Harry Reid's Koch Obsession

Perhaps the most amusing political news these days is Harry Reid’s obsession with Americans for Prosperity and, more significantly, the Koch brothers.  Barely a day goes by without Reid making a television appearance, a magazine interview, or a speech on the Senate floor lambasting the Koch brothers.  To hear Harry Reid talk, the Republican Party is nothing short of a marionette puppet with the Kochs pulling all the strings from Wichita, Kansas.

It would be amusing if not for the fact that Reid is now wasting valuable Senate time with his recent endorsement of an effort to pass a constitutional amendment which would basically over-rule the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision and other decisions which have “weakened” the existing campaign finance law paradigm.  This is a political stunt of the highest order.  While it may pay dividends by playing to his Leftist base, the chances of the bill getting a two-thirds majority in both houses of Congress is somewhere very near zero.  The strategy may be to make this a matter of debate and to “put Senators on the record-” especially Republican ones,- but it is a little ironic that at the same time he blocks putting Senators on the record over the repeal of Obamacare, a bill passed on several occasions in the House.  But, I guess that comes with being the Senate Majority Leader…and hypocrisy.

And hypocrite is probably the nicest adjective one can ascribe to a scum bucket like Harry Reid.  This is a man whose net worth has increased over tenfold while in Congress living on a Representative’s or Senator’s salary and maintaining homes on opposite sides of the country.  The list of questionable financial dealings of Reid over the years are numerous.  In fact, if one does a Google search by entering “Harry Reid,” the first two searches that are returned are “corruption” and “ethics.”  Yet in the mind of Harry Reid, someone donating to a cause he or the Left happens to disagree with, that is more corrupting and more unethical.

Reid begins with the supposition that the Koch brothers are investing heavily in conservative causes in order to increase their billions.  But as John Stewart recently illustrated, he was conveniently silent on the political donations of his good friend and casino mogul, Shell Adelson.  Adelson, estimated to be worth over $40 billion which ranks him #8 in the world, has been lobbying hard against Internet gambling.  Why?  Because why fly to Nevada and patronize an Adelson casino when you can do it from your smart phone?  Yet, it is the Koch brothers who are trying to protect or add to their billions.

Harry Reid believes the Kochs are behind the growing ranks of people who have put climate change low on their list of priorities, thus the push back by the Left on this subject.  Any day one can find at least one article on the impending doom associated with climate change and no natural disaster is left untouched.  However, Harry Reid certainly made a nice profit off the Dow Jones Energy Sector Fund.  Buying in at $29 a share, he cashed out at $42 a share then two months later attempted to pass onerous regulations and taxes that would have cost the US energy sector billions.  But what did Harry Reid care?  He was long gone from the scene.  Where was his climate change paranoia from 2005-2008 when he held stock in this fund?  Al Gore was around then, right?

One has to wonder what Reid would do should this ridiculous amendment ever see the light of day since Reid himself has apparently violated campaign finance laws, or at the very least skirted them.  An investigation being conducted by the FBI and Utah officials into the shenanigans of Jeremy Johnson, a bank official currently under indictment for 86 counts of Internet fraud, has been stalled by Eric Holder’s Justice Department.  Then there is the entire Clive Bundy ranch episode where Reid’s connections to a Chinese firm to build and operate a solar panel power plant are well documented.

What Reid fails to understand is that Koch Industries employs over 70,000 Americans.  How many jobs created can Reid claim other than family members?  There is reason that Judicial Watch has placed Harry Reid on its list of most corrupt politicians for many years running now.  And the ostensible reason for campaign finance laws is to remove corruption or the appearance of corruption.  If Harry’s Folly (this amendment) succeeds, he hurts only himself.  Of course, he will be gone from the Senate by then and most likely a few million dollars richer.

The other thing Reid fails to understand is that the money follows the position; the position does not follow the money.  If it is the latter, then we may have a case of corruption, or vote buying.  Does Harry Reid honestly believe a Koch brother would contribute to a Chuck Schumer or a Dick Durbin in the hopes of changing their minds on climate change?  Are we to expect Harry Reid’s Senate Leadership PAC to donate to a Jim Inhofe or a Tim Scott in the hopes of changing their minds on climate change?  If they did and if minds were “changed” this writer may become an advocate of campaign finance regulations, but it clearly does not happen that way- only in the twisted mind of those on the Left.

This “amendment” is a political ploy being used by the Democrats to distract voters from the real issues that may doom the Democratic Party this fall, mainly Obamacare.  It is why he makes these ridiculous, scurrilous and scandalous remarks (like calling people “domestic terrorists”): for a few news cycles the conversation is not Obamacare.  It is why Democrats take to the Senate floor to talk about climate change in the middle of the night when there is not even a bill under consideration- just…talk.

The whole episode reminds one of mental pictures of Rome burning while Nero plays his lyre.  With so many issues facing this country thanks to the Leftist policies of Obama, Reid and Pelosi (or as I like to call them, The Gruesome Troika), Reid has to take on and blame a couple of billionaires for the woes his side created.  It is classic mental projection- blame the other guy for things you do; put your motivations on others.  One has to wonder how many deals are being thwarted that would financially benefit Harry Reid thanks to the Koch brothers.

For all the fluster of Reid and his accusations of the Koch brothers influencing electoral outcomes, one stark fact stands out.  In 2012, Americans For Prosperity invested over $33 million to defeat Barack Obama.  At the end of the day, not a single $1 bill was caught casting a vote on Election Day.  That $33 million was for naught.  If the Koch brothers want to spend $33 million in a losing cause, then so be it.  If George Soros wants to spend $50 million in a losing cause, so be it.  If Mark Steyer wants to invest $100 million in a losing cause, all the more power to him.  Because at the end of the day, your average voter has more intelligence than Harry Reid has had in a lifetime except when it comes to aggrandizing himself.  The sooner the voters of Nevada wake up and kick this ass out of Congress because he is an embarrassment to the state of Nevada, the better.  The next best thing would be to render this cure for insomnia the next Minority Leader.