Top Liberal Spews of 2013- Part 8

You may ask yourself, who the hell is Joy Reid and it would be a legitimate question. She is a columnist for the Miami Herald who passes herself off as a journalist, and a frequent commentator on my favorite liberal punching bag, MSNBC. Like anyone on that station, she is an apologist and booster of everything Obama. Screw up in Syria? Not Obama’s fault; it is George Bush’s fault. Screw up the roll out of Obamacare? Not his fault; it was just a computer glitch and Republicans are sabotaging it. A dysfunctional Congress? It is those obstructionist Republicans and that damn Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. Black thug gets killed in Florida? Its the fault of a violent white gun culture that racially profiles young, pot smoking, trash talking, Skittles eating, hoodie wearing blacks.

Like the other dopes at MSNBC, she sees race in everything. Also like the others, she turns a blind eye to the daily black-on-black violence that occurs throughout this country. But, she would rather campaign against a single act of self-defense in Florida, a fact jurors decided, not the white media. Yet, we hear no words from Joy Reid about the senseless violence in Chicago, or we hear the excuse, “Its gang violence.” No- it is black gang violence.

Reid was all aflutter when a rodeo clown wore an Obama mask at a state fair in Missouri. But I distinctly remember many a person wearing a Bush mask and doing more offensive things with it than trying to goad a bull away from its fallen rider. What is disturbing is Reid’s on air assumption that opposition to Barack Obama is predicated on his appearance, namely his skin color. I cannot speak for all conservatives, but it is not his skin color that leads to my opposition; it is the size of his unusually large ears. Oh…and his policies suck.

The media served up a healthy, heaping serving of controversy this year with the Zimmerman trial so there was plenty of fodder for racial commentary. Reid was “aghast” when a jury found him innocent although anyone with an iota of brain matter realized this from the start. It was the race-baiters like Eric Holder and Al Sharpton who forced the state of Florida into an unnecessary and costly trial. And people like Reid just goaded it on. Yet when black thugs kill a white Australian college student who happened to be jogging in the wrong place at the wrong time, nothing but the chirping of crickets. However, Reid did weigh in and said the “controversy” was merely an attempt to draw attention away from the “travesty of justice in Florida.”

Her commentary doesn’t stop there. The recently enacted Texas abortion law was compared to Islamic Sharia law by Joy Reid. Yep- those crazy Texans are coming after those seeking abortions in the Lone Star State. Next will be the official enactment of the Code of Hammurabai. Benghazi was not a scandal, but just another vehicle being used by the Republican Party to harass a poor, in-over-his-head Barack Obama. She even went on to say that Republican opposition to Obamacare would likely end up in the unnecessary deaths of many Americans and, by insinuation, conservatives opposing Obamacare would have these deaths on their hands.

I understand that the ratings of MSNBC are in the toilet and well on their way to the waste treatment plant. And this, methinks, is the main reason they have so many people to say so many silly things. It is just to generate controversy and hopefully boost ratings. What they do not realize is that the American public has more intelligence than the programmers at MSNBC.

At #5 is Wendy Davis of Texas. But first, something needs to be cleared up. Davis has been referred to as the abortion Barbie which liberals find offensive. However, it was a liberal magazine that first described her “barbie good looks,” although this writer fails to see it. Second, it was her grandstanding filibuster over the Texas abortion law that thrust her into the limelight. Putting the two together, you can only come up with “Abortion Barbie.”

The fact is that Wendy Davis is a one-trick pony and that was her filibuster. She had her 15 minutes of fame (or 22 hours), but like most filibusters, it failed. She then became a de facto hero to liberals and feminists. This all went to her head and she is now running for Texas governor in 2014.

Therefore, it is important to put Wendy Davis into perspective. In the wake of that filibuster, she was elevated to sainthood status by liberals from around the country. One could not turn on a television news program and not see or hear about Wendy Davis. She then began receiving donations to run for governor. However, almost 70% of those donations do NOT come from Texans, but from places like New York, California and Connecticut- all liberal strongholds. In fact, the Rio Grande valley region which is rich in Hispanic voters have contributed exactly $700 to date. One former Democratic strategist in that region noted that her strong pro-choice views do not jive with the more conservative Latino voters in that area. Wendy Davis will need those voters in order to have a chance in 2014.

People also forget about her melodrama over losing a municipal election in 1996. Then, her hometown newspaper wrote an editorial denouncing her negative campaign tactics. She eventually lost. Undeterred, she then sued that newspaper and its parent company for inflicting mental anguish. Here is a woman being held up as a bulwark against right wing zealots going all squishy over an editorial. The lower courts threw out the case on summary judgment as did the Texas supreme court. Incidentally, that parent company was Disney. So the next time anyone thinks Wendy Davis is a “hero,” just remember she once sued the people who gave us Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

But, there is one thing even worse and that is her hypocrisy. Wendy Davis said that politicians should not use the issue of abortion to advance their political careers. Really? And where exactly was Wendy Davis on the political radar before the Texas abortion law filibuster? I’ll tell you- just another state senator in Texas representing the 10th senatorial district. The best thing that ever happened to Wendy Davis was the abortion law. She owes Rick Perry a world of gratitude.