Top Liberal Spews of 2013- Part 2

As promised, MSNBC has several on this list and one clearly deserving is Melissa Harris-Perry. I really do not trust liberals with hyphenated last names. There are so many things that land her on this list not the least of which is her constant race-baiting and seeing that great racial bogeyman in anything the GOP, conservatives in general, or the Tea Party in particular says or does. To Perry and her ilk, the English language is nothing more than a minefield of racial code words that must be traversed every day.

Being a black woman, she supposedly speaks for two minorities, although I do not think that, demographically-speaking, women qualify as a minority. But, that does not stop Perry from grabbing the flag of black feminism and running with it. To Perry, being black in America is bad enough, but to be a black woman in America is doubly bad.

I realize that sometimes you have to say something controversial in order to get your face on television and if it is really stupid and liberal, you get your own show on MSNBC. As an indication of where she is coming from, this past semester she taught a course at Tulane University called “Hip Hop and Feminism.” She is also author of a book called “Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes and Black Women in America.” Well, raise that fist in a salute to black power and burn that bra, sista.

It is funny how blacks seem to think that they and they alone have a monopoly on the use of the word “slavery,” or using that term to describe anything. For example, to Perry it is totally unacceptable for a white hockey mom from Alaska to compare Obamacare to slavery but perfectly fine for Perry to equate a Supreme Court decision on voting rights as returning the country to the antebellum or Reconstruction South.

Her academic musings have taken her into some strange territory and when that happens, it leads to some even weirder theories. For example, she believes the entire pro-life movement is racially motivated. Obviously ignorant of history, she should be reminded that when Planned Parenthood was founded, it was originally a vehicle to put the best racial eugenics into practice. She need only look at where Planned Parenthood clinics abound- minority dominated areas. In her worldview, pro-life equals conservative which equals racism.

Where she really goes off the rail is in her musings about Obamacare and the contraceptive coverage mandate. To Perry, Obamacare was designed to help the working poor which to her is only blacks which is a racist assumption on her part. Instead, she claimed that the GOP opposes this coverage because they want to deny black women the joy of sex. And yes, she actually said that. In the real world, conservatives of all colors really do not care about the orgasm of a black woman; they care about having to pay for the offspring that results from that sex, or their decision to use or not use contraception. One would think a professor at Tulane would think before speaking.

However, apparently in solidarity with Wendy Davis, Perry decided to make a statement: she wore tampon earrings on television. What tampons have to do with a Texas abortion law was never explained and thankfully never became a fad although I believe my selection for the cutest little boy on television- Rachel Maddow- wore them also. In the end, does it even really matter?

Which brings me to #17 on the hit parade- Al Sharpton, the ultimate race-baiter extraordinaire. It is obvious that Sharpton and Al Roker attended the same weight loss seminar except Sharpton’s hair looks like that dude with hair blown back in those old Maxell tape commercials and his suits look like something left over from David Byrne of the Talking Heads. Roker’s command of the English language is also better. He can actually correctly pronounce the word “ignorant” as opposed to Sharpton’s “ignent.”

But it is not his looks that lands him here. It is his ability- like so many other liberals- to see race as a motivation behind everything. Unlike other liberals, Sharpton has an ulterior, sinister motive. Even more disturbing is his belief that the means justifies the ends. In the world of Al Sharpton and his racist “civil rights advocates,” it does not matter if one cheats and lies as long as there is some concession at the end of the Rainbow Coalition.

There are many instances where Sharpton’s face and comments were in the news causing controversy because he thrives on it. Of course, the Zimmerman trial brought him to the forefront as he injected himself into that whole mess almost from the start. It became so ridiculous that we apparently have a new demographic group- the Caucasian Hispanic.

The fact is that the Al Sharptons of the world can only exist as long as African-Americans believe themselves to still be a victimized race. No doubt, racism still exists, but whites have no monopoly on being racist and Sharpton proves that point every day. Sharpton has even claimed that battered women and blacks have a lot in common and “Doctor” Sharpton has created a new psychological disorder- battered black syndrome. When the Supreme Court struck down the antiquated formula used in the Voting Rights Act because this is, after all, 2013 not 1964, Sharpton equated this move with killing Martin Luther King’s “dream.”

Everything of a conservative nature has a racial motivation behind it according to Sharpton. But this is how he operates. First, he builds up the story. He is not even averse to making up the story, or trotting out and supporting outright liars. Along the way, he demonizes the non-black and holds out the “case” as an instance of racism. He even claims that this is often unknown by the racist in question. Thus, he has it both ways.

However, after building up the story, his true colors are shown. Sharpton and others (he is just the best known) take extortion to new levels and it would make your average Mafia thug proud. Nowhere was this more obvious than in his shakedown of Apple computers because there are/were no blacks on their Board of Directors. This is the typical liberal response- quotas and affirmative action. Never mind the fact that Apple computers are in practically every inner city, minority dominated school in the country. Instead of worrying about the racial make up of Apple’s Board of Directors, perhaps a better use of his time would be worrying why those inner city blacks are unable to use a simple Mac.

There are only two good things to say about Sharpton. The first is that he will occasionally come out of the MSNBC bubble and appear on other shows on other networks. In this way, Sharpton reveals himself as a jackass to a wider audience. The other thing is that he does not speak in rhymes like Jesse Jackson.