The Left, Debo Adegbile, and Cop Killers

The leftist media, best exemplified by the children who write at Dailykos and who broadcast themselves on MSNBC, have taken up the cause of Debo Adegbile, the recently defeated Obama appointee to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.  To hear and read some commentary, one would think that a band of torch-bearing Republicans dressed in white robes pulled Adegbile from the loving arms of his wife and lynched him in the nearest forest.

This writer really does not care about the fact that he was a child when Mumia Abu-Jamal gunned down a Philadelphia police officer in cold blood.  Excusing Adegbile’s actions since as “simply doing his job” for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund is akin to saying a lawyer was only doing his job trying to defend known, plainly guilty Nazi war criminals at Nuremburg.  “He was only doing his job” is hardly an excuse for his actions which went way beyond his duties as a lawyer.  Leading protests and marches indicates a certain belief that he believed Abu-Jamal was “innocent.”  The only thing the NAACP Legal Defense Fund won was the fact that jury instructions were flawed and the death sentence was negated (not that Pennsylvania is exactly a bastion of following through on the death penalty).   His innocence is not at issue here.  The man was plainly guilty.  Perhaps (a big “perhaps”) only the sentence was “flawed.”

Still, Adegbile threw himself into the cause of the “Free Mumia” ranks.  This is a conviction that has been upheld on at least four occasions by courts after the fact.  The evidence is incontrovertible.  Abu-Jamal is guilty as sin.  Furthermore, he is apparently unrepentant having told hospital personnel after the shooting, “I shot the motherf#$!*er.  I hope the motherf#$!*er dies.”  This is a person described by his character witnesses as a “genial, articulate” voice of the black community.

Regarding that Senate vote, one has to look at the Democrats who voted against the nomination.  Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania and Senator Chris Coons of Delaware are surely aware of the facts of this case.  Coons, you may remember, is the “proud bearded Marxist” from Delaware.  He hails from Wilmington, a stone’s throw from Philadelphia.  Casey, although not a bearded Marxist, is also familiar with the details of the Abu-Jamal case.  Both Senators voted against the nomination.  Liberals are decrying Democrats who voted against the nomination as “bowing to political pressure.”

If that were true, then extremely vulnerable Democrats up for reelection this year would have also voted against the nomination.  But, both Kay Hagan of North Carolina and Mary Landrieu voted for it.  Coons is hardly endangered in Delaware this year and Casey is not even up for election and both voted against it.  Liberals dislike the fact that two Democratic Senators most familiar with case because they hail from near the scene of the crime and are aware of FACTS voted against the nomination.

One also needs to understand why Obama insisted on pursuing this nomination knowing that it was in trouble and controversial.  Perhaps erroneously sensing that the Democratic majority would hold together especially in light of Harry Reid’s changing of the Senate rules regarding Executive Branch nominations, he went forward.  This placed vulnerable Democrats in the uncomfortable situation of voting for a man who worked to support a convicted cop-killer.  From the administration standpoint, this illustrates either political hubris or political naivete.  My guess is that it is the former.  Thus, Obama is left with a huge amount of political egg on his face.  And shame on those Democrats who voted for Adegbile’s nomination.

And this is only the current flash point in the on-going liberal mantra that the GOP is waging a war on civil rights.  To them, requiring ID to vote is a civil rights violation.  Yet, black armed thugs standing outside a polling place (ironically, in Philadelphia) is not a civil rights violation.  To hear the liberal community talk, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was gutted by John Roberts and the Supreme Court in the Shelby County case last term when, in fact, they only stated a truism: the formula used to determine covered jurisdictions was outdated and reflective of the South circa 1964, not 2014.  Update the formula and everything is fine.  Regarding that decision, they claim conservative GOP state leaders in North Carolina and Texas became emboldened and moved on restrictive voting rights laws, particularly those involving voter ID.  They leave out the fact that these laws were in the works before Shelby County was decided and even passed before that point in time.

And please do not insult anyone’s intelligence by saying that Adegbile was the best man for the job.  In a nation of over 300 million, this is the only qualified person to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division?  Obama picked a fight and he lost because the man he picked help defend an unrepentant cop killer plain and simple.  This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with morality.  No Democrat bowed to pressure; they used their heads and voted correctly.