Top Liberal Spews of 2013- Part 6

Hoping everyone had a very merry Christmas. Getting back to the subject at hand:

You just knew this clown had to make the list and here he is- Piers Morgan at #10. What irks me are these smarmy Brits who come to the United States and criticize this country because they don’t understand our laws, our culture, or our politics. There is a very good reason for that: they are friggin British! For example, Morgan does not seem to understand how our Congress works. Many, many years ago, our Founders rejected a parliamentary form of government for a reason- they saw the pitfalls of that form based on their views of Britain.

With Morgan, his big cause is gun control because Britain has some of the most onerous gun laws. Good for them. We’re glad it works out for you. But, just because you have these laws does not make you better or more advanced than the United States which is how Morgan often acts. But Morgan leaves out a few important facts. First, those guns helped secure our independence from Britain in the 18th century. Second, those guns helped save Britain twice in the 20th century. Third, those guns helped the United States surpass Britain economically, politically, and militarily on the world stage.

What Morgan, like most gun control advocates, fail to understand is that regardless of the presence of a firearm, homicides will occur. Yes, gun violence is more prevalent in the United States compared to Britain. But, people having their heads and hands chopped off by a machete in broad daylight is more prevalent in Britain than in the US. They often leave out the fact that firearms likely save more lives than they take. Only the high profile granny blowing a shotgun blast through her front door to chase away the unwanted intruder makes the news. The fact is there are no good statistics on this subject because those who actually use a gun in self defense do not go walking around advertising that fact.

But Morgan and others usually dismiss these facts because they simply cannot wrap their small brains around the possibility of using a gun in self defense. Like all other gun control advocates, he uses every high profile shooting to push his agenda. He believes that if we cannot just ban guns then we should tax ammunition to the point of $5,000 per box of bullets. He has even suggested that the Second Amendment be done away with because it is a relic of our revolutionary past. Well, so is the prohibition on the Quartering of Soldiers so I guess we should do away with that also. And while we are at it, how about doing away with taxation with representation (we actually may have already done that). And the solution, to Morgan, is to replace the Second Amendment with one calling for gun-free violence. Why stop there? Why not violence with a butcher knife, or a baseball bat, or a tire iron, or one’s fist? Then we can all join hands and sing a rousing chorus of “Kum-bay-a.”

From Sandy Hook Elementary School to the Zimmerman trial to the DC Naval Yard shooting, Morgan has led the chorus for “real gun control.” “Real” to them entails no guns. In a country like the United States which is decidedly more ethnically and geographically diverse than Great Britain, it becomes readily apparent that Americans have a greater love for freedom than Brits like Morgan.

Lest we forget, Morgan made a celebrity of that overweight, ebonic-speaking high school “student” during the Zimmerman trial. That right there should be grounds for deportation. And social media tools in the hands of people like Morgan are dangerous instruments. For example, he tweeted something to effect of “shooting” NRA members. How can we even contemplate that in Morganworld where no one has a gun?

And speaking of deportation, one cannot miss this irony: More Americans signed a petition to have Piers Morgan deported than the number of Americans who signed up for Obamacare.

Speaking of smarmy Brits, at #9 is the infinitely obnoxious Martin Bashir. Unlike Morgan, Bashir does not even try to hide his disdain for anything conservative, Republican, or especially Tea Party. He is an Obama lap dog of the lowest form.

For a man whose claim to British journalistic fame was chasing around after Princess Diana, he has sure developed a lot to say about American politics. But, his rants are not even original and appear phoned in daily from the White House. Nowhere is this more evident than in his many rants about climate change. To those of us who have not taken part of the Al Gore Kool-Aid, we are nothing but knuckle-dragging Neanderthals who cannot see beyond our utility bills and gasoline tanks. He dismisses any evidence to the contrary because some “expert” UN panel has declared THE TRUTH. If a UN panel decreed that Pakistani-British journalists working in the United States are scum, would he also agree?

He uses vivid imagery at times to make his point but he comes off looking like an immature kindergarten student who embellishes everything. He has compared the GOP to drunkards and chain smokers. He described Fox News as an “absolute sewer of crap.” This is probably because Fox News beats out his show each and every day. Of course, all of Obama’s failures are not any fault of Obama. He obviously has a man crush on Barack.

And for a supposedly sophisticated Brit, he has a preoccupation with bodily excretory functions. There was that aforementioned reference to Fox News. Then there was the comments he made about Sarah Palin that need not be rehashed here. No matter what anyone thinks of Sarah Palin (or anyone else), that commentary went way, way over the line. As expected the liberal apologists came out of the woodwork in his defense and tried to nuance the argument. One could imagine the liberal outrage if a Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity made a similar comment against a liberal icon. At one time, the word Chappaquidick was the new “C” word. “Nappy headed hoes” got Don Imus kicked off the air (I actually never liked him anyway), but Bashir almost got a pass. Even then MSNBC gave him a paid leave of absence followed by his voluntary resignation and a nice letter sending him off.

Since Martin Bashir has this preoccupation with excretory functions, all he has to do is listen to himself given the amount of sewerage that came from his mouth daily. Better yet, just look in the mirror. Putting it in words he would likely understand, Martin Bashir is simply a piece of human feces.