The Disgraceful United Nations and the Catholic Church

A recent story received scant attention in much of the media unless you are a child and read Dailykos or some other liberal website or rag that likes to beat up on the Catholic Church. That story involved a report by a United Nations commission on child welfare- itself a “subsidiary of the the UN Commission on Human Rights- that was highly critical of the Vatican over its handling of the child sex abuse scandal that rocked the Church. If the UN had left it at that, it would have been one thing. However, they went further and more or less insinuated that the Church endorsed or encouraged such behavior by priests because of their doctrine. Specifically, they chided the Church not only about priestly pedophilia, but also their stance on childhood homosexuality and teen access to contraception.

The absolute hypocrisy of this report is without comparison. First, as concerns the United Nations itself, there have been numerous reports of the sexual abuse, exploitation and rape of children and teenagers by UN peacekeeping forces since just 2007 when it first came to light. Although these troops may be from a member country, once they don the little blue helmets with “UN” emblazoned on them, they fall under the auspices of the United Nations. There are examples of these gang rapes by UN peacekeepers from around the world including the videotaped gang rape of a Haitian teenager in 2010. For the United Nations itself to chastise anyone on sexual exploitation of minors is a little like Jeffrey Dahmer lecturing Ted Bundy on serial murders.

Second, the UN, like a lot of domestic liberal idiots, makes the erroneous correlation between pedophilia and Church doctrine. Does anyone truly believe that if the Catholic Church allowed priests to marry, openly endorsed homosexuality and gay marriage, suddenly found abortion to be just fine and dandy, and everyone should have free access to birth control- that is, negate 2,000 years of principled doctrine- there would not be pedophiles in the ranks of priests?

Third, the scandal in the Catholic Church is not that there were pedophile priests, but that the Church circled the wagons and tried to protect their image by essentially covering up the incidents by moving priests from Point A to Point B. Personally speaking, any priest found guilty of pedophilia should be prosecuted to the fullest and if Church leadership at the local, diocese level covered up reports, they too should be held accountable. But, the insinuation that this somehow came from the top- the Vatican or the Pope- is a huge stretch of logic and facts.

Fourth, many of the signatories to the treaty under which this report was commissioned have crimes against children sometimes as or more heinous than those of which the Catholic Church is accused. For example, Iran leads the world in the execution of minors. Under Assad, Syria has targeted children also. North Korean children are now subjected to near starvation and stunted growth because of their “doctrines.” Numerous young girls in Africa are subjected to genital mutilation daily, yet the UN is silent. In the Muslim world, young girls are sold into sex slavery. There was the case out of Yemen where a young 13-year-old bride died from injuries she suffered at the hands of her 40-year-old husband on her wedding night. In India, the gang rape of girls seems to be an accepted fad. Yet, it is the Catholic Church that is singled out because their doctrines do not conform to the politically correct views of the United Nations.

It is one thing that we have a president who seems as if he wants to cede some sovereignty to the United Nations. But, when that same international organization seems to want a religion to cede their moral principles to some concept of liberal political correctness, they have clearly gone over the line. The United States should dare the UN to be as critical of Islamic practices that affect children as they were against the Catholic Church and the Vatican. The Catholic Church is an easier target for the UN because they do not have to fear a fatwa being issued.