Stupid (and scary) Liberal Quote of the Day- August 7th edition

We will just get to this one without any preface other than the quote is by Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison before Progressive Democrats of America in late July:

“The bottom line is we are not broke, there’e plenty of money, it’s just the government doesn’t have it… The government has the right, the government and the people of the United States have a right to run the programs of the United States. Health, welfare housing- all these things.”

In a previous article, I listed Ellison in the top 5 among dangerous liberals. This quote simply confirms…no, doubles down on his dangerousness. It is is also luaghably stupid. So, let us start with the funny, stupid part first-the part about not being broke. Only a liberal would have the audacity to characterize $17 trillion in government debt as “not being broke.” There may be plenty of money floating around in the economy right now thanks to the Federal Reserve’s Quantative Easing program which is basically printing money. That explains why the stock market is doing so well while Main Street is not doing quite as well. Of course, the government can always borrow money, or they can do as Ellison suggests, which is the scary part.

In effect, Ellison was arguing for the passage of what he calls the Inclusive Prosperity Act. Funds received from this proposed law- which will never see the light of day- would create a “corps” of people to build highways, repair bridges and schools, hire teachers, and provide relief to cash-strapped states (which tend to be run by Democrats). Some of the money would be derived from savings by a complete and total withdrawal from Afghanistan and a 50% reduction in our troops stationed in Europe. But, the bulk of the money would come from what amounts to a federal sales tax on stock, bond, and derivative transactions- an estimated government windfall of $300 billion a year. Of course, like any good liberal, Ellison epitomizes ignorance of the fact that such a tax would send a chill through the market and basically kill off anyone with an investment in the stock, bond or derivatives market. Ellison and the Progressive Democratic Caucus would like to kill one of the bright spots in an otherwise stagnant economy.

We can call it progressivism, socialism, or even wealth redistribution, but it is what it is. And why? Because the “government has the right…” It was Mussolini who coined the term “fascism,” which is a system where the state exists for the purpose of the state. Hence, it is elevated to “personhood” status. If a “person,” it then assumes certain rights. Hence, the government- the state- has the right to take one’s property or money and use it for the good of the state.

The only difference between this philosophy, belief and way of thinking with that of, say Vladimir Lenin, is that Ellison’s approach is incremental. Lenin and Stalin at least had the balls to call it for what it was and moved in a more quick, wholesale, holistic manner.

Ellison’s past is littered with radicalism which starts with his membership in the Nation of Islam and his defense of cop killers because they happen to have adopted a Muslim name. He strangely hosted a fundraiser in the past for a former member of the Symbionese Liberation Army whom he claimed was a victim of racial persecution even though she was white. He has links to every socialist organization and cause in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest and has even won awards from the Saul Alinsky-Bill Ayers inspired Midwest Academy (whom, by the way, Obama also has links to in his past). He has been on the front line with members of the Occupy Wall Street movement although there are no reports he defecated on police cars or raped any female participants. The fact is that Keith Ellison has wormed his way into the halls on Congress as an unabashed liberal and anti-Semite. It is time for him to just declare that he is nothing but a communist. Former Florida Representative Alan West was onto something when he said that there were communists in Congress. Keith Ellison is a poster boy for that fact.

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