US Senate Republican Third Marking Period Report Card

Based upon their votes on certain issues from January 1st, 2014 through June 27th, 2014, these grades are assessed.  Since most of the votes were for nominations, some of the more controversial ones were considered along with votes on actual legislation, or cloture votes.

A+:  Mike Crapo (ID); Jim Inhofe (OK); Mike Lee (UT); Jim Risch (ID)

A:  Tom Barrasso (WY); Mike Enzi (WY); Pat Roberts (KS); Jeff Sessions (AL)

A-: Marco Rubio (FL)

B+:  Ted Cruz (TX); Deb Fischer (NE); Rand Paul (KY); Tim Scott (SC); Richard Shelby (AL)

B: Tom Coburn (OK); Jeff Flake (AZ); Charles Grassley (IA) Ron Johnson (WI); Pat Toomey (PA)

B-:  Lamar Alexander (TN); John Boozman (AR); Lindsey Graham (SC); John McCain (AZ); Rob Portman (OH); John Thune (SD)

C+:Richard Burr (NC);  Saxby Chambliss (GA); Dan Coates (IN); John Cornyn (TX)

C: Mike Johanns (NE); David Vitter (LA)

C-:  Roy Blunt (MO); Thad Cochran (MS); Orrin Hatch (UT); Dean Heller (NV); John Hoeven (ND); John Isaakson (GA); Jerry Moran (KS); Roger Wicker (MS)

D:  Kelly Ayotte (NH); Bob Corker (TN); Mark Kirk (IL); Mitch McConnell (KY)

F:  Susan Collins (ME); Lisa Murkowski (AK)

Special note: the grades of Senators Cruz and Scott decreased from previous reports due primarily to missed votes.