It's Tough Being a Left Wing Demagogue These Days

Katie McDonough is a writer and assistant editor for Salon, a Left wing online rag.  A quick survey of her articles illustrates a tendency to be preoccupied with rape, abortion and contraception.  Of course, the Left refers to the latter two as “reproductive rights.”  Although not quite as bad as Amanda Marcotte- another spew- McDonough must have graduated from the same gender studies course at a major university since the only thing that major prepares you for in life is writing stupid articles for stupid Leftist publications.  Thankfully for them and unfortunately for us, there are several to choose from these days- Salon, Slate, Mother Jones, etc.  But then, unlike the Left we on the Right believe in free speech to a greater degree.  After all, there should be platforms on the Left so they can display their hypocrisy and stupidity.

Her latest article is titled “GOP Wimps Suddenly Fear Social Issues: How Tables Turned on the Religious Right.”  Naturally, to anyone on the Left any conservative stance or belief on any social issue must have been dictated by religious, zealous Right wing evangelists since we all are automatons.  As an example of the GOP “wimping out” on social issues, she offers this statement by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in regards to gay marriage:

I don’t think the Republican Party is fighting it.  I’m not saying it’s not important, but Republicans haven’t been talking about it.  We’ve been talking about economic and fiscal issues. It’s those on the Left that are pushing it.

In McDonough’s world, not talking about it and focusing on issues of greater concern to voters is “running away.”  By stating a truth that the Left is pushing the issue, it is “running away.”  I call it “fact” and “truth.”

And, indeed, the Left and Democrats are pushing the issue this year.  Mark Warner, who is not exactly endangered and usually above this stuff, is even using the line against Ed Gillespie.  Mark Udall is using it against Cory Gardner in Colorado.  She quotes Rand Paul of Kentucky addressing an audience that “no one here wants to ban birth control.”  After citing some poll numbers about the contraception debate the Left wants to sucker Republicans into, she then attacks Mitch McConnell and Mike Huckabee.  Admittedly, Huckabee should have parsed his words much better knowing that the Left would jump on them and distort them into soundbites for fundraising purposes.

But, Ms. McDonough needs to consider some more important polls figures besides those which ask specific questions about the Hobby Lobby decision.  Most reliable polling shows that economic and fiscal issues are the ones voters mention most often as their top concerns with unemployment and job creation being at the top of the list.  In 2014 alone, according to a Gallup analysis, in the non-economic areas, abortion (or reproductive rights in which we can include contraception) ranks 25th out of 35 different responses.  Gay rights and same sex marriage- her other preoccupation- ranks 27th.  Does it make sense for the GOP to focus on fiscal and economic issues when reproductive rights and gay marriage are the top issue to very few Americans?

In fact, you can go to any polling website these days and the Gallup findings will be replicated- economic and fiscal issues dominate at the top of the list of voter’s top concerns.  What is disconcerting to the Left is that certain politicians are not falling for the trap usually set to create that “gotcha” moment- the kind of statement that can sink a campaign, especially when the Democrats distort the comment out of context and then ascribe it to all Republicans or conservatives.  The statement quoted by Rand Paul is a truism. No one on the Right wants to ban birth control.  It is a personal choice and as a personal choice, the remainder of the country should not be forced to pay for it.

Two things come to mind at this juncture.  The first is what I label the “Todd Akin Syndrome.”  The people of Missouri knew Todd Akin’s stance on abortion.  In that infamous radio interview if he had simply said, “People know my stance.  Can we talk about Claire McCaskill’s views on Obama and the economy?,” we would probably be talking about Senator Akin today.  People know Scott Walker’s stance on same sex marriage and Cory Gardner’s view on contraception mandates in the ACA.

The second point is that maybe, just perhaps the GOP has somewhat internalized the “moratorium on social issues” entreaty proposed by Mitch Daniels in 2012.  It is not so much a moratorium, but more a benign disinterest and pivoting to the real issues that most worry voters today.  It is certainly true that women view these issues higher on their list of priorities and that there is a gender gap between the Democratic and Republican Party.  That is to be expected since the broad issue of “reproductive rights” more directly affects women (and innocent unborn humans).  But more importantly is not the demographic category of “woman,” but the woman voter.  And quite frankly, the fiscal/economic issues affect all Americans- men and women.

The fact is that six years of a failed economic recovery, people dropping out of the workforce, gas prices rising while income remains stagnant and a host of other domestic and international issues leaves the Left with only one thing to harp upon.  It is the one issue where they hope to get a rise out of the electorate and entrap Republican politicians into some stupid comment.  It is kind of sad, but should be a ray of hope for the GOP going forward.  One can fully expect our Uniter-in-Chief to attempt to exploit this line of attack as Election Day nears.  When the only thing that opens the coffers of liberal donors are the words “impeachment” and “reproductive rights,” it is the secular Left that are the true wimps by not discussing and debating the issues of greatest concern to voters.

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