Quick Correction to Georgia House Primaries

In the previous article regarding the Georgia US House primary races for the GOP, I inadvertently hit the “publish” button too soon.  In the 9th District race, Doug Collins was incorrectly endorsed.  In a district rated +30 Republican by Cook and likewise by this writer, a review of the congressional record of Doug Collins indicates that for such a GOP/conservative district, Collins does not meet that criteria.  GovTrack.org rates Collins as the least conservative of the Georgia Republicans in the House in perhaps one of the most conservative/GOP districts not only in Georgia, but the country.  Importantly, GovTrack generates their ratings based on actual congressional votes and bill sponsorsip, not campaign rhetoric, speeches and literature.  There is a serious disconnect between Collins’ rhetoric and actual congressional actions.  Because the district leans so heavily towards the GOP anyway and because Collins is no great conservative in the House, this writer withdraws support for Collins and urges the voters of this district to real change in the House and support the candidacy of retired Army general Bernie Fontaine.