On the "I Have A Dream Speech"

Now that the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech has passed, other than the liberal media drooling over Obama’s speech commemorating something that happened 50 years ago, is the hype over? I know that Al Roker is back doing the weather in New York City; he was in Washington the day before. Can we now move on to things more newsworthy than interviews with Congressman John Lewis and his slightly slurred speaking patterns? Yes, yes…King gave a great 17-minute speech in 1963 that is now required reading in our schools supplanting such other things as the Preamble to the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence, or even the Gettysburg Address.

I cannot speak for everyone out there, but the weekly build up to the actual date of the anniversary of that 1963 speech had me reaching for the remote control more often than I usually do. Now that it is over, can we all just move on? We can start by getting the biggest racist out of government- Eric Holder. What better way to honor that speech and that “dream” than to get rid of someone who sees a racial bogeyman behind practically everything. He just recently filed a lawsuit against Louisiana to keep them from enforcing a school voucher program on the grounds that it would hinder desegregation efforts in that state. Imagine that: a program designed to give minority students to break free of a failing public school system, something affluent whites take for granted. If this is what King’s dream entailed, then he must surely be rolling in his grave right now. And we won’t even get into Holder and the Zimmerman thing and the deification of Trayvon Martin.

Wait…I forgot. We still have to endure Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month.