The Guardian Figured Us Out: We Are All Racist

In a recent article in The Guardian, a liberal British newspaper, columnist Gary Younge (so British to add the “e” at the end of the surname) asserted that at the root of conservatism today is racial animosity. We have all heard these accusations before, like the non-spitting spitter at the anti-Obamacare rally in 2010 and the alleged racial slurs that not a single of hundreds of cell phones and video cameras picked up during Tea Party rallies. Being liberal, Mr. Younge projects onto those he does not understand and those he does not like his own views of politics where they- liberals- see everything through the prism of race. But being the guardians of all thing racial, they must be right. This is indicative of the absolute bizarre world in which liberals live. I cannot speak for all conservatives, but probably most, when I say that my race does not figure into my opposition to Barack Obama. It is not even a thought. The only time I think it is when a liberal says that I must be thinking it.

As proof, he cites a focus group from the 1980s of Democrats who switched allegiance and voted for Ronald Reagan. This was a single focus group in a Detroit suburb in a single election. Younge then makes the quantum leap in logic that all conservatives must have felt as these people did. More likely, their view was forged not by Ronald Reagan and conservatism, but the fact that their beloved Detroit was even then becoming a joke of a town. But, I digress…

He asserts that white America realizes that whites are becoming a demographic minority and will do anything to overcome this eventuality electorally. We conservatives apparently feel under siege by the Democrats and liberals and minorities. Mr. Younge seems rather ignorant of the fact that a member of a minority group (Hispanics) was the face of the recent government shutdown- Ted Cruz.

He then goes on to cite the fact that in 2012, 92% of the Republican vote came from white people. Citing another researcher, he then states that “they are very aware that they are ‘white’ in a country that is becoming increasingly ‘minority.'” This, he claims, is why conservatives see everything through the prism of race. Of course, this fails to explain why conservatives generally support the likes of such “white” leaders as Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Tim Scott, Senator Ted Cruz, and Herman Cain. What Younge and all liberals fail to understand is that ideology, not the color of one’s skin, is what determines an affiliation with the person. To the liberal, only they are capable of this since we conservatives are knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.

And what does race and conservatism have to do with the recent government shutdown? YOunge counts the ways. The first thing he cites is gerrymandering. He states: “Since race is one of the best predictors of voting behavior, House congressional seats have been manipulated largely on racial grounds.” This statement is generally true, but not in the way he suggests. Many of the bizarre-shaped congressional districts he notes are that way at the insistence of minority civil rights groups. If congressional districts could be drawn in perfect squares or rectangles that capture the requisite number of people to satisfy “one man-one vote,” I guarantee you it will be a liberal civil rights group filing suit in court because “minority voter strength was diluted.” All the strange-shaped congressional districts are, in fact, racially gerrymandered- to the advantage of the minority! One need only look at the recent redistricting in Texas. That original plan clearly satisfied the “one man-one vote” mandate, but it was Hispanics who led the cry against it. That notoriously odd district in North Carolina is racially gerrymandered to the advantage of blacks. Any major city whose population exceeds a certain amount is necessarily racially gerrymandered since minorities tend to live in urban centers.

Then he cites the fact that Democrats obtained more votes than Republicans in the 2012 House races, but still failed to win the House. So what! If anything, this seems to indicate that the alleged polarization the mainstream media decries is liberal in nature. We cannot force liberals to move into conservative areas, nor can we force conservatives to live in liberal areas. People naturally cluster themselves normally among the people with which they feel most comfortable with and with who they feel an affiliation towards. Try drawing a district anywhere in the United States that is 50% liberal and 50% conservative and tell me what that district looks like.

Secondly, he says that the perceived beneficiaries of government programs feeds into this racism. Conservatives, he claims, see government intervention benefiting minorities rather than the poor. This is a racist comment on the part of Younge. It is he who assumes that only minorities can be poor people. And using his flash point- Obamacare- if the program was of benefit to anyone, conservatives would likely be behind it, but the facts speak for themselves. Constantly we hear how, for example, blacks are more apt to be diabetic, to have heart disease, to have a lower life expectancy, etc. Yet the main thrust of Obamacare and the driver of its financial costs is not born by these people, but by the healthy regardless of race through the individual mandate. If the healthy are the ones who need to sign up for Obamacare, then they are defeating their own arguments since blacks start out with this built-in disadvantage on so many health-related metrics. Hence, it becomes racist to reach an analysis that healthy white people are needed to fund the health care needs of black people in the mind of your average liberal.

He quotes one person from some focus group who, ironically, got it right:

Every minority group wants to say they have the right to something, and they don’t. They have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It doesn’t say happiness. You get to be alive and you get to be free. The rest of it is just pursuit…you’re not guaranteed happiness. You have to work for it.

Whoever said that deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor. That is America in a nutshell. To the liberal, it is racist.

Finally, there is Obama himself- the “personification” of this white angst according to Younge indicative of white/conservative “impotence today but their demographic irrelevance tomorrow.” He says that conservatives generally describe Obama as a “liar” but this is a symptom of our deep rooted suspicion of his authenticity. There is a minority of conservatives who believe Obama is a Muslim or that he was not born in the United States, just as there is a minority of liberals who believe the CIA flew airplanes into the Twin Towers and launched a missile at the Pentagon. If Younge is suggesting that liberals do not have people on the outer fringes, then it is he who needs to do some serious soul-searching.

He then closes this drivel with an Obama taunt (at least he calls it that): “You don’t like a particular policy or president? Go out there and win an election.” The thing is, Republicans and conservatives did just that in 2010 when they swept Democrats out of the House leadership. They reaffirmed it in 2012 by keeping the House in GOP control. But this can’t be because of gerrymandering. After all, there were more Democratic votes than Republican votes in the 2012 House elections. Not only are liberals ignorant, but they are also stupid. If large, minority-dominated population centers vote Democratic, they get their two or three seats in the House. But, outside those areas- which are rich in population, thus the greater vote counts- is a whole huge other America that liberals discount and disdain. Most likely, it is this America that actually worked to receive the happiness we all should pursue. And chances there are blacks, Hispanics and women and Asians in this liberally neglected America.

So we may not know it, but we are all racist for opposing a large government that is trillions of dollars in debt. We are all racist for opposing Obamacare. We are all fools because we want to see wasteful programs like food stamps scaled back even though those same accusers claim the economy is getting better. What “journalists” like Younge and other liberals fail to realize is that it is they who are the racists and who see everything through the prism of race. The government has replaced the Southern slave owner on today’s plantation. Unfortunately, liberals are too blinded by that prism to see reality.