Wyoming GOP Primary "Endorsements"

Gallup Polling consistently puts this state as the most conservative of the red states and this writer has no argument with that analysis.  This year, there are primaries in the gubernatorial, senatorial and congressional races.  Why there are primaries remains the big question since all three incumbent Republicans are clearly conservative and clearly popular in Wyoming and clearly on their path to reelection in November.

For Governor, Matt Mead- one of the most popular governors in the country- should easily win his primary against challengers Taylor Haynes and Cindy Hill.  Haynes is a Cheyenne doctor while Hill is vacating her position as state superintendent of public instruction. Both had entered the race before Mead officially announced his intention to run again.

To say there is some bad blood between Mead and Hill is a little understatement.  During her tenure as superintendent, some duties were legislatively transferred to the state board of education.  At one point, a legal battle ensued between the two over this issue and Hill relinquished some duties that were later restored by the courts.  This is her motivation, one believes, for taking on Mead now.  In a small population state, this was/is a big story.

Still, one cannot and should not underestimate the popularity and record of Mead.  Unseating him in the primary and subsequent general election will be a difficult task.  Haynes is the least known of the three and could be simply setting up for a future run for office.  Given these facts and his stances on several issues, the choice must be Matt Mead.

In the Senate race, incumbent Mike Enzi has drawn four primary opponents: Thomas Bleming (retired neo-Nazi mercenary), oil worker Arthur Clifton, James Gregory (??) and energy consultant Bryan Miller.  The odds of anyone of these defeating Enzi in the primary are nil.  The ex-Neo-Nazi sounds like a libertarian who supports public education.  In fact, he is the only one with what purports to be a website for the campaign, so the others could not be taken that seriously.  Obviously, the choice is Mike Enzi.

And in the congressional race, incumbent Cynthia Lummis has quietly built up a conservative gravitas that is preparing her for higher office.  She will face Jason Senteney who has no political experience, but an interesting and, at times, humorous website- especially the “issues” section.  Given the fact that the Democrats are fielding token opposition here, there would be little downside to endorsing someone other than Lummis.  However, there is no need to do so and the nod goes to Cynthia Lummis.