Top Liberal Spews of 2013- Part 9

Eric Holder rates high on this list because not only is he a liberal spew, he is a dangerous one. In fact, he is more dangerous than Chuck Hagel, John Kerry or Kathleen Sebelius. That comes by virtue of his office- Attorney General, the nation’s top law enforcement officer. Unfortunately, not to mince words, he is also the biggest scum bucket, power grabbing Attorney General in US history. Some predict that Donald Rumsfeld will go down as the worse Secretary of Defense in history. Rumsfeld has nothing on Holder. During the Bush administration, Attorney General John Ashcroft was vilified for doing less wrong with greater legal reasoning than Holder, yet Holder gets off the hook scott free every time. For crying out loud- he even perjured himself before Congress and nothing happened because the only thing that saved him was Obama’s Nixonian assertion of executive privilege.

Regarding the tapping of a phone of a reporter for Fox News, Holder claimed to be unaware. When the warrant surfaced with his signature on it, he explained it away and even asserted he did not know how many such warrants he signed on his tenure. I have a suggestion: if anyone needs someone to co-sign on a loan, just slip the papers under Eric Holder’s nose one unsuspecting day and you’re set. Either he is the biggest liar to ever occupy that office, or he is the most inept and unaware person to do so. Either scenario is both scary and dangerous.

Besides Obama running interference for him, the only thing that saves Holder is his skin color. Where is all the liberal outrage over his many abuses of power? It took a Republican senator from Kentucky to mount a 22-hour filibuster just to get an answer from this guy. Yet, he gets a pass each and every time out. If ever there was a reason to impeach someone, Holder is the poster boy.

Despite what one thinks about drones and the targeting of US citizens, Congress deserves at least an explanation from the Justice Department if nothing else. Personally, if you are a US citizen engaging in terrorist activity against this country and operating in Yemen or elsewhere, you are fair game. If that is Holder’s view or the view of the administration and there is legal justification for this line of thinking (I believe there is), then state it and move on.

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Section 4 formula under the Voting Rights Act, the ink was not even dry on the decision before he announced to a black audience that he was going to fight a Texas voter ID law regardless. Can one imagine what would happen if Eisenhower had simply ignored the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown vs. Board of Education? Interestingly, in the 2013 election cycle, Texas showed increased minority turnout compared to an similar year (2009) with the ID law in effect. This FACT negates the arguments of the Justice Department that the law serves to suppress the votes of minorities, especially Hispanics.

When Louisiana moved to institute a modest pilot school voucher program aimed at low income, primarily minority students, Holder sought and received an injunction against the law claiming it would undo years of school desegregation. In Holder’s view, the law was a backdoor attempt to re-segregate Louisiana public schools and was racist. What can be more racist than denying a low income black student the ability to attend a private school instead of a failing public school when affluent whites almost deem private education a birthright? Incidentally, school choice is a means to garner some minority voters. Liberals, and especially black liberals, actually fear successful, educated blacks for fear their success will lead to conservative ideals like hard work and actual color-blindness. Instead, they would rather they remain ignorant and on the educational plantation.

Holder’s Justice Department has sought prosecution against at least six legitimate government whistle-blowers, and I am not talking about a-holes like Snowden who Holder could not even apprehend. His selective enforcement of the laws is notorious and he acts as if there is no Tenth Amendment. At best, it is selective. Take, for example, his lack of enforcement of the Defense of Marriage Act when states basically ignored it, but conversely how he deals with medical marijuana laws at the state level. When medical marijuana was approved in New Jersey and Christie tried to implement it, it took no less than three letters to Holder to determine if federal agents would swoop in. I am still not sure Christie got a satisfactory answer and explanation. His proposed gun control efforts were exposed as nothing more than a grand gun-grabbing scheme that was thankfully thwarted.

Then there is the whole federal intervention into a totally local incident- the shooting of St. Skittles in Florida. It was Holder’s intervention that created that whole circus that proved costly to the state of Florida in an obviously losing cause. Even after the verdict, he was critical of the outcome. That case was hardly worthy of federal intervention, but Holder just could not help himself. And this is the same guy who has asserted that atheism is a religion turning the definition of both atheism and religion on their heads.

In the case of gun control, thankfully Congress intervened and cooler heads prevailed. Now, they have to finish the job and get rid of Holder.

I am very tempted to put Ed Schultz here at #3, but I have a soft spot in my heart for him, much like I have a soft spot in my heart for children with Down’s Syndrome. Except poor Ed just cannot seem to get the square shaped peg in the square cut-out. Instead, I’ll go with another Schultz, as in Debbie Wasserman-Schultz at #3.

I understand that as head of the DNC, you have to defend your standard-bearer, in this case Obama. But in the case of DWS, it goes way overboard, like a school girl crush on the man. I have taken to following her on Facebook just to see what nonsense she spouts. Given the fact her mug is on the news every week, I may be a glutton for punishment, or a candidate for suicide.

During the sequester, which did not bring about the Apocalypse most Democrats and liberals predicted, except for DWS who actually asserted that her staffers were starving. Regarding the senatorial race in Georgia among the crowded Republican field, she described it as a “beauty pageant of extremism.” She was very vocal about the political resurrection of Mark Sanford in South Carolina. In fact, she has an opinion on practically every election outside Florida.

But, she was strangely silent when a Democratic mayor and ex-congressman that she served with was groping and feeling up practically anyone with breasts in San Diego. She was equally silent when another compatriot ex-congressman was still sending lewd text messages and photos in New York City. Maybe she was more vocal because she now has to share the halls of Congress with Sanford, but she should fear nothing. In any case, at least with Sanford you’d get a trip to Argentina or a nice walk on the Appalachian Trail. With Davis, you’d get your breasts fondled and with Weiner, you’d get a partially naked text message selfie.

There are so many other things that land her here. For example, when Obama was making a fool of himself over Syria, she claimed that there were dozens of countries on our side although she couldn’t name one. Even Bush knew that when in doubt, just say “Moldova.” Nobody will ever fact-check that. Hell, most fact checkers probably cannot even locate it on a map. When Democratic legislators were getting recalled in Colorado over gun control measures, it was because of Republican voter suppression, the old liberal standby excuse for any electoral loss.

She is especially critical of the Tea Party describing the GOP as “slavishly bowing at the altar of the Tea Party.” There is that slavery reference again. She even asserted that the Tea Party, through their opposition to Obamacare, are holding cancer patients hostage and keeping them away from needed medical care. And she has drank from the same explanatory waters as Barack Obama and Jay Carney and nuanced away Obama’s categorical “You can keep your insurance…period” line.

If DWS could get her head out of the clouds and/or her ass and cease the Obama worship, there may be hope. But then again, anyone that makes your toenails curl just looking at her or hearing that voice is beyond redemption. DWS should just retire to south Florida and spend her time drinking mojitos and lounging on the beach. That would be a more productive use for her life. My guess is she fears she will end up looking that old lady observed through binoculars in that classic movie, “There’s Something About Mary.”