How Do You Like Me Now?

While scanning the Internet, I came across an interesting article on AlterNet- a Leftist outlet- entitled “50 Reasons  You Despised George W. Bush’s Presidency.” (Just go to alternet and type in that headline)   It is an interesting bit of recent history made all the more interesting by the administration of “president” Barack Obama.  Without being an apologist for the Bush Administration:

1. Bush stole the 2000 election:  The Left needs to get over this and I invite them to actually read the entire Supreme Court decision, not just the 5-4 part.  Instead of blaming the Supreme Court, blame Ralph Nader for being on the Florida ballot since he “stole” more votes from Gore.

2. Bush ran as a “uniter, not divider:”  And Obama has united the country?  Totally laughable.

3. Bush covered up his past:  By this they refer to a discredited Dan Rather report involving forged documents.  There are more skeletons in Obama’s past than the nearest cemetery (see: Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Marshall Davis, etc,).

4. Bush loved the death penalty as Governor of Texas:   With Bush, they got a trial.  With Obama, they get a drone attack.

5. Bush was a corporate shill:  And corporate leaders under Obama are barred from the White House?  Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of GE (which paid zero taxes), has his nose so far up Obama’s butt, it will have to be surgically extracted.

6. Bush gutted international agreements like the Kyoto protocol on global warming:  And replaced it with a new solution at Bali that would have exported American technology.  That is real “green jobs.”

7. Bush was a global isolationist: This is just plain illogical given the other criticisms.  Either he was a slave to oil interests, exporting democracy and imperialism, or he was an isolationist.  They can’t have it both ways.  In any case, Obama is a toothless, red line drawing internationally impotent president.

8. Bush ignored warnings about Osama Bin Laden:  They refer to a vague intelligence report with no specifics.  Obama ignored explicit warnings about Benghazi, Libya.

9. Bush increased the war on drugs, not terrorism:  So as not to offend Islam, there is no war on terror according to Obama.

10. Bush continued reading “My Pet Goat” during the 9/11 attacks: Obama flew off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser while 4 Americans were dying in Benghazi.

11. Bush squandered international goodwill after 9/11: If being an apologist for America equals goodwill, then the Left needs to re-evaluate their definition.

12. Bush turned to Iraq instead of Afghanistan: Obama turns to fundraisers in New York, California and Nevada instead addressing major issues, or congratulating gay athletes for being drafted into the NFL while the world implodes.

13. Bush dissed UN inspectors in Iraq: The UN inspectors were denied entry to sites by Saddam Hussein and left voluntarily.  They were a joke anyway.

14. Bush lied about WMDs in Iraq: Obama lied about the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, the VA scandal, NSA spying, CIA spying on the Senate, etc.  At least Bush had an excuse- faulty intelligence.  Obama learns about these things on the nightly news.

15. Bush ignored the UN with regards to Iraq:  Obama ignored Congress in Libya.

16. Bush withdrew the US from the International Criminal Court:  I still don’t understand the problem with this criticism.

17. Colin Powell lied to the United Nations:  Eric Holder lied to Congress.

18. Bush launched a war on CIA whistle-blowers: Obama launched a war on Associated Press reporters, Fox News correspondents, and conservative groups who disagreed with his agenda.

19. Bush pardoned the Valerie Plame leaker:   If that is the best “scandal” they can come up with, see: Fast and Furious, the IRS, Operation Choke Point, the VA, etc.

20. Bush launched the war in Iraq without authorization:  Actually, he did have congressional authorization, something Obama lacked in Libya.

21. Bush looted Baghdad: Obama looted the American Treasury.

22. Bush’s actions in Iraq did not make America safer: And we are safer under Obama?  Are we safer, or an international laughing stock?

23. Troops were provided with unsafe gear in Iraq:  Shouldn’t be a problem under Obama since there will be less troops.

24. Bush’s propaganda like “Mission Accomplished;” The Obama administration is nothing but a huge propaganda campaign moving from crisis to crisis.  “Mission Accomplished” = “Recovery Summer.”

25. Bush didn’t attend military funerals:  And Obama has attended how many military funerals?  Bush also didn’t have to stand over a dead ambassador flown in from Libya.

26. Bush donors profited off the war in Iraq: Obama donors profited off the stimulus.  One word: Solyndra.

27. International ban on torture was ignored by Bush: Constitutional rights of conservative groups were ignored under Obama.  Bush “tortured” terrorists; Obama targeted Tea Party groups.  You make the moral decision here.

28. Guantanamo:  The scum of the earth were given a $200,000 soccer field.  They should be thankful.

29. Bush passed the PATRIOT Act: Which has thwarted numerous terrorist plots.  Obama uses it for Operation Choke Point.

30. Iraq created the federal debt crisis: To the Left, which is it?  Iraq or the tax cuts?  Under Bush, the debt was 34% of GDP- the average over 50 years.  After 6 years of Obama, it is 76% of GDP.

31. Bush cut veteran’s health care spending:   And no one died.  Under Obama, veterans died at VA hospitals on a waiting list.

32. The 2001 and 2003 tax cuts created the debt crisis:  See #30 above.

33. Bush assaulted reproductive rights:  When Bush assumed office, there were 1.291 million abortions performed in the US.  When he left office, there were 1.212 abortions performed- a decline of 79,000.  Thus, the “assault” had a very small practical effect.  Source: www.christianliferesources.com.

34. Bush cut Pell grants to college students:  In 2000-01, there were 3.8 million Pell Grants awarded averaging $2,070.  In 2008-09, there were 6.1 million Pell grants awarded averaging $2,970.  Source: FinAid.org.  Increasing the number and dollar value of Pell Grants is a “cut” to the Left?

35. Bush led an assault on environmental regulations:  But at least the incandescent light bulb wasn’t banned.

36. Bush believed in intelligent design and thought evolution was a theory:  Obama believes the Constitution is a theory.

37. Bush passed No Child Left Behind:  This was well-meaning with unintended consequences that were never addressed.  But, ask any teacher, student or parent- is Common Core- Obama’s alternative- the answer?

38. Bush appointed Alito and Roberts to the Supreme Court: They shouldn’t complain too much since Roberts gave them Obamacare.  Regardless, Obama appointed Sotomayor and Kagan- hardly two constitutional law heavyweights.

39. Bush gutted the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division:  Obama’s Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division investigates rodeo clowns and parade floats.

40. Household income fell under Bush: And it has risen under Obama? In 2000, median household income was $40,703 and $48,762 in 2008- a 19.8% increase.  In 2012, median household income was $49,486- a 1.5% increase under Obama’s first four years.  Source: US Census Bureau.  At the current rate, Obama’s legacy will be a 3% increase.

41. Millions fell below the poverty line under Bush:  The Left needs to consult figures on the number of Americans falling under the poverty line since Obama assumed office, then come back and talk.

42. Under Bush, more children are living in poverty: See #41 above.

43. More people were denied access to health care under Bush:  And as employers drop insurance and insurance companies raise premiums, when Obamacare is fully implemented (instead of being illegally delayed), will we be saying this about Obama in 2018?

44. Bush let down blacks in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina:  Obama let down all Americans in the wake of his election victories.

45. Bush pandered to the religious Right:  Obama panders to every demographic group with initials or a hyphen, especially Muslims, gays and environmentalists.

46. Bush held few press conferences:   And the Obama administration believes it is the most transparent in history.  Obama is too busy on vacation, the nearest golf course, or a fundraising event to give a press conference.

47. Bush held the presidential record for vacations:  It isn’t the number of days that count, its the context.  While crisis after crisis erupts, Obama vacations.  And Judicial Watch notes that Obama has set a record for travel expenses on the taxpayer’s dime.

48. Rove, Cheney, Rumsfeld:  Jarrett, Biden, Holder, etc.

49. Bush escaped accountability for his actions:  Holding Obama accountable is racist.

50. Bush may have stolen the election in 2004:  Bush’s vote total went up from 2000 to 2004.  There was no theft- there was John Kerry(!) who is proving to be a stellar Secretary of State (sarcasm intended).  If a president Kerry would be anything like a Secretary of State Kerry, we should be thankful for a “theft.”

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