Vermont 2014 GOP Primary "Endorsements"

Let us make no bones about it: Vermont is a lost cause in 2014 for the Republican Party.  This is a state that has proudly moved to a single-payer health care system (socialism), that regularly elects an avowed socialist to the Senate (Bernie Sanders), whose other Senator (Pat Leahy) is not far behind and whose congressman Peter Welch is also up there on the socialist meter.  I mean, hell- they even gave us Howard Dean!  Any chance for a Republican would be a pro-choice, pro-SSM, advocate of Obamacare Republican.

For Governor, three Republicans are in the mix.  Without getting into details, this writer is endorsing industrial hemp activist Emily Peyton just because.

For the House seat, two Republicans are running: Mark Donka, who also ran in 2012 and lost badly, and Don Nolte.  At least Donka has political campaign experience and there is nothing to necessarily dislike in his issue stances.  The same can be said of Nolte.  It really does not matter who wins for the GOP; there is little ideological difference between the two candidates.  I say throw caution to the wind and go with the new guy: Don Nolte.

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