Stupid Liberal Quote of the Day- July 25th Edition

“Salon” is a liberal website that tries to pass itself off as some journalistic artsy enterprise. As way of set-up to this entry, a few weeks ago, Texas passed an abortion bill designed, among other things, to ensure the safety of abortion clinic “clients” and placing some restrictions on abortion after the 20th week (5 months) of gestation. This led to some serious protesting in Texas at the state capitol in Austin. Some conservative sites noted that as pro-life groups sang “Amazing Grace” on the steps of the capitol, pro-choice groups tried to drown them out with chants of “Hail Satan.” Now the ridiculousness of this chant should not be underestimated. “Hail Satan” in response to “Amazing Grace” surely illustrates…well, I don’t know quite what other than immaturity. A more appropriate response would have been perhaps anything by Marilyn Manson or perhaps Ozzy Osbourne. Maybe they should have bitten the heads off of bats in protest or something. But, “Hail Satan?” Really? Unless you are a practitioner at a Black Mass, I really think this is way over the top, but illustrative of the collective IQ of the pro-choice crowd protesting that day.

Along the way, state senator Wendy Davis pulled a Rand Paul filibuster that ran out the legislative session. Although laudable in the abstract, in the more practical sense it achieved nothing as Governor Rick Perry called them back into session to complete work and a vote on the abortion bill. In the interim, Wendy Davis rose to national prominence in the liberal media almost to the point of being anointed a liberal saint- Saint Wendy of Texas, patron saint of female reproductive rights. Anyway, this only brought out even more protesters. Apparently, some of them were goof ball transplants from Wisconsin, the same type that came out en masse in Madison in protest of Governor Scott Walker’s reforms there. Either that or the group in Texas was instigated by the same instigators in Wisconsin.

The day of the vote, there were some interesting signs in the pro-choice crowd. One of my favorites was: “If I wanted a senator in my vagina, I’d [email protected]!% them,” or something to that effect. Of course, looking at the sign holder, any sane state senator would not take her up on the offer. But, the one that created the most buzz in the liberal media was held up by a 14-year-old named Tuesday Cain which said: “Jesus isn’t a [email protected]#k so keep him out of my vagina.” The first thing that comes to mind is what values this child is being taught in their home IF they, in fact, came up with the idea for the sign. In the “Salon” article, Ms. Cain said that the idea was her’s exclusively stating that she hopes to become a science teacher one day and that she believes in choice and she believes in separation of church and state. Throwing the two together, although she has a long way to go on the growing science, the infamous sign is born.

But, “Salon” followed up on this story with a headline which is the quote of the day:


“Salon” calling the father “awesome” in response to this sign is chilling at best. Nowhere in the “Salon” article- in fact, nowhere in the liberal media- will you find stories of what police confiscated from pro-choice protesters that same day- jars of urine, jars of feces, batteries and, my favorite, vials of menstrual blood. But, I guess that is also “awesome.” As was the sign of a 14-year-old child designed to grab attention, but only illustrated her youthful ignorance. The dad may be “awesome” in that he came to the defense of his daughter, but hopefully this same dad reprimanded her for the actual message on the sign. Somehow, I doubt it. For her part, Tuesday Cain says she is a virgin and has suffered insults on Twitter calling her, among other things, a “whore.” The “whore” moniker addressed towards a misguided child is certainly uncalled for and over the top. But, if you hold up an over-the-top sign for attention, don’t cry when you get that attention which may be equally over-the-top. Taking her at her word regarding her virginity, I would rather opt to calling her “misguided” or “uninformed,” and possibly “stupid.”

In the final analysis, young Tuesday Cain has had her 15 minutes of fame thanks to the liberal media and outlets like “Salon.” As I have stated in previous articles here at Redstate, I am a very strong advocate of free speech, especially regarding political issues. But I have increasingly found another reason for the advocacy of free speech that transcends the philosophical. The more liberals speak (or write), the more stupid they sound. Free speech merely confirms their lack of understanding of issues (especially when written by a liberally indoctrinated 14-year-old) and their appeal to the lowest base, not to mention their stupidity. If this is the future of America, then our problems are deeper than I originally thought. One wonders where Tuesday Cain will be 4 years from now. Hopefully, she will be working her way to becoming that science teacher and not walking into an abortion clinic with $400 in hand. This writer wishes her luck in her life’s journey and hopes that one day she will realize that “reproductive rights” eventually and ultimately means the taking of an innocent human life, especially after the 5th month of pregnancy.

{I apologize for the “bold” type last two paragraphs}

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