Stupid Liberal Quote of the Day- August 4th Edition

On Thursday’s edition of “PoliticsNation,” the MSNBC outlet for celebrated race-baiter Al Sharpton, his two panelists were liberal radio talk show host Joe Madison and MSNBC something Krystal Ball. We all know the Al Sharpton. He is the eloquent-speaking civil rights “leader” that cannot help but to inject himself into anything approaching controversy in this country and then somehow seeing a racial motivation behind that controversy. He da man who subsumed da people of Florida be ignent. In fact, there is a whole slew of controversial actions and statements surrounding Sharpton- a list too long to recount here. Joe Madison is a liberal talk show host out of Detroit. He also has an XM/Sirius radio show geared towards African-Americans called “The Power.” So right off the bat, we see some philosophical similarities between Sharpton and Madison. It should be noted that at the ripe old age of 24, he was the chapter president of the Detroit NAACP which, given recent headlines surrounding that city, is hardly anything to be proud of. Krystal Ball passes herself off as a MSNBC political analyst and is a member of the panel on the totally laughable answer to Fox’s “The Five,” a show called “The Cycle.” That show has the equally laughable Toure as another of the panelists. According to MSNBC, apparently one dismal run for Congress qualifies you to be a political analyst these days. The fact is that there is nothing in her relatively short past to assume she possesses those qualifications. She has two redeeming qualities. The first is her voice which reminds one of a possibly retired porn star. The second is that she is so politically clueless that her naive views can do nothing but elicit a smile. Other than that, she is a totally disposable voice on the Left.

Sharpton’s Thursday show started as a “tribute” to Rush Limbaugh’s 25 years on the air, a remarkable feat that people like Joe Madison, Krystal Ball and Al Sharpton can only dream about these days. Trust me,ten years from now, Limbaugh will still be on the air, Ball will not and people will barely remember a Joe Madison. Sharpton has mastered the art of staying in the public light, so he will still be around- probably 20 pounds lighter with even more slurred speech. After playing several Limbaugh clips totally out of context- something MSNBC has a propensity to do- Sharpton launched into his attack on Limbaugh. He started with this beauty of grammar and word use:

“It’s the mean-spiritedness. It’s the calling people names, it’s defacing people’s families, people that are not necessarily in the political arena. It’s calling people the most disparaging kinds of names no one calls ladies, children.”

How one “defaces” a family- unless drawing a Hitler mustache on a family portrait- needs some, in Sharpton’s words, “splainin’.” The “people not necessarily in the political arena” are supposedly the likes of Michelle Obama and Sandra Fluke. If Sharpton and his panel believe that women like Michelle Obama or any First Lady are not in the political arena, then many on the Left have surely been lobotomized. As for Fluke, she threw herself into the political arena with her contraceptive sob story, became a witness on Capitol Hill and a speaker at the Democratic National Convention- the ultimate political arena. Thus, she becomes fair game for criticism. And, at the end of the day,when someone insists that a another party pay for one’s private, sexual activity, then in technical terms that makes one a “prostitute,” although Limbaugh used a slang term. But, I am still wondering about “defacing” one’s family… And if we are going to talk about “mean spiritedness,” then Mr. Sharpton needs to read filth like the DailyKos and other outlets more often.

Joe Madison then, without getting into the actual quotes, said the disturbing thing was that Limbaugh’s audience blindly accepted his views and were “ditto heads.” That seems kind of strange on a television show where the panel’s discussion was basically a series of “dittos.” Compare many a show on MSNBC against any show on Fox. At least even the conservative voices on Fox, at times, express a more moderate or even sometimes liberal view. And I believe that is a fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives. Conservatives are more willing to give credit where credit is due while liberals just think they are correct all the time. That is what leads to charges of “elitism” towards liberals and that is what makes them so obnoxious at times.

Enter Ball into the conversation whose first three contributions are the word, “Right…” or, put another way, “ditto.” I mean, just the word “right” and nothing else. After the third “You’re exactly right,” she then says:

“He is offensive in every way you can be offensive. He is racism in the big sense in terms of whole classes of people. There’s sexism in the big sense, and there is the direct personal attacks, which are also unbelievable.”

There you have it: the number one radio talk show host in the country is racist and sexist because he sometimes offends. In the liberal sense, when his conversations are played out of context, he always offends. That is Limbaugh’s secret to success- offensiveness, according to the pundits on the Left. And by extension, because he is so popular, his audience must be equally racist and sexist. Incidentally, after this proclamation by Ball, Sharpton again picks up the conversation to which Ball says on three more occasions, “Right,” That’s right,” or “that’s exactly right-” or put another way, “ditto,” “ditto!,” “ditto!!!!” So, who are the real “ditto heads” here?

The folks at NBC are fretting over the dismal ratings at their official Obama cheer leading station, MSNBC. Looking at the ratings from cable news talk shows, nonsense like Sharpton’s “PoliticsNation” comes nowhere near Fox’s normal news delivery show “Special Report with Brett Baier.” “Hardball with Chris Matthews” performs dismally against anything Fox runs against it in any time slot. “All In with Chris Hayes” comes in a distant third against CNN’s “360 with Anderson Cooper” and way, way, way behind Fox’s “The O’Reilly Factor.” Even the cutest little boy on television, “The Rachel Maddow Show,” cannot come close to Fox’s “Hannity.” For crying out loud, HLN’s “On Call with Dr. Drew” is catching up to her/him. And what do all these other shows have in common?

With the possible exception of “Hannity,” they all have at least a modicum of “balance” with respect to their guests.In short, they are not the ditto heads that people like Madison and Ball claim of Limbaugh’s audience. What upsets Liberals is the fact that conservative talk shows far outperform those of liberals. Perhaps the greatest legacy of the Reagan administration was the scrapping of the Fairness Doctrine, something liberal Democrats advocate for today. But this is a typical liberal response: if you cannot beat them in the marketplace of ideas, then shut down the marketplace or regulate it out of existence. MSNBC needs to stop the pretense of being a news outlet and just accept the fact that they are nothing short of a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, the liberal establishment and the Obama administration. And as Obama’s approval ratings drop, so do those at MSNBC. Viewer rejection of that station mirror the country’s rejection of the policies of liberalism and Barack Obama. The sooner they realize and accept that fact, the sooner they can repair their image and their ratings.

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