many of these Democrats are considered moderate Reagan Democrats, although this writer disputes that assertion in the northern counties.  Perhaps in the southern county- which has more in common with conservative areas of Maryland- but elsewhere there are enough Coons supporters to win.

Wade is more in the mold of Ron Paul which may actually appeal to Delaware voters.  For that reason, I would support Kevin Wade.  To clarify: not the fact he has more in common with Ron Paul, but the fact he may appeal to Delaware voters.