I Smell a Rat

The recent bogus indictment against Rick Perry is the third in a series of recent charges against potential 2016 Republican presidential aspirants in less than a year.  It is starting to be less coincidence and looks more like a concerted effort to tarnish the reputations of potential 2016 Republicans.

The first incident and one that is continuing at great cost to the state and an investigation that has revealed no evidence whatsoever regarding his personal involvement are the charges against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie involving the Bridgegate controversy.  To recall, several lanes were closed on the George Washington Bridge, a major connector between New Jersey and New York City.  This loony scheme was apparently hatched by someone within the Christie administration as political payback against a mayor who refused to endorse Christie’s reelection effort in 2013.

Say what you will about Chris Christie, but the man is not stupid.  First, the Governor has no say over the closing of lanes on a bridge that is run by an independent agency.  Second, not a shred of evidence exists to prove Christie was involved in the scheme.  There is no memo, no e-mail, no text message, no phone call, not even a conversation to indicate such.  This is likely what happened: someone within the Christie administration took it upon themselves to impress their boss by hatching this scheme.  Perhaps the only “involvement” on Christie’s part is his governing style best described by some as “bullying.”  This operative simply followed through on that bullying.  If Barack Obama himself cannot be held accountable for the actions of Lois Lerner at the IRS even though he was constantly demonizing Tea Party groups in public and private, then Christie cannot be held accountable for his bullying governing style.  Regardless, our esteemed lawmakers in Trenton continue to “investigate” looking for something that is simply not there, only “attitude.”

But, what is that to a Democrat hell-bent on taking down a potential 2016 Republican?  Moving forward a few months, the next target was Scott Walker.  To recall, he is accused of being in charge of a scheme to coordinate his recall election campaign with that of outside groups.   Unlike New Jersey, the investigators believe they have the smoking gun e-mail on Walker- an exchange with Karl Rove noting that R.J. Johnson, a member of his campaign team, was doing a good job in coordinating efforts in Wisconsin.  Johnson also works for the conservative Club For Growth.

It is against state law for outside groups to coordinate their activities with political campaigns.  Likewise, federal tax and election law prohibits the same although at times the line is blurred.  But this is not an indictment against Walker, Johnson or any other Wisconsin official, except those county prosecutors who are making the unsubstantiated charges.  In fact, it is an indictment against the absurdity of the confusingly silly election laws and those governing 501(c) organizations.

So, at this point we have an eight month investigation against the New Jersey governor and silly charges against Scott Walker as if we are supposed to be aghast.  Not to be outdone, Democrats have now attacked Governor Rick Perry in Texas for…wait for it…threatening to exercise his constitutional power to veto a bill.  If we follow through on this logic, then every time Obama threatens to veto a bill that is not “clean-” say, about raising the debt limit- he can be indicted or charged with an abuse of power?

This last one is so silly and obviously politically motivated that even some liberal voices are crying foul.  But, that is not the saddest part of this whole escapade.  It was obvious that Perry was being mentioned more and more as a possible 2016 candidate among conservatives, especially after he sent National Guard troops to the border.

The point being made is that there seems to be a concerted effort to sully the names of potential 2016 Republican candidates.  It is understandable that as potential candidates are mentioned and gain the national spotlight, they fall under increased scrutiny.  But when one starts using the judicial system or a state legislature being led on a witch hunt, then it steps beyond the bounds of simple “scrutiny.”

Meanwhile, the Media Research Center has done a fine job of documenting the media’s coverage of Democratic scandals.  The plagiarism scandal that sunk the candidacy in Montana of John Walsh garnered a mere 31 seconds on CBS News.  Compare that with a previous charge of alleged plagiarism of a Heritage Foundation article by Rand Paul in 2013.  There was no coverage of Harry Reid paying his granddaughter $31,000 in campaign funds for “gifts.”  This transgression would certainly be more worthy of news coverage than Scott Walker telling Karl Rove what a great guy R.J. Johnson is.  And while Scott Walker’s associates from his days in county government are indicted and make the news, we hear nothing of Democratic Illinois Governor Pat Quinn converting an anti-violence initiative into a political slush fund.

Mary Landrieu chartered a private plane for $3,000 in government money to attend a fundraiser.  Again, no mention in the press.  Rob Andrews (NJ-1) allegedly is retiring to take a job with a Philadelphia law firm to be closer to his family.  The press leaves out the fact he is under investigation for using campaign funds to fly to Ireland and Los Angeles.  Then there is anti-gun crusader and California state senator Leland Yee who was caught in a gun-running scheme involving Chinese organized crime figures.  Only ABC mentioned this on their morning news.  And there is nary a word about other California legislators being suspended for voter fraud (which does not exist in the mind of a liberal) and another for taking $100,000 in bribes.

And while Christie is running around shutting down bridges, Rick Perry threatening vetoes and Scott Walker circumventing silly campaign finance laws, Bruce Braley in Iowa- a farming state- made comments that insulted farmers because they are not lawyers and Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson calls Clarence Thomas an “Uncle Tom.”  Not to be outdone, a Democratic candidate for mayor in a New Jersey town is caught on tape referring to African-Americans using the “N” word (but why criticize that when you could criticize the Washington Redskins) and a Democratic candidate in the now-passed Wisconsin gubernatorial primary wanted to hand out white KKK hoods to Republicans at their annual convention in that state.

Despite what anyone here at Redstate or elsewhere thinks of Chris Christie, Scott Walker, or Rick Perry, it is becoming obvious that something is amiss here.  As 2016 nears, expect more of the same.