Top Liberal Spews of 2013- Part 4

Numbers 14 and 13 are appropriately listed together since they co-host the same MSNBC drivel- “The Cycle.” I am, of course, talking about that “something” called a Toure, and Krystal Ball. They are actually interchangeable on this list, but I am putting Ball slightly higher on the list. I put Toure- actual name Toure Neblett- a little lower only because he does a great bobble head doll figure imitation in agreement in the background whenever some liberal speaks.

I have written about Toure in the past. He is a hypocritical liberal of the worst kind. He tries to pass himself off as the quintessential typical black personality when his biography is anything but typical. The fact is that Toure is more “white” than he is “black.” He hails from an upscale Boston suburb and attended the same private school that also graduated governors, judges, and other officials. He discovered his “blackness” while attending Emory University, another almost all-white institution. There, he manufactured a campus racial controversy to give his budding journalistic career (and rogue newspaper) a boost.

That career led to a writing stint at Rolling Stone magazine and then MTV. Both these outlets have one thing in common- both have very little to do with music these days. And just as Rolling Stone is barely read now, MTV’s ratings are also in the toilet. He became a de facto black insider voice on everything hip hop and rap. Too bad he didn’t just stop there.

Toure proves that graduating from an exclusive private school, a fine university and some stints at Rolling Stone and MTV do not a great journalist make. Therefore, he qualifies not only as a liberal spew, but a stupid, lying, hypocritical one also. As far as being a liar, despite his many quotes to the contrary, he insists he is not a 9/11 conspiracy theorist (a/k/a, a truther). He can nuance the statements all he wants, but in the immortal words of Joyce Kilmer, “A truther is a truther is a truther.” Hypocrite? Toure was all indignant over Paula Dean’s use of the “N” word eons ago when he himself used the word to describe the Romney campaign in 2012. As far as his stupidity, I was surprised to learn that an institution outlawed over a century ago- slavery- is the cause of the high unemployment rate among blacks today. Perhaps he was speaking in metaphorical terms, but I somehow doubt Toure even knows what a metaphor is. And then there was this gem of a statement: Republican gerrymandering directly impacts the outcome of Senate races. I rest my case.

Toure’s co-host on “The Cycle,” Krystal Ball, comes in at number 13. As an aside, for a good laugh, everyone should treat themselves to a viewing of “The Cycle” at least once in their lifetime. Ms. Ball may look sweet and talk sweet, but she is anything but sweet. In 2010, she actually ran for a congressional seat in Virginia. The campaign never really gained traction especially after those pictures of her wearing a dildo on her head surfaced. Just listening to Ball reminds one of those late night male sexual enhancement commercials with Ron Jeremy and the resident “sex expert” who is really a retired porn star. She has that same voice. Actually, those commercials- indeed, any porn- has more entertainment value than “The Cycle.”

But, it isn’t her voice that grates; it is her views. Like any good liberal who likes to “lean forward,” Ball’s political beliefs are phoned in from the Jay Carney talking points memo of the day. This suffices for her in-depth political analysis. During the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision this past June, like any good liberal, she used her newborn child as a prop to advance a pro-gay agenda. Memo to Ball: conservatives do not hate the children of gay parents, nor do they hate gay children. Now, their lifestyle may be a different story, but I digress.

There are the usual lines about the “absolute certainty” that humans are causing global warming and we are running out of time to do anything about it. Perhaps Ball sounds as she does because mentally she has not progressed beyond the seventh grade. Republicans are trying to return the entire country back to the days of Jim Crow. Incidentally, just who was this Jim Crow? And because Republicans oppose Obamacare, they are causing the needless deaths of thousands of young people. She even trots out the stale, old comparisons of Obama’s weaknesses to George Bush.

Ms. Ball should seriously consider a career change. The film industry in the San Fernando Valley of California probably has a casting call as we speak. Hell, she doesn’t even have to change her name. And any porn she makes would be more entertaining than these two knuckleheads and certainly more cerebral.