A Disturbing Islamic Trend and American Silence

While the world stopped and waited for an American attack on Syria which never came, a more ominous series of events goes largely unnoticed by the media every day. There are very few front page stories about the horrors befalling those of the Christian faith in the Holy Land and throughout the Middle East from Pakistan to Nigeria. These events are happening daily, yet while we read of the horrors of chemical attacks and mall shootings (which are horrible enough), there are almost daily assaults on Christians throughout the region and Africa at the hands of Islamic terrorist groups.

Perhaps the deafening silence and the downplaying of actual events when brought to attention is due to political correctness. After all, denial of reality is a certain aspect of being “PC.” Yet, the unmistakable reality of the situation is that is Christians who are being targeted- not necessarily Western targets or symbols of capitalism and Western culture. This underlies the basic facts of Islamic fundamentalism- it isn’t that they so much dislike the West; they dislike everything non-Muslim. That includes capitalism, Western culture, Christians and Jews.

The other night, Piers Morgan had on his show the sister of one of the hostages in the mall in Nairobi, Kenya who happened to escape. Trying to get her to dismiss the “rumor” that the terrorists were specifically targeting non-Muslims, the young woman stood her ground and schooled him on the fact that they were indeed targeting non-Muslims, a fact that Morgan swiftly brisked away and moved on lest he be viewed as being anti-Islam. That 5-minute segment on a show few people watch encapsulated the media’s approach to the problem. And while Obama makes phone calls to Iranian leaders, our State Department and government says nary a word on the daily slaughter of innocents whose only crime is they are not Muslim. This is the reality of Islamic terrorism.

In the world of terrorism, the Kenyan mall attack was the news of the week. Yet, the day that attack began, Islamic terrorists bombed a church in the Peshawar region of Pakistan that killed more than 80 people, more than the number of dead at this point in Kenya. This attack occurred during a Sunday mass at a church that has stood since 1883. A faction of the Taliban- a group the US is reaching out to for a political solution in Afghanistan- claimed responsibility for the attack and vowed similar attacks until the US stops drone strikes in Pakistan.

In Egypt, after Morsi was deposed by the military, his group- the Muslim Brotherhood- has carried out a series of attacks on Coptic Christian churches throughout the country, mainly in the south. One church that has held masses since the 1200s cancelled services for the first time in their history. After the fall of Morsi, all the animosity pent up in the Muslim Brotherhood- whose goal is a pan-Islamic state- against anything non-Muslim burst into the open. In certain cities, where a cross once stood over a church, now flies an the black flag of Al Qaeda. This is the reality of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic terrorism and lest we forget, Obama supported the Morsi government.

Stories about the attack on the mall in Kenya are just filtering out as relief workers search the wreckage moving slowly fearing explosive booby traps left by the terrorists. One will likely not read about the horrors encountered in the mainstream media. Just to recount some thus far: people having their fingers filed into pencils and writing their names in their own blood, eyes gouged out and extremities cut off, some hanging from hooks from the ceiling. To counter the PC claims, many a witness and freed hostage said that terrorists quizzed hostages about Islam and failing said quiz, were shot. This is the reality of Islamic terrorism.

In Syria, John Kerry and Obama believe there is a pro-Western contingent that can be sought out and armed to fight al-Assad. Yet this very week, a secular leadership of the rebels was vehemently rebuked and there was insistence that should al-Assad fall, there will be an Islamic state instituted. Two weeks ago, the Christian town of Maalula was overrun by the Free Syrian Army- John McCain’s new BFFs in the region. This town holds special significance to Christians as a disciple of St. Paul is said to have been saved when the mountain opened and she fled attackers. The their credit, the FSA did offer the townspeople the opportunity to convert to Islam. Of course, if they refused, their throats were slit. This is the reality of Islamic terrorism and John McCain’s friends.

According to reports, a flash drive was discovered from an operative of Al-Shabbab, the group responsible for the atrocities in Kenya which detailed another planned attack. It was to occur in London against the Jewish population. The planned 3-day reign of terror was to emulate “our brothers in Mumbai” where Jews would be singled out and shot, synagogues bombed, and hotels taken over and hostages taken. The prestigious private Easton School was to be attacked as the British business elite dropped off their children. This was not because the British support the Great Satan- the United States- or because they have troops in Somalia. It is because Jews and the British elite are not Muslim. Again, the reality of Islamic terrorism.

Yesterday, 19 people were killed in Pakistan on a government bus. According to the Associated Press report, we find out that the perpetrators were hard-line Islamic extremists trying to establish an Islamic state in the Peshwar region. We do not find out they are Islamic extremists until the 11th paragraph. And can anyone find the story out of Nigeria yesterday regarding an Islamic group storming a church and killing the pastor and his son in the mainstream media? Or how about the attack by Islamists on the Yobe state school in Nigeria that killed 29 students, many burnt alive? On September 20th, members of the Islamic group Boko Haram killed 161 non-Muslims fleeing the siege of Benisheik. The carnage was so bad that government troops had to use trash trucks to collect the bodies. This is the reality of Islamic terrorism. These are practically everyday events in Nigeria, but the media ignores these attacks and atrocities because why? They occur in Nigeria and we just don’t care that much about Nigeria?

There are two underlying facts that cannot be ignored regarding all these attacks. The first is that the bad guys are Muslim. The second is that the victims are not Muslim. Now, imagine if the opposite were true. The “Arab street” would be ablaze with burning flags and effigies. Yet, what is the western response: shock and words (sometimes) and a shrug of the shoulders because God forbid we recognize the reality. In fact, listening to the reasoning of these Islamic terrorists, the goal is not “God forbid;” it is “Allah forbid.”

Despite the deafening silence from our government, even more startling is the silence of American Christians in response to these terrorist targeted attacks. Perhaps, in a strange way, this is what separates Christianity from Islam. Christians are simply more forgiving and open-minded (for lack of a better word). This makes intuitive sense given the origins of the religions. Whereas Jesus taught one to turn the other cheek, Mohammed used the sword. In a strange and perverse way and on some weird level, one has to recognize a Muslim’s dedication to their religion. But it certainly does not mean we have to accept, condone, explain away, or ignore the atrocities and deaths all in the name of Allah.

What our leaders, especially Obama, fail to recognize is that this the war on terrorism is not a battle of ideologies; it is a religious battle first and foremost. Historically, Muslims will never get over the historical fact that they were defeated at the gates of Vienna and expelled from Spain. That was and is the goal of Islam- the spread of their religion. Instead of using the word, they use the sword, the knife, the pipe bomb, and suicide explosive vests.

Some of the cultural relativists in the world state that the number of deaths in the name of Christianity is no better than modern Islam. However, more people are killed in a single year in the name of Allah than were killed in all of the Inquisition. More people have been killed in the name of Allah than all the witches burned in Europe and America. More people have been killed in the name of Allah than all the people killed during the Crusades. Simply, more people have been killed in the name of Allah in the past decade than have been killed in the name of Jesus Christ over the past century. There is no relativism here; the facts speak for themselves.

And particularly galling to this writer is the unholy alliance between the religiously, politically correct liberals who have formed an unholy alliance in some perverted attempt at “outreach” and “mutual understanding.” These very same people will argue tooth and nail until they are blue in the face about a woman’s right to choice in the case of abortion, about the “glass ceiling,” about unequal pay for women, about anything of a feminist nature, but turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the daily subordination of women in Islam. Witness the “horror” and “indignation” and the “war on women” in Texas because of an abortion bill versus the daily genital mutilation, honor killings, and arranged marriages that occur in Islam. Just recently, a young girl in Yemen died of injuries she suffered on her wedding night because of an arranged marriage. The groom was 40; the bride was 8 years old. She bled to death. That is the reality of Islam. There is no relativism here, only hypocrisy and silence.