Meet the Nevada Abortion Barbie

There has been a lot of recent news in some quarters about an interesting down-ballot race in Nevada this year- that for Lt. Governor.  Normally these races interest very few political pundits, but the intrigue extends to 2016 and engulfs all of Nevada politics which is represented in the Senate by Ding-bat of the Year, Harry Reid.

But first, a word about the Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor.  Unlike many other states, the Lt. Governor runs independent of the Governor so it is possible to have a governor of one party and a Lt. Governor or another party.  Usually, it does not always work out that way and both candidates of the same party end up winning their respective races.  That is because most people do not view the office of Lt. Governor with much thought and generally pull the lever under their choice for Governor.

The Governor’s race in Nevada this year will feature incumbent Republican Brian Sandoval against Democratic opponent Bob Goodman in what many believe will be an easy victory for Sandoval.  However, many of these same political pundits also view Sandoval as the most likely and most formidable opponent for the GOP to take on Harry Reid in 2016.

If this plays out as planned. Sandoval would have to resign his seat as Governor to run against Reid.  Therefore, the Lt. Governor- the person who wins this year- would become the Governor in 2016…if Sandoval runs against Reid.

The Democrats have nominated state assemblywoman Lucy Flores as their candidate for the Lt. Governor’s office.  Flores joined the state legislature in 2010 after an activist legal career.  She is all of 34 years old and single.

What sets Flores apart is that instead of being pro-choice and talking the pro-choice line like Wendy (who?) Davis is Texas with her get-the-liberals-lathering filibuster of an abortion law, Flores has lived the pro-choice dream.  She has broken the mold and admitted that she had an elective abortion when she was 16.  She furthermore does not regret that decision.  In fact, the rose tattoo on her ankle seems to cause her greater regrets.   It is rare when politicians admit to having abortions.  Perhaps the only other instance was when California Congresswoman Jackie Speier admitted to one, but that was a medically necessary abortion.

Flores’ revelations came during legislative testimony regarding the teaching of sex education in Nevada schools.  Since then, she has run with the story.  But, other things have come out regarding her past.  For example, she was a gang member and had served time in jail.  She dropped out of high school.  She later earned her GED and went to Southern Cal, graduated and earned a law degree from UNLV.  She did pro bono work for criminals “wrongly accused” (aren’t they always?).

Her life story is one of apparent rags to riches.  She is one of 13 children.  Several of her sisters got pregnant in their teens and unlike sister Lucy, they had their babies.  Lucy did not want to end up like them, so she opted for abortion and, in her standard rendition, begged her father for the $200 to get one.  Her mother had moved out from the family when she was nine leaving poor Mr. Flores to raise 13 kids.

While one can respect Lucy Flores for overcoming her past, it is not a past that exactly entitles one to be a Lt. Governor, possibly next Governor of Nevada.  The liberal media is all aglow over Ms. Flores describing her as the Hispanic Democrat the party has been waiting for.  Funny- I thought that title went to Joaquin Castro a couple of short years ago, but that’s another story.

Using her past against her will likely backfire.  One poll indicates that after hearing her story, 57% of respondents felt higher of her for being truthful with only 17% having a lower feeling of her and the rest didn’t care.  Unfortunately, Ms. Flores has received death threats from some fringe nut cases out there.

Thus, the Republican Party in Nevada and elsewhere should just leave Flores alone.  She is doing enough talking on her own to eventually dig her political grave.  Frankly, she is a political neophyte new to the stage and, now, national spotlight and likely to make mistakes along the way.  Any attack on her will only cause sympathy when in reality sympathy should be directed to the poor elder Mr. Flores.  If this is the family that existed- pregnant teenage daughters, crime, drugs, high school dropouts and imprisonment- it is no wonder Mrs. Flores ran away from the family.

Given the fact that Sandoval will most likely easily win re-election in November, the chances of Flores dim.  It remains to be seen how far Harry Reid goes in supporting her.  If she wins, it may not be in the best interests for Sandoval to resign the Governor’s office to run against him.  However, Reid has his own, more urgent problems to worry about- keeping the Senate in Democratic Party control.  One thing is certain, though.

There will be money pouring into this race, especially by pro-choice liberals many of which will not be Nevada residents.  That is what has happened in Texas with Wendy Davis where more than 60% of her campaign donations can be traced to liberal strongholds like New York, California, Illinois and Connecticut.  Although the dynamics are considerably different, there is one commonality.  Residents of a state usually tune out the advertisements bought by money from outside-the-state sources.  It will be interesting to see the source of her campaign funds with the FEC filings and what liberal outside groups have jumped into the fray.

On some level, she should be commended for her candor which tends to be in short supply in both parties at times.  But, looking at the context of her great revelation- during a legislative debate on sex education funding- one has to question her innate intelligence.  Supposedly, if sex education had been available to the 16-year-old Lucy Flores, she would not have to resort to a $200 abortion.  She would not have to be like her sisters who were becoming pregnant at 14.  One would think that the best sex educational example would be those sisters who became pregnant and had kids at an early age and the effect it had on their lives, a life she did not wish to emulate.  I would be interested to hear Ms. Flores’ stance on adoption and assisting groups which encourage adoption over abortion.

It is a sad day when admission to an abortion as a teenager is used as political capital and someone is elevated to almost sainthood status by the Leftist media.  Is it grounds to dismiss her as a candidate for Lt. Governor?  The voters of Nevada will decide that in November.  In and of itself, the abortion by Lucy Flores 18 years ago is, I am sure, not the top issue facing the voting residents of Nevada.  If it is, that may help explain why they elected a Harry Reid to the Senate.  In the end let’s remember what this entire meme is: a story being used to advance one’s political career.