Top Liberal Spews of 2013- Part 10

There have been a lot of bigwig liberals on this list, so it may come as a surprise that I make “comedian” Bill Maher #2 on that list. Maher passes himself off as a comedian and I am sure that one at time he was quite funny. I’ve seen old footage of his act and he did make me laugh. I have also seen more recent footage of his stand up act and the television gets turned off at a certain point. The problem is that Maher hides behind his comedy so that when he says those really distasteful things, he can always say, “I was kidding; it was a joke.” But if it was a joke, it usually was not a funny joke. I’m sure Maher fancies himself a modern-day Lenny Bruce but the only thing they share in common is that they are really not that funny. In fact, they are both downright boring after a while.

Thus far this year, he has described Dr. Ben Carson as a “drooling idiot.” This is coming from a moron who gets himself into a lather whenever the subject of religion comes up. Maher could only hope to have an iota of the intelligence of Carson. How he can compare an esteemed pediatric neurosurgeon at a prestigious hospital to a “drooling idiot” takes a lot of nerve. But remember, it is all in the name of comedy. He has trashed the GOP, but the one news item that really seemed to upset Maher was the special election victory of Mark Sanford in South Carolina where, somehow using only Maher logic, that victory equates with abortion. Mind you that Maher was suspiciously quiet about Anthony Weiner and his propensity to send text messages of a sexual nature. He was also quiet about Mayor Grope out in San Diego, another Democrat. Like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, he seems blinded by the bizarre sexual antics of Democrats. At least Sanford screwed around in the real, not cyber world. Perhaps Mr. Maher and Ms. Wasserman-Schultz see eye-to-eye…literally. But then again, that couldn’t be true- DWS is the wrong skin color for Maher.

All of this leads to his incessant preoccupation with and criticism of the Republican Party. For example, in knee jerk liberal style, Rand Paul’s filibuster against drone strikes took a backseat to the Wendy Davis filibuster in Texas because, to the liberal, the government spying on or killing US citizens is somehow less important than the passage of a state abortion law. But then again, conservatives are “knuckle draggers” in the words of Bill Maher to the laughs of his stock, liberal, California audiences. America started going downhill with the election of Ronald Reagan. Somehow, Maher seems to believe that another four years of Jimmy Carter would have ushered in the epochal era of Utopia. And forget about George W. Bush- Maher compared him to Cleveland serial rapist and kidnapper Ariel Castro. That was a new low even for Bill Maher.

He is an admitted gun owner, but “not proud of it.” He keeps guns for self defense. Well, so do a lot of other people, but that doesn’t stop Maher from endorsing gun control laws that would keep guns out of the hands of others to use them for self-defense. Admittedly, not every gun owner is a member of or agrees totally with the NRA. But to describe the NRA as standing for “Nuts, racists and assholes” is a little harsh because I venture there are very few nuts in the NRA, very few racists, and even fewer assholes.

This writer is not even going to get into his comments on religion. Obviously, there is something in his childhood that created that psychological fixation on the subject. Far be it from me to psychoanalyze Bill Maher over his religious upbringing, except to say this. Maher was raised by his parents in the Catholic faith. He claims he later found out that his mother was Jewish. However, when he was 13, his father ceased raising him as a Catholic because he disagreed with the Church’s views on birth control. My question is this: why didn’t the elder Mr. Maher have this epiphany over birth control some 14 years previous? If he and Mrs. Maher had been practicing birth control, there would have been no Bill Maher. One of those quirks of history.

And finally at #1, the liberal that keeps on ticking and delivering utterly stupid comments, a man who gives new meaning to the phrase “man crush,” a man who literally gets tingles up his leg when he hears Barack Obama speak and then says so on television and then reiterates that fact four years later- the one, the only Chris Matthews! Actually, the way he bemoaned the sentencing of Bradley Manning, I’m not sure if he has a crush on him or Obama now.

Matthews is not averse to bombastic comments and he did not let us down over the past year. For example, any opposition to Obama can be traced directly to the fact that the South lost the Civil War. He said that unlike today’s racists, the racist of yesteryear were more honest. If we subscribe to the Sharpton Theorem that all whites are racist, but we just don’t know it, then Matthews may have a point. Then again, the Sharpton Theorem is the epitome of “ingence.” Isn’t it strange how liberals claim to aspire to a color blind society then do everything to make it BUT a color blind society? He even claimed that 10-20% of Obama’s opponents support some form of white rule. So, if we oppose Obama or his policies, we are still fighting the Civil War and its aftermath, are liars, and have a lot in common with groups like the Skinheads and the Aryan Nation… except chances are we just don’t realize it.

It is funny (actually, funnier than a Bill Maher monologue) that Matthews can call people like Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz terrorists and traitors one day and then, in anticipation of the horrors of the budget sequester, claim that females will die if they do not get access to government clinics on the one hand, and then claim that Republican zealotry trumps their loyalty to the country. In the bizarre world of Chris Matthews, we are all supposed to just follow like little sheep behind our “great leader” and roll over. Seems that did not work out too well in Germany and Italy in the middle of the 20th century.

However, the funniest episode was in the wake of the Zimmerman trial verdict, when he went on television and apologized to all blacks on behalf of all whites for that verdict. First, obviously Matthews, by virtue of his skin color, is not a spokesman for all whites. Secondly, he said this on MSNBC so it is doubtful that many people even got the message. Third, the jury in Florida got the verdict right so there was no apology needed. Matthews sees himself as something bigger than what he really is- a pitiful little man on a pitiful, seldom watched “news” station. He may be the highest rated talking head on that station, but what does that mean? A little bit more than nothing is still very little.

Hopefully, as we enter a new year, Chris Matthews will take his most recent copy of “Barack,” lock himself in a bathroom with some hand lotion, and tingle away as he peruses the pictures of his hero. The scary part of this is that he gets to moderate presidential debates and interview presidents with softball questions. Obviously, the questions were pitched underhanded, something Obama is familiar with. Something tells me Matthews will be back on this list next year- he is the liberal that just keeps on giving…sort of the Energizer bunny of liberalism.

So there are my top 20 obnoxious liberals of 2013. To recap:
#20- Oprah Winfrey- media mogul
#19- Andrea Mitchell- NBC correspondent and host of “The Andrea Mitchell Report” on MSNBC
#18- Melissa Harris-Perry- MSNBC contributor and professor at Tulane University
#17- Al Sharpton- civil rights activist and host of “Politics Nation” on MSNBC
#16- Chris Hayes- host of “All In With Chris Hayes” on MSNBC
#15- George Soros- liberal cause financier, founder of MoveOn.Org
#14- Toure Neblett- co-host of “The Cycle” on MSNBC
#13- Krystal Ball- former congressional candidate in Virginia and co-host of “The Cycle” on MSNBC
#12- John Kerry- former Senator from Massachusetts and current Secretary of State
#11- Jessica Valenti- feminist and blogger, frequent contributor to liberal publications
#10- Piers Morgan- host of “Piers Morgan Live” on CNN
#9- Martin Bashir- formerly host of “Martin Bashir” on MSNBC
#8- Paul Krugman- columnist for New York Times and economics professor at Princeton University
#7- Michael Bloomberg- former mayor of New York City
#6- Joy Reid- MSNBC contributor and columnist for the Miami Herald
#5- Wendy Davis- state senator from Texas and Democratic candidate for Texas Governor in 2014
#4- Eric Holder- current Attorney General of the United States
#3- Debbie Wasserman-Schultz- current congresswoman from Florida and head of the DNC
#2- Bill Maher- “comedian” and host of “Real Time” on HBO
#1- Chris Matthews- host of “Hard Ball” on MSNBC and NBC political contributor

Wishing all readers a very, very happy New Year and looking forward to timely and lively articles and debates in the coming year.