Stupid Liberal Quote of the Day- July 24th Edition

After playing snippets of such conservative voices as Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Dana Perino and others, my favorite liberal ass- the supremely moronic Martin Bashier, had this to say:

“After that river of sewage, let’s get right to our panel… I wish we had more time but you both have provided a wonderful explanation of that sewer of absolute crap that we just had to watch.”

The panel in question was MSNBC Obama apologists and cheerleaders Goldie Taylor and James Peterson who continued the bashing. What led to this liberal outburst? What could have so riled Bashir, Taylor, Peterson and the other enlightened minds at MSNBC? These conservatives refused to genuflect before the altar of Saint Barack and recognize his comments surrounding the Zimmerman verdict as gospel. That is what has so upset these liberal talking heads that several prominent conservatives have voiced the fact that (1) NO-the President’s comments were not beautiful and eloquent and (2) the President should not have commented on the case at all in the first place.

But, Obama just cannot help himself when it come to injecting himself and his office into everything from some goofy professor making a racial issue over the police doing their job to what amounts to a local case of justified use of force in self-defense. No, Mr. Obama, if you had a son, they would not look like Trayvon Martin. Nor were you Trayvon Martin 35 years ago. The only thing Obama 35 years ago and Trayvon Martin had in common was their affinity for smoking pot at age 17. Sanford, Florida is light years away from growing up in Hawaii while being mentored by a known Communist.

There were accusations that Limbaugh and O’Reilly were somehow “pimping their audience” to fan the flames of racial tensions and gain ratings. The problem with that argument is that neither O’Reilly nor Limbaugh have to “pimp” anything for ratings. Their ratings are doing just fine, thank you, without becoming white Al Sharptons. Lest anyone need reminding, Limbaugh may have oxycontin in his past, but you won’t find him associated with false accusations of rape against a college lacrosse team and there is certainly no Tawana Brawleys in his past. The only thing being pimped here is the death of a 17-year-old hoodlum in Florida who happened to be black.

If they want to use that death to change the stand your ground laws in Florida, then all the more power to them. That is what democracy is for, as are jury trials. But, chances are that stand your ground has saved more lives and thwarted more crime than isolated instances of a Trayvon Martin death. You can even boycott performing in Florida like know-nothings such as Jay-Z and Kanye West or the age-saddled Rolling Stones, which is kind of ironic considering the love of guns by posses surrounding these “artists.”

The only bright spot about referring to opposition as “sewage” is that so few people hear it. Bashir’s show draws less than 500,000 viewers. Fox’s “Cavuto” show which runs opposite Bashir draws 1.3 million viewers-more than double that of Bashir. “Fox and Friends,” whom Bashir also dissed, draws double the amount of viewers Bashir does while Dana Perino’s “The Five” draws 2 million viewers. MSNBC in the 5:00 slot? A lowly 335,000. And O’Reilly draws over 2.1 million viewers nightly. And Limbaugh remains the number one radio talk show in the country. That is a lot of “prostitutes” to “pimp.” Bashir can only wet dream about those numbers. Better yet- go back to England and report on royal births. Puff like that is a better use of Bashir’s minimal journalistic abilities than giving him a vehicle to trot out paid ass-kissers and “yes people” to spew his sewage.

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