Top Liberal Spews of 2013- Part 5

At number 12 in the countdown is that lovable butler from the old Addams Family sit-com, Lurch- also known as Secretary of State John Kerry. This is a man who on at least three occasions in 2013 said that global warming was the number one threat to our national security. So if I get this right, Syria’s chemical arsenal, a nuclear Iran and North Korea, an increasingly militaristic China and Russia, allies flocking away from the United States in droves, Middle East peace, Horn of Africa pirates, the ongoing nuclear standoff between India and Pakistan, an Arab Spring gone terribly awry for the United States and last, but not least, terrorism all take a back seat to global warming. None of these other things are as bad simply because John Jerry drank the Al Gore Kool-Aid.

Then there was the biggest scandal to hit the State Department in years- the tragedy in Benghazi. Despite Hillary’s shrill, orchestrated “What difference does it make” rant on Capitol Hill, Kerry’s State Department has cleared the State Department of any culpability. That is like the CIA, after a thorough review, declaring the Bay of Pigs a smashing success for the CIA. That is like the IRS, after a thorough review, declaring the IRS did nothing wrong in targeting Tea Part groups. That is like Eric Holder saying that after a thorough review, Fast and Furious was a fantastic Justice Department enterprise. You get the picture.

Only in the bizarre mind of John Kerry can he make a proclamation that, in the midst of the Syrian crisis this past year, Obama showed great courage and bravery… for doing nothing. But when you win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing, these things are bound to happen. In fact, Obama and Kerry made themselves look silly and stupid with their “red lines.” Unfortunately, they also dragged down the good name of the United States of America in the process. Perhaps, that is the Obama foreign policy all along in which case they have the perfect spokesman in Kerry. After all, Kerry is quite adept at doing something before actually doing nothing.

During the hearings over Syria, Kerry lent verbal support to the nutcases from Code Pink sitting in the gallery behind him. Remember, these are the same folks who dressed like vaginas (why?) during the Democratic National Convention in 2012. In Kerry’s case, I guess his acknowledgement of them was because he had nothing of significance to throw in the local river. Most interesting, after those hearings Kerry had the balls to suggest that Obama was not an imperial president. Let’s see- saying you can commit the US military and resources to intervene in a foreign civil war without congressional approval is, in John Kerry’s mind, not an imperial presidency. During that whole escapade, John Kerry’s gaffes made us all forget Joe Biden.

It is a strange world indeed when the likes of John Kerry can occupy the office of secretary of State. It clearly sullies the office and demeans the memory of truly great Secretaries of State.

There are feminists and then there are FEMINISTS, Beyond that, there is blogger and frequent contributor to Slate and the Nation, Jessica Valenti who comes in at #11. Here is a woman who personifies all that is wrong with feminism today. To the modern feminist, everything seems to revolve around a person’s position on abortion. If they are a pro-life woman, they are some type of sub-female and programmed automatons of a patriarchal society. This is a woman who would likely give you a lecture on being polite and holding a door for her.

In many articles, Valenti has made the claim that abortion is a fundamental right in all circumstances and that it should be free. Unless I have misread the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, she is mistaken. Perhaps it is in the Magna Carta.

The problem is that these people tend to go all squishy and then get insulted when there is push back against their rants and comments they make. After months and months and countless blogs about abortion, rape culture and a patriarchal society, someone apparently argued back. It is at this point that these self-described feminists cannot take the heat from the fire they created. I do not know about nor do I care about Ms. Valenti’s sexual proclivities and I happen to agree that calling these people a “whore” does not advance the conversation. In fact, she may have gotten it partially correct when she responded: “Being called a ‘slut’ as a young person is part of the reason I became an activist. So keep it up a#$holes: every time you call a girl a whore, another feminist gets her wings.” Which begs the question: How many sets of wings does a prostitute have?

Under a picture of two young college girls who were obviously inebriated, Valenti ran this caption: “Fun-loving girls don’t ask to be raped!” Well, of course they don’t. But in the mind of Valenti, the only solution to overcoming temptations against drunk college girls flashing their breasts is nothing short of castration. I certainly do not condone rape, even date rape and “no” means “no.” Except when “no” is not stated or inferred. It does not become rape because the hangover wore off.

Not limiting herself to feminism, she argued that certain Halloween costumes of any ethnic nature should be banned because they are offensive. One supposes that means an Indian head dress or a sombrero and poncho. But why stop there? Doesn’t a cat outfit offend felines? Doesn’t a witch costume offend the practitioners of Wicca? And unless you are a gay male, wouldn’t Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz offend young women from Kansas?

People like Valenti give feminism a bad name these days by concentrating on the trivial. Equal rights does not mean a woman has to talk like a truck driver (no offense to truck drivers intended) any more than all feminists must necessarily be pro-choice. Certainly, we can all agree there are very real biological differences between the sexes. Acting as if there isn’t does not advance equal rights for women. It simply illustrates their stupidity. This self-proclaimed feminist evangelist needs to find a rock, lift it (or have the nearest male help her lift the rock), climb under it, and stay there.

SPECIAL NOTE: In the spirit of Christmas, this series will resume on Friday, December 27th.